Speaking of videos…we are supremely hella stoked to be launching Deep Dark Woods video for “Red, Red Rose” directed by Jeremy Regimbal (the same talented dude who directed their deep dark video for “18th of December”, filled with all kinds of bad advice for youngsters). Filmed on location in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland during the band’s recent European tour, this video features many beards and a very large set of fries. This video actually makes touring look pretty fun, maybe I should try it.


“18th of December” is a song about the high price to pay for following one’s heart, and accepting the consequences of one’s choices. The song taps in to the archetypical restlessness associated with the rambling, roaming life of a musician.

On its surface, the video is a Bonnie & Clyde type bender through the small-towns of Western Canada, shot mainly in a town of 250 people, Mortlach, SK. The Deep Dark Woods are seen playing against type – the usually unassuming musicians transform into a wild, gun-slinging band of outlaws, hunting down two young lovebirds on a crime spree.

More than this, the video suggests that life for a touring musician can turn you into something of a runaway, stealing moments of peace and beauty in the midst of relentless pressures, schedules and dreams.


The Deep Dark Woods’ moniker tells you exactly what you need to know about their musical identity. Mysterious, rustic, gothic and meditative, The Deep Dark Woods make music that stirs an elemental, perhaps even subconscious sense of cabin fever in us all. The Deep Dark Woods write songs that ramble, jangle and roll through folk, roots and rock traditions with self-assured ease, like a train that travels through the night with its own rugged precision.

The Deep Dark Woods’ follow-up to The Place I Left Behind is an adventurous, fluid record that showcases the band’s strongest songwriting to date and celebration of the band’s sense of community and friendship. Jubilee straddles the opposing forces of nostalgia and evolution in its fusion of traditional foundations with neo-psychedelic flourishes.

Exclaim notes the new elements that shape Jubilee, such as the “swaths of fuzz” and “nocturnal atmospheres,” which bring more electric dimensions to the band’s signature folk-rock sound.


How well do you know The Deep Dark Woods? A new video trivia game reveals personal idiosyncrasies about each band member, from lead singer Ryan Boldt’s most prized piece of Oilers memorabilia to Chris Mason’s bold crokinole challenge to fans. The only question that remains unanswered is: What became of the matching vintage brown suits?

Take the “Deep Dark Secrets” quiz here :

Jubilee will be released on October 1, 2013 by Six Shooter Records (Canada),
and on September 30, 2013 on Sugar Hill Records (US, Europe and beyond).

HOLLYWOOD, CA: Hotel Cafe, October 3
SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, October 6
SEATTLE, WA: Sunset Tavern, October 9
BELLINGHAM, WA: The Green Frog, October 10
VANCOUVER, BC: The Venue, October 11
VICTORIA, BC: Upstairs Cabaret, October 13
LETHBRIDGE, AB: Geomatic Attic, October 30
CALGARY, AB: The Republik, October 31
EDMONTON, AB: Avenue Theatre, November 1
SASKATOON, SK: Louis Pub, November 2
REGINA, SK: The Exchange, November 5
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre, November 7
MADISON, WI: The Frequency, November 8
EVANSTON, IL: SPACE, November 12
TORONTO, ON: The Great Hall, November 14
BURNSTOWN, ON: Neat Coffee Shop, November 15
OTTAWA, ON: Ritual, November 16
HAMDEN, CT: The Outerspace, November 18
NORTHAMPTON, MA: Iron Horse Music Hall, Nov 19
NEW YORK, NY: Mercury Lounge, November 20
PHILADELPHIA, PA: World Cafe, Upstairs Live, November 21
VIENNA, VA: Jammin’ Java, November 22
KNOXVILLE, TN: Barley’s Taproom, December 3
NASHVILLE, TN: Loveless Cafe Barn, December 4
ATLANTA, GA: The Earl Restaurant + Lounge, December 5
ASHEVILLE, NC: ISIS Restaurant + Music Hall, December 6
COLUMBUS, GA: The Loft, December 7
HOUSTON, TX: McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, December 10
AUSTIN, TX: Stubb’s BBQ, December 11
DENVER, CO: Hi-Dive, December 14
BILLINGS, MT: The Railyard, Dec 16


Leave your map and lose your bearings in the swirling sonic forest of The Deep Dark Woods. The band returns from the wilderness with Jubilee, a celebration of community, camaraderie and feverish cabin creativity. With Jubilee, The Deep Dark Woods revel in the jangly, freewheeling days of psychedelic and electric folk while keeping their compass aligned with the magnetic, hypnotic north.

Made in a cabin in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains near Bragg Creek, Alberta, Jubilee journeys through folk and rock history, from California to the UK, from the 1970s to the present day. The album nods to genre pioneers such as The Byrds and Fairport Convention before heading into altogether new territory of soundscapes that bend and fluctuate underfoot. Jubilee moves the yardstick with its rolling layers of specialized keys, organs and analog rarities (e.g., novachord, celesta, vibraphone, and more) first used in the early days of psychedelic synth experimentation, and the results sound at once in and out of modern time. Jubilee was produced by Laurel Canyon-based folk revivalist Jonathan Wilson.    See a preview for Jubilee here:

The Deep Dark Woods are Ryan Boldt, Chris Mason, Lucas Goetz, Geoff Hilhorst and
newcomer Clayton Linthicum.

Americana Music Awards

Six Shooter Records heads to Nashville for the Americana Music Awards.
Catch Whitehorse, the Deep Dark Woods, and more!

