Kicking Through The Darkness: T. Thomas Gives Us All The Love

lovers in a dangerous time

“Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight.”

Many artists have taken their turn with this song since its debut in 1984: it may have launched the career of the Barenaked Ladies; U2 may have referenced one of its lyrics in a pop chart topper, but hearing T. Thomason cover Bruce Cockburn’s “Lovers In a Dangerous Time” feels like the final kick.

“And they make you believe that your love’s a crime.”

Shining a light on one’s personal life, especially as an artist or a public figure, can be horrible at the worst of times and freeing at the best: you’re subject to a flood of unsolicited advice and affections, positive, negative and benign comments, love, hate, support, confusion. As someone who has been in the spotlight from a young age, T. Thomason doesn’t shy away from anything. He chooses to share his personal stories and personal spaces with humility and resilience. He radiates positivity, is full of empathy. His eyes are always twinkling.

“You gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.”

The power of T.’s voice and the passion that drives it is what can move you to tears. When listening to T. sing “Lovers”, it’s impossible not to think about pain and struggle, but also about resilience, courage, hope, faith and perseverance. And love. So much love. It’s sadly ironic that one of the most universal needs in life can be held hostage, vilified, outcast. But in life what is more beautiful than love? What is more pure? What is more powerful? What can break apart old systems? T. Thomason knows that Love remains our greatest ally in our fight out of the dark, and he’s letting the light in.

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