Just as an established band cannot be on the road without a tour manager, the same goes for a 16-member label crew putting out records: we need a strong administrative leader windows 8.1 update. After putting out the call, we are thrilled that Zara Abbasi answered it.

“Having just completed my second week at Six Shooter, I am overwhelmed with feelings of positivity, support and general kick-assery all around me,” she said from SSR HQ ftl. “I am beyond thrilled to be part of this powerhouse organization and can’t wait to sink my administrative teeth into it!”

Connecting our entire team and improving company efficiency, Zara will be flexing her totally awesome skillset at our label, management company, and our publishing division adobe reader 9.4. She’s gonna help us kick more major rawhide this year. Yee haw!

Welcome, Zara. We are over the moon to have you as part of our team.