“Ibrahim’s eclipsing talent has been tenaciously honed outside of the pressures of a homogenizing industry that would benefit from making her its star.” Anupa Mistry, Pitchfork

“Knotty, futuristic, and genre-shifting R&B.” – Jordan Darville, FADER

“Futuristic soul at its best” – Afropunk

Zaki Ibrahim revisits her candescent, joyous debut EP Shö (Iqra in Orange), originally released in 2006, with a new companion recording Shö Live in Toronto, both available to stream worldwide for the first time on Friday, June 26, 2020 Fifa 2002 World Cup.

“Sunrise,” out now from Shö Live in Toronto, speaks of love, reassurance and renewal. “‘Sunrise’ was originally recorded as a collaboration with South African House Producer DJ Kent. In 2014, a few days after my dad’s passing, I was scheduled to be on tour and in Egypt I first performed an extra-slow arrangement of the song that I could barely finish (my sisters who joined me on tour, Tanika Charles and Pebbles Gqunta, finished the song for me) 무비 메이커 한글판 다운로드. It felt like a prayer for his transition that day and from that moment on, the song, to me, seemed to serve as a bridge between worlds,” says Ibrahim of the song’s transformation Download Alosti.

The tender performance finds Ibrahim’s sublime musicality gathering strength from deep within and all possible worlds beyond. “The performance in Toronto brought that moment back in such an intense way, as I had not seen many of some of my oldest friends in what felt like huge chapters of life,” remembers Ibrahim. “It was a beautifully raw and emotional moment Drastic I could feel the room crying with me, in a way we were all transported back to that marble outdoor theatre in Egypt, 5 months pregnant, singing my dad on his way to the other side.” 

Throughout Ibrahim’s extensive and impressive catalogue, to be rereleased in full by Six Shooter Records in the coming months, Ibrahim’s artistic approach is shaped by vivid, vibrational multitudes of sound. Recent projects have seen Ibrahim expand her creative outlets, from composing an original score to Finding Sally, a documentary by Tamara Dawit about a young woman who joins the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, to guest vocalist appearances on South African house producer/DJ Jullian Gomes tracks and remixes Warm Bodies.

Click here to listen to ‘Sunrise’ and watch the video.