pretty thing

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On The Northern South, Vol. 1, coming May 6, 2016, Whitehorse inhabits the kitchens and Cadillacs of Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf and others in their homage to one of the most important addresses in music, 2120 S. Michigan Avenue circa 1960, and the astonishing catalogues of Chess and Checker Records.

“Pretty Thing,” the second song to be revealed from Whitehorse’s new collection, was originally written by Willie Dixon in 1955, made famous by Bo Diddley (the ‘Bo Diddley beat’ was the backbone of the song “Downtown” from Leave No Bridge Unburned).

On “Pretty Thing,” Whitehorse plays the guitar solo in unison but in different octaves. Melissa McClelland is playing the light and snappy Shyboy Telecaster (made by Toronto builder Brad Keogan) though a GA18. The guitar is blend of 1950’s stye pickups and electronics, with a rosewood fretboard that started to appear on Fenders in 1959 and was ubiquitous through the 1960s. Harmonica pass by Luke Doucet.

The Northern South Vol. 1 will be available on May, 2016 worldwide.

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