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Get all the news from Hawrelak Park with our new Rodeo Daily! Interstellar Rodeo details, photos and more coming every morning. Read Saturday’s edition here 드라마 프렌즈 다운로드.

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Rodeo Daily

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Get all the news from Hawrelak Park with our new Rodeo Daily! Interstellar Rodeo details, photos and more coming every morning. Read Friday’s edition here

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder & a little heavier sometimes. After spending two months away from my husband, both on separate tours on separate continents, I knew that I had to be there at the finish line as he completed his first marathon 가질수없는너 다운로드. This meant traveling from Australia to the UK, then back to Vancouver & then all the way to Abu Dahbi, all in the span of six days! Four years & four marathons later I have happily taken my place on these sidelines alongside mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children & friends to cheer on our loved ones as they speed past 박재범 my last 다운로드. Every day on tour, whether it’s 100 degrees in Atlanta, GA or -35 in Regina, SK Luke hits the pavement to train for that final epic run.

Our day in Boston was one of sunshine & celebration 콜마 너 다운로드. I stood at the 17 mile mark with our family, who had traveled near & far to be there for Luke as he reached his goal of running the legendary Boston Marathon 트라이건 다운로드. We waited in anticipation with big bright signs & coffees & the thump of top forty music playing from the fire station. We waved excitedly to the group across the street decked out in Canadian flags PowerPoint Design. As Luke rounded the corner, he added 3 seconds to his time to run over & give me a kiss.. and he was off!

Approximately three hours later the bombs exploded & shook the city to its core Download the app card. People lost their lives, limbs, loved ones, others stumbled back to their hotels and homes in a state of shock. As we picked up our guitars the following week at the start of a tour we realized that ‘Emerald Isle’ had forever taken on new meaning Hackers mp3. This song was inspired by a long run, but it is also a dedication to those who hold us up & push us forward; those who will follow us to the ends of the earth Extinction City Download. No amount of heartache can take away from the sense of community we felt in Boston that day. This is our small way of saying thank you.

– Melissa

Purchase the live version of Emerald Isle, recorded at Massey Hall on March 2, 2013 HERE peview 다운로드.
All proceeds will go to OneFundBoston at the end of 2013.


Interstellar Rodeo 2013 is now SOLD OUT

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WHOO HOO! Interstellar Rodeo 2013 is now SOLD OUT. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and support. We can’t wait to see you at Hawrelak Park Production101 Season 1.

If you still need tickets, check the swap board at for trades/sales 너와 나 1기 다운로드.

Child passes (ages 6-12) will be available at the festival gate. CASH ONLY.

Sleepwalk Guitar Talk


Be sure to check out the new Guitar Talk videos from the Sleepwalk Guitar Festival featuring interviews from James Burton, Junior Brown, Cindy Cashdollar and more formtec. Click here for info.

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Logo_enSo New downloads? Is everyone enjoying summer so far? How are your gardens doing? Mine is dece, the arugula is looking like it’s getting pretty close to the nom zone already 기적의 분식집 모바일 다운로드. I truly enjoy the process of watering, nurturing (I’m a bit of a softy), and pulling up pesky weeds. Y’know who else enjoys this process? SOCAN! The nominees for the 2013 SOCAN Songwriting Prize are out now, and after pulling out all the weeds surrounding the sweetest tunes evar, they have determined that Whitehorse’s rippin’ jam “Devil’s Got A Gun” is in the running for some nurturing TLC 키노트 구버전 다운로드. The winner will be decided by your votes, so you better get on it! – mark your ballot once a day, everyday, until July 3 at this link: Congrats to all of this year’s fine crop of nominees 소니 베가스 14 다운로드. May you all grow big and strong so we can eat you.

And speaking of Whitehorse, they are finally hitting the east coast on June 14 & 15! That’s tomorrow night silent comics! Check tour dates for more info. We’re also hella stoked that Whitehorse is going to be playing the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, with Neil Young headlining the bill scan program. Woo!


Dream Comics

On top of our SOCAN goodness, we’re also pleased that Six Shooterers Whitehorse and Danny Michel have been named to the 2013 Polaris Long List Dropbox! Just announced today! Congrats to them, and also to all the other fine artists who were nominated this year, including our pals Daniel Romano, Lee Harvey Osmond, Corb Lund, and tons more Putty Linux server filesed. You can check out the full list here:



Danny’s Michel’s already excellent Juno nominated album has been made even more excellent with the addition of three new songs Walking Dead Season 1! You can cop these stellar joints for free here:

The other big news here is that ‘Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me’ will soon get worldwide release on Cumbancha Records on July 3 요괴 워치 게임 다운로드. That’s right, THE ENTIRE WORLD! Even the teeny tiny country of Andorra will be jamming Danny in the streets. Aaaand, we have you covered for wax! Six Shooter Records has ordered vinyl editions of the new 10-track record, so look for those this summer when you are mobbing the merch table at your local stop of Danny’s tour with The Garifuna Collective across North America angry ip scanner 다운로드. Their first stop in Canada will be at Toronto’s Luminato Festival on June 23. Danny is currently in Belize rehearsing with The Garifuna Collective, who will also release a new record on July 3 naver blog attachments. Full tour dates below. Every time I hear the word Belize, I get the theme song for Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego stuck in my head… “sumthin, sumthin, sumthin, from Belize down to Berlin!” autocad mechanical 2019. If you are of a particular age, perhaps you share the same affliction.


Harlan PepperIf you reeeeally like a venue, you might as well move in, right 맘마미아1 다운로드? Especially if they serve bitchin’ crantinis! I’m generally way too tough to drink something called a crantini, but hey, it’s summertime, I need refreshment, and I’ve convinced myself that cranberry juice is “healthy”, so keep ‘em coming Download The 9th Padampadam! Our Steel City boys Harlan Pepper are (I assume) with me on this, and will be making regular appearances at primo crantini spot The Cameron House in Toronto this June 러시안피싱4 다운로드. Every Tuesday night (10pm-12pm), Harlan Pepper will be warming up the new material from their forthcoming album, which was recorded with Colin Linden in Nashville Rix Gothic font download. This is your chance for a sneaksy-peeksy! In addition to the Cameron House gig, Harlan Pepper will be touring out west this summer – check tour dates 인터넷 백신 다운로드.




So you all know by now that Amelia Curran is one hell of a songwriter Gear360 Action Director. I am personally fascinated by hearing who has inspired the songwriters I admire, and what their process is, so I’m pretty damn stoked about Amelia’s new video series which covers just that old version of Hancom Batter Practice! Check out these three new short videos by Light Echo Productions where Amelia discusses songwriters and songwriting, icons and inspiration movie fans.

On Kurt Cobain and being an angsty bