Three New Tracks

Six Shooter Records is excited to announce that Danny Michel is relaunching his Juno nominated album, Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, with three brand new tracks today 아리랑뉴스 다운로드!

The Canadian relaunch comes in advance of the album’s world release on Cumbancha Records, the label that first introduced Andy Palacio and The Garifuna Collective to international audiences Warhammer download.

Danny talks about this career-shifting experience, the impetus behind the new material, and his relationship to Belize’s people and music in a brand new EPK, produced and directed by Light Echo Productions 신도리코 프린터 드라이버 다운로드.

See the EPK, featuring new music, a live performance from the Danny Michel trio, and footage from Danny’s travels to Belize, here

One of the new songs, “Sad And Beautiful World,” is a breezy take on our sorry state, and showcases Danny’s remarkable ability to paint big picture realities in a balmy, radiant palette 이근철 의 굿모닝 팝스 다운로드. See a video for the song here.

Get the new songs for free for a limited time here shinbong line fit.


1. What Colour Are You?
2. Survivor’s Guilt
3. A Cold Road
4. Behind The Waterfall
5 phpexcel xlsx. Break It You Buy It
6. Just The Way I Am
7. Sad And Beautiful World
8. Into The Light
9. The First Night
10 Noyujin's Politics Cafe. This Is What Is

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