William Prince’s Stand in the Joy Out Today

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“A radiant declaration of gratitude from one of the greatest singer-songwriters of his generation.” – CBC Music 

“A folk and roots-to-country-crossover star on the rise…pairs spiritual grounding and timeless soul.” – The Tennessean

“A reminder to thank your lucky stars, even when you can barely make them out.” – No Depression

“William Prince’s voice stopped me in my tracks.” – Paste



William Prince is not waiting. Not holding his breath, not keeping score, not wishing for what he doesn’t have or hoping for better days. From where he stands, those better days are here. The time to let happiness in, to welcome the good things it brings and to enjoy the good times it makes, is now. Stand in the Joy, the culmination of this state of mind, is out today. 


There’s a time in the spring when it’s still cold but not as it was once was (“Take A Look Around” 


Time is a major theme throughout the new record. Stand in the Joy is both a summation and a progression. Prince marks the great distance he’s traveled with songs like “Only Thing We Need,” and “Young.” The first, written about recent years, the second, written about Prince’s 16 year old self; both versions are equally of the past, which is where they’ll stay. “I look back now and I almost wouldn’t change it,” says Prince. Most importantly, these songs speak directly to his biggest ask of time: he would only like more of it. 


We can start over again

Nothing is out of our reach

We can be all that we dreamed when we were young (“Young”)


Three songs come together in a sequence that speaks to the very heart of the matter. The progression goes from “Goldie Hawn,” a reverential ode to women, to “Easier and Harder,” a universal truth about the workings of love, to “Peace of Mind,” a message about not making drama for yourself, and the source of the album’s title with the lyric “I will stand in the joy where I’ve never stood before.” The songs all gather around the sentiments of newness, hope, and corners turned. 


Give me my bare feet and I’ll walk door to door

And stand in the joy where I’ve never stood before (“Peace of Mind”) 


Stand in the Joy is a work of self-actualization; of Prince fully believing in himself. “The things I wished for most in the hard times – peace of mind, love and happiness – are things I now have.” 


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LOUISVILLE, KY: Headliners Music Hall, Apr 13*

LOUIS, MO: Old Rock House, April 14*

DAVENPORT, IA: Raccoon Motel, Apr 15*

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Fine Line, Apr 16*


GRAND RAPIDS, MI: The Stache, Apr 20*

DETROIT, MI: El Club, Apr 21*

COLUMBUS, OH: A&R Bar, Apr 22*

CLEVELAND, OH: House of Blues-Cambridge Room, Apr 23*

BUFFALO, NY: 9th Ward, Apr 25*

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT: Higher Ground, Apr 28*

ROCKLAND, ME: The Strand Theatre, Apr 30*

HAMDEN, CT: Space Ballroom, May 2*

NEW YORK, NY: Bowery Ballroom, May 3*

ARDMORE, PA: Ardmore Music Hall, May 5*

WASHINGTON, DC: Union Stage, May 6*

NASHVILLE, TN: Brooklyn Bowl, May 13*

*w/ The War and Treaty