Holiday of Awesome

What in tha heck is wrong with me?! I’m actually enjoying Christmas music this year, and looking for the all-Christmas music station on my radio dial and stuff latest version of Java! Has the world gone topsy turvy? I’m supposed to be way more curmudgeonly than this! Maybe it’s because my heart has been so warmed (awwww) by just how great this past year has been for us, with six undeniably bitchin’ releases: Trampled by Turtles, Del Barber, Whitehorse, Danny Michel, Jenn Grant, and Amelia Curran message pop-up. Wowsa! Suck it Santa, our workshop kicked your workshop’s ass this year (ahhhh, at least there is still a hint of curmudgeonly street smarts left in me) 안드로이드 flash player 다운로드! And while we’ve made much ado about our Autumn of Awesome (and indeed it was incredibly awesome), we’d like to extend that awesomeness into the holiday period (might I suggest he holidays of hotness perhaps?) and continue offering our 4-for$40 bundle 원드라이브 앱 다운로드.

And that’s not all! We like these bundle deals so much, we’re going to go crazy! Check out our webstore under “specials” (click here) and you’ll see all kinds of great deals there puttycm.

Love Luke Doucet? Get his entire catalogue (five full length albums plus a bonus EP) all for the price of forty bucks! Similar catalogue bundles are available for NQ Arbuckle, Jenn Grant, Amelia Curran, Christine Fellows, Justin Rutledge, Elliott Brood, and Melissa McClelland social networks. Get your orders in quick and get these tidy lil’ parcels of joy under that tree!