“happy breakups, tragic breakups

magic breakups, everybody’s breaking up”


Full of unfiltered fun, “Breakup Party” is a strange brew of 1970s Bowie meets ‘90s riot grrrl drawn by will and witchcraft to a futuristic dance floor full of colour, character and charisma. Suited up in rubber club wear, neon and glitter, “Breakup Party” explores magical iterations of oneself without the fear of judgement. It calls to us in a way that’s impossible to ignore, like the voice in our head or a full moon. It’s the ultimate all-night dance potion, mixed perfectly together by legendary engineer Syvlia Massy and produced by NYSSA.


Like the sound of a spell being cast, a magical tone opens the track up to let in a slinky disco bass that thumps and crawls amidst swirling, panning guitars and ritualistic claps and tambourines. The altar is set for the idol to appear, while in the background there are hoots and howls heard from the coven calling to their leader. Enter NYSSA and her powerfully charged vocals with the incantation, “Everybody’s breaking up.” 


“what are you gonna do to draw new love to you?”


So go wild. Pull out all the stops. Press play and be done with those parts of your life that no longer serve you. Have your own breakup party. 


“i hear everybody wants to get offline

i hear everybody wants to find some time

for real life”


We all get faced with growing pains in life, whether it’s snuffing out old flames or being ignited by new lessons we learn about ourselves. If you find yourself needing space, light the candles, call in the corners and invoke the spirit of NYSSA’s new single, “Breakup Party.”


“Breakup Party” is the soundtrack for helping us cut loose from unhealthy relationships. It casts aside old lovers as much as it does Big Brother, tech overlords and non-stop-wi-fi in favour of IRL hi-fi connections. It’s about dressing yourself up – not your avatar – and taking yourself out dancing.




Toronto pagan-punk-poet NYSSA has put her hands into the lion’s mouth, gathering her performing and songwriting powers to conjure the unruly energy of rock n’ roll. Out from under fear’s thumb, NYSSA now sings about wild things, old gods, romance-beyond-borders, and the exorcism of trauma. She has quested, and she has returned.The goal is fevered connection, a ritual-sense of music as communal release. NYSSA keens and wails and brings her audience along with her to a place of deep feeling, movement, and joy. Her lyrics are poetic and clear, lunar, eerie, angry; NYSSA’s voice is the strong container for all of it. As Dionysus would want it, over-abundance is the way. Guided by the incantation and invocation of the three C’s: Collaboration, Choreo, Covenhood!, NYSSA’s sound and stories run deep into ancient mythos, Celtic lore and back through our modern idols. Re-swaggering, re-wilding hyper-masc night moves and magick hips (think Jagger, Mink Deville, Danzig),  NYSSA’s magnetic, elastic ways make satyrs of us all.Long-listed for the 2021 Polaris prize for her debut solo album Girls Like Me, NYSSA now plays with a killer 6-piece band, a real rock ’n roll coven, featuring Lukas Cheung (Mother Tongues), Nastia Koza (KOZA), Jay Anderson (Badge Époque Ensemble, Biblical), Brandon Lim (Yamantaka//Sonic Titan), and Jess Burgess (Essie Watts).