HARLAN PEPPER launch their new album with a Tuesday Blitz

The day is finally here next Pot Player! After talking about Harlan Pepper for months and years, we are very pleased to unleash their new album, “Take out a twenty and live life to the fullest Gadgetbridge.” Subsequently, my own album “Take out a twenty and don’t check the remaining balance or it will ruin your day” has been shelved until further notice 안드로이드 스튜디오 이전 버전 다운로드. Oh well, good for you, Harlan Pepper!

To celebrate, we’re sending the band on a “Take Out a Twenty Promo Blitz,” which will see them perform songs from the new album in as many different locations as we can dream up in a day (which realistically amounts to 6 locations 그녀는 예뻤다 2회 다운로드. Admittedly, we ate a bunch of raw kale right before bed, which meant that most of the spots in our dreams were places like Mars, a kiddie pool full of squid ink, and “the boat where Breaker High was filmed” etc) 링오브엘리시움 다운로드. First up, the boys play live on CHCH-TV (Hamilton) for some good ole right-of-passage hometown morning television goodness. They then head over to Hamilton’s sweet Magnolia Cafe to play some tunes and pick up some coffee 롤상점 다운로드. Then they’ll jump on the 403 and do a guerrilla-style set in the Mothership atrium (yes, the CBC…but shhh, don’t tell them — we don’t actually have permission to do this and are hoping to pull off a full song before getting kicked out) latest version of Windows 10. We’ll make them brave the cold at Trinity Bellwoods hockey rink before heading over to Exclaim.TV. And don’t miss their in-store performance at Soundscapes at 7 pm 클로버 필드 패러독스 다운로드. This is all happening tomorrow!

And after this full day of awesomeness / hauling gear all over the damn place, they’re going to rock the night away at the Cameron House for their Tuesday night residency in March (showtime is 10 pm sharp!) 점프포스 다운로드. Join us at any of these stops along the way. You can pick up a copy of their new album and we’ll give you a free Harlan Pepper lighter! Of course, we don’t endorse the use of lighters for anything other than lighting tea lights around a bathtub, so we urge you to only use said swaggage for relaxing ventures of this nature.


In more Toronto residency news, I’m seeing a bit of a trend here, Harlan Pepper’s weekly gig at The Cameron House continues throughout February 윈도우xp 지뢰찾기 다운로드. Every Thursday night @ 10pm the Hamilton boys hit the stage. They’ve been playing songs from the new album, Take Out a Twenty and Live Life to the Fullest, which will be out on March 11, 2014 third generation of the fish market. Hey, btw, can someone lend me a twenty so I can take it out and live life to the fullest please?

“Gimme Love,” the carefree, Faces-esque first single from Harlan Pepper’s new album, Take Out a Twenty and Live Life to the Fullest, made its debut at CBC Radio 2 in the early days of 2014 피날레 2009 다운로드. See the band’s DIY video for the song here:

Given that the song is, as mentioned above, Faces-esque, I’m really hoping that eventually Harlan Pepper go full Rod Stewart, start wearing spandex jumpsuits and have at least one disco hit ElgeyMobile. That would be pretty dope. Or at least hilarious… to me.

Harlan Pepper will also be joining the Corb Lund tour for shows across British Columbia in May, after The Strumbies finish having their way with him in April 써니사이드 다운로드. Tag-teamsies!


Dan Edmonds, Thompson Wilson, Jimmie Hayes III and Marlon Nicolle are your average bunch of 21-year-olds, best friends since kindergarten, hockey teammates since they learned to skate and freshman roomies at university h2 cartoon. On the other hand, as Harlan Pepper, these four are not your average group of musicians, talented beyond their years and catalogue, with only one record to their name but an impressive list of music biz milestones (meeting Neil Young, performing at Massey Hall, etc.) already achieved Three Kingdoms 7.

Somewhere in between the extremes of these two identities, the slackers and the prodigies, lies the secret to Harlan Pepper’s sweet and pure rock groove 스쿨럼블 다운로드. The band exudes confidence without preciousness, an attitude that shapes their sound more than any of their many influences. Harlan Pepper’s good times vibes bring to mind a variety of musical references that meld seamlessly with the band’s roots rock instincts 코딩스크래치 다운로드. In Harlan Pepper you’ll also find the fresh-faced teen themes reminiscent of 1950s rock and roll and elements of 1960s surf rock. Harlan Pepper’s music falls somewhere in between The Yardbirds and Traveling Wilburys, with a Tarantino-esque taste for retro groove Red Gem.

With Take Out A $20 And Live Life To The Fullest, Harlan Pepper heads in the opposite direction of the hey-ho chorusing, hand-clapping pack erwin4 다운로드. This album is not your average feel good fauxk, it’s a true blue rock and roll album that speaks to the contradictory essences of youth itself: innocence and lawlessness, ambition and loafing, odd jobs and big dreams Little Lovers.

See a trailer for the new album here:

Six Shooter Records releases Take Out A $20 And Live Life To The Fullest in February, 2014 Download the Coco Dubbing Edition.

HARLAN PEPPER “TAKE OUT A $20” PHOTO CHALLENGE Download the Cheese in the Trap comic!


Leading up to the release of Take Out A $20 And Live Life To The Fullest, send us a photo or video (Instagram, Flixel, Vine, digital photo, Polaroid, etc.) of how you’d spend $20 to live life to the fullest 삼국지2 다운로드. We’ll show off your best submissions, and our favourite photos will win prizes, kudos and a permanent spot in an upcoming Harlan Pepper music video.

Tag your photo with #HP20 and send it via any of these social media platforms and smartphone apps:

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Harlan PepperIf you reeeeally like a venue, you might as well move in, right 맘마미아1 다운로드? Especially if they serve bitchin’ crantinis! I’m generally way too tough to drink something called a crantini, but hey, it’s summertime, I need refreshment, and I’ve convinced myself that cranberry juice is “healthy”, so keep ‘em coming Download The 9th Padampadam! Our Steel City boys Harlan Pepper are (I assume) with me on this, and will be making regular appearances at primo crantini spot The Cameron House in Toronto this June 러시안피싱4 다운로드. Every Tuesday night (10pm-12pm), Harlan Pepper will be warming up the new material from their forthcoming album, which was recorded with Colin Linden in Nashville Rix Gothic font download. This is your chance for a sneaksy-peeksy! In addition to the Cameron House gig, Harlan Pepper will be touring out west this summer – check tour dates 인터넷 백신 다운로드.


I know it’s not really fair, but every time I hear about a new band made up of young whippersnappers, the first thing that comes to mind is Old Skull, the punk band of yore whose members were 9 years old c runtime library. Considering that such “hits” as Old Skull’s ‘Homeless’ ( were recorded before Hamilton’s Harlan Pepper were even born, I really need to re-evaluate my curmudgeon-y “kids today” attitude nodejs 이미지 다운로드. Clearly, youngsters have evolved at a rapid rate since the dark era of 1989. I am listening to Harlan Pepper’s debut Young and Old right now, and lemme tell ya, it’s a burner GeForce Now Download! These dudes have crafted a beautifully mature record, effortlessly blending a variety of folk and roots styles. It’s almost like they are the musical equivalent of Brad Pitt at the end of that movie where he is an old dude trapped in a baby’s body or whatever (although, probably closer to the character at the end of the short story that the movie was based on, since I heard a kid on the bus say it was waaaay better, and these guys are damn good) 온도계 다운로드.

Anyway, the boys in Harlan Pepper grew up together sharing classrooms and hockey teams. With prize money won from a local jam contest the band recorded Young and Old , Produced by Aaron Goldstein (Huron, Espanola) at Hamilton’s Vibewrangler studio, and began touring throughout Ontario and Quebec winavr. The independent release went on to hit the Top 10 on the CBC Radio 3 national chart, and landed them on stages with a number of renowned Canadian acts street name address db. Not bad for a group simultaneously focused on graduating high school. We are proud to be re-releasing this most excellent debut album on Six Shooter Records on October 18th 트위치 방송 다시보기 다운로드! Yay!

Check out Harlan Pepper performing This Aint The Country and Little Miss Sunshine on Southern Souls:

Album re-release tour parties are listed below 웹 스퀘어 다운로드.


Harlan PepperSix Shooter is excited to welcome Hamilton’s Harlan Pepper to the fold 묵향 33 텍본 다운로드. Their album, Young and Old, will be re-released by Six Shooter Records on October 18, 2011. These young whippersnappers are killin’ it these days, and we are really looking forward to having them on our team until they get old 피자가게 다운로드! Just like the album title! Did any of you ever hear the interview Nardwuar The Human Serviette did with Jean Chretien? Man, what I wouldn’t give to hear ol’ Jean say “For me, Harlan Pepper, I put it on my plate” right now 다크피닉스 자막 다운로드. The Pepps are already gathering a lot of fantastic press, from the likes of View magazine, FYI Music Weekly, and Now Magazine whose NNNN review summed things up nicely with this quote:

“After just a few songs, you forget how odd it is to see such young musicians successfully channel 60s and 70s folk rock sounds 진단서 다운로드. Once over the initial shock, though, it’s obvious that they’ve got the chops to pull it off better than many bands who’ve spent decades trying for the same vibe.”

Blammo Jumping download!

– Harlan Pepper joins The Beauties + The Deep Dark Woods on September 24 @ Lee’s Palace in Toronto. They also play the Rivoli this Thursday, September 8 Eureka mp3.