Deep Dark Woods Americana Music Award NOM NOM NOM

It’s been more than a year since we released “The Place I Left Behind”, which continues to receive accolades all over the world. The most recent acknowledgement comes from the Americana Music Association, who has offered the Deep Dark Woods a giant feast in their honor. Oh wait, that’s meant to say nom, not NOM. The straight details are actually that the Americana Music Association named the Deep Dark Woods as a nominee in the category of Emerging Artist at their esteemed awards show! We’re pleased that the DDWs will be playing the Americana Music Awards on Sept 12 in Nashville, one of our favourite events of the year.

We Got Vinyl

Hit an indie record store near you to pick up vinyl copies of all of our latest releases: the excellent new album, Stars and Satellites by Trampled by Turtles, Deep Dark Woods’ fantastic Six Shooter debut, The Place I Left Behind, and the self-titled debut recording by Whitehorse. Also stay tuned for the vinyl release of Del Barber’s Headwaters…pre-orders available soon through our webstore. I love vinyl so much! The giant glorious artwork, the smell of fresh wax when you first pull your record from the sleeve, the pop of the needle when you drop it on that first groove, the opportunity to roll your eyes and shake your fist in the air when some dweeb says “they still make those things?”, being a record nerd is tha coolest!


In other CMW news, the Deep Dark Woods would love your votes in support of their nomination of Best Roots Album. Check out to vote. It’s your democratic privilege!

Deep Dark Woods


The Deep Dark Woods’ excellent new record, The Place I Left Behind is about to hit the streets of America on October 18 via Nashville-based Sugar Hill Records. They celebrate the release first with a show at the Americana Music conference on Oct 15 at the Basement, and then with a Sugar Hill-hosted bash at the Third & Lindsley on Oct 17, both in Nashville. I’m gonna need a toothpaste hill to brush away shows that sweet! Hardy har! A slew of dates have been announced in the USA (see below), including a bunch with Americana master Robert Earl Keen. In the middle of all this exciting hooha, the boys fit in their long-awaited hometown Album Release show in Saskatoon (the place they left behind) at the Broadway Theatre on October 29.


Americana Music weekWe’ll be in Nashville, too, toasting the new Deep Dark Woods‘ release with tequila shots all over town (I’m actually going to be drinking corn syrup from a tequila bottle, ‘cause I’m a lightweight but I still want to paaaartaaay). Not only will we be soaking up Deep Dark Woods-related goodness, we’ll also be cheersing with our Ozzy buddy Henry Wagons, who will be performing a couple of times during Americana Music week, representing his excellent band, Wagons (hence the name).

Check tour dates for his Nashville appearance. Plus, if any of you are going to be in Nashville this week, then please stop by our booth at Exhibit Hall TODAY between 2 and 5 pm, where we will serve you a smuggled in cocktail and prime you with new music and awesome new posters.

( <-- click the poster to check the art )


Man, did you read the news story about Gibson guitars having their factory raided for the second time due to their use of deep, dark, woods on guitar fretboards? What a crazy world we live in.

In happier, vaguely related news, Deep Dark Woods are turning out to be more ubiquitous than Forest Gump (that was a very weak woods/forest joke, btw. Gimme a break, I’m on vacay, and I’m having trouble seeing the forest/woods for the trees) with the Six Shooter release of their newest album, ‘The Place I Left Behind’. Already holding steady in Canada at the #1 spot on the Earshot Folk/Roots/Blues charts, and in the Top 10 overall, Deep Dark Woods have announced that they will be releasing ‘The Place I left behind’ in the USA on the legendary Sugar Hill Records imprint! Deep Dark Woods will also be taking their show back on the road this fall, with tour stops including Toronto @ Lee’s Palace (with The Beauties and Harlan Pepper) and an appearance at PopMontreal.

The great press keeps rolling in for ‘The Place I Left behind’ too, check out these hella bitchin’ quotes:

“an evocative record about rambling and lonesomeness, but with fiddles, harmonies and purring Hammond tones that are homey and hearth-warm.” The Globe and Mail

“A masterpiece of of sombre beauty and eternal heartbreak” Sun Media

“…a gorgeous exercise in pure unadulterated melancholy. It’s all executed with heart, soul and a sniper’s precision.” Winnipeg Free Press

“With diverse instruments like the mellotron and banjo, and songs that run the gamut from waltzing ballad to gritty rock number, this alt-country band seems to effortlessly push the boundaries of roots and folk music.” The National Post

“an emotionally rich gem of a record” nxew

And now you can check them out on the cover of this month’s Penguin Eggs:


Praise for The Place I Left Behind, the new album from The Deep Dark Woods, is streaming in from coast to coast, kind of like a very long stream that spans coast to coast… a river if you will, but “rivering in from coast to coast” sounds weird. For a band identified for their “Saskatchewanness,” with this new record The Deep Dark Woods have impressed far beyond their prairie origins (not to say “Saskatchewannitude” isn’t impressive on its own), with slam dunk reviews swishing from every corner (assuming the hoops are set up in the corners of the proverbial music-press B-Ball court, y’know).

I think HeroHill nailed it with this little quote: “The Place I Left Behind exceeds even the highest of expectations and remarkably pays tribute to the sound that defines our country’s musical heritage without sounding dated. There’s a sadness that runs throughout the 13-song affair but the uplifting harmonies and warm organ work act as the perfect counterpoint. Basically, it’s the type of record that ignores seasons and trends, for the simpler and much loftier ambition of timelessness.” Yeppers, that’s whazzup.

After a month of festival dates, the band will embark on a national tour, bringing them to many locales across the country, which, if you want me to break down our industry jargon for ya, is why we call it a national tour (see tour dates). Meanwhile, check out this little video we made (thanks to the guys at Plan 9 Films for their help):