William Prince is not waiting. Not holding his breath, not keeping score, not wishing for what he doesn’t have or hoping for better days. From where he stands, those better days are here. The time to let happiness in, to welcome the good things it brings and to enjoy the good times it makes, is now. Not one day. Today.

William Prince’s new album is a declaration of joy, an active and energized mind and bodystate. This is what joy feels like, for William. It’s all around. Leading with gratitude, Prince offers his perspective on what it feels like, for him, to love and be loved wholeheartedly. “This record shines a light on one of my greatest sources of strength and happiness: her.” This is Stand in the Joy.

While memory is what shapes our concept of time, dwelling in the past prevents us from moving beyond old, bad habits that keep breaking connections. In “When You Miss Someone,” which introduces the new album, Prince describes the physical hallmarks of longing. You might not relate exactly to Prince’s example: “you can stand in front of the Eiffel Tower and wish you were in Winnipeg,” but you know the feeling. The twist, Prince’s realization, is that this is just a feeling, and it need not hold you back. Alongside also comes “Tanqueray,” a song that captures the head rush of new love, the kind that sets larger things-including the story of this album-in motion. “I want to be like Johnny Cash, an artist for the people,” says William. And the people drink Tanqueray.

Pre-save “Stand in the Joy” out April 14 2023, and listen to the first two singles off the album here.