SING IT: July Talk Share Solstice EP

Songs from worlds away gathered for annual Solstice offering

For 2023, a decade-spanning selection of covers is now available to stream for the first time. With songs by James, FKA twigs, Wilco, Mclusky and Floyd

Red Crow Westerman, the Solstice EP observes the longest night of the year.

Listen Here


Solstice EP Track List

To Hell With Good Intentions

Mirrored Heart


Venus Stopped The Train

Custer Died For Our Sins



The basic structural facts of July Talk are this: two front people, Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis, surrounded by whiplashing guitarists Ian Docherty and Josh Warburton, and double drummers Danny Miles and Dani Nash. For this compulsively DIY, rigorously self-realizing group, the essence of July Talk has always been the tension between precision and chaos. 

What goes on between these bodies, in that kinetic, staticky, sticky space, is where the truth of July Talk takes shape. On stage, July Talk unfurls and explodes. The action pings from slo-motion commotion to back-bendy communion, fluid (as in bodily) and liquid (as in the dark goo phase of metamorphosis). Things get weird, occasionally grotesque, always enthralling.

Even in the starkness of black and white, July Talk has always been a work in progress. More accurately, it’s a work of progress, a communal pursuit of limitlessness as a mode of being. For a decade, July Talk has continued its relentless project to know itself, a fundamental baseline from which to access raw ecstasy and agony. With 2023’s Remember Never Before, the most potently yet inventively “July Talk” album yet, the band returns – changed – to where they began.