So, Interstellar Rodeo isn’t our only festival, ya know! We also put on a rad 6 string focused festival called Sleepwalk Guitar Festival, which, along with truly amazing performances from some of the world’s finest guitar players, also includes a very strong workshop and interview component free mps. We have just finished uploading a grip of inspiring videos featuring many of these interviews, so get those tube amps warming up, you are going to want to play after clicking on these links below:

James Burton: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for years” – Luke and James talk Teles and Hot Bands while noodling away on Pretty Woman, Susie Q, Mystery Train and more DefCon novel download. »»» Watch Video

Albert Lee talks about his signature Music Man guitar and pinky finger playing: »»» Watch Video

Nels Cline on being a jazz guitarist (or not) and on playing the guitar: »»» “It’s the only thing I have the desire to do all the time, besides breathe and eat.” Watch Video

Colin Linden on rough edges and modern recording: the idea of perfection: »»» “It’s easier to be competent and harder to be excellent.” “Everything we love is based in that sensation that you get when you’re on fire with it.” There is an “on fire sensation” plug-in for Pro Tools, right 공무원 동강 다운로드? »»» Watch Video

Cindy Cashdollar on pedal steel: the importance of instinct and ear Shanghai Electric Download. Pedal steel blows my mind, instinct and ear indeed! »»» Watch Video

Junior Brown: “Where did country music go Hotel Deluna 11? The irony is that the parody has taken over.” »»» Watch Video

Paul Pigat teaches Luke a lesson he won’t soon forget 게임 부스터 다운로드. »»» Watch Video

Kevin Breit on burning the candle: practice, practice, practice, take a break for some Kraft Dinner, practice more seagull sounds. »»» Watch Video

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