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Watch William Prince perform songs from Gospel First Nation live on Sunday, October 25 @ 11am CT / 12pm ET here Download the Android youtube video.

“Gospel is by definition ‘the good news,’ says William Prince, about his new album, Gospel First Nation, out today 건곤일월 다운로드. “Everything considered, all that feels appropriate right now are the songs my family used to sing during wakes and funerals. Songs for families in need of comfort Zoara app. These songs were capable of lifting spirits in the darkest of times. I witnessed it on many occasions. They provided hope and relief. A subject I addressed earlier this year 꽃보다청춘 아이슬란드 다운로드. Maybe that message needs continuing throughout this time. This next story has been a hundred years in the making.” 

On Gospel First Nation, William Prince tells us this story through the music of his childhood, songs of faith, struggle and grace 일한사전 다운로드. These are songs he learned and sang with his father in the chapel named for his great grandfathers, all preachers. “This album is an amalgamation of two realms. I am as much the grandson of Chief Peguis, the founder of Peguis First Nation, as I am Edward Prince Sr., one of the founding Christian pastors of that same community. I have tried reflecting on what Chief Peguis must have felt when the time came to embrace Christianity for the betterment of his community. When he became known as William King, whose sons then became Princes. The rest is the history I’m trying to understand.” 

Travel to Peguis First Nation and Fisher Bay, Manitoba in William Prince’s artist statement. Watch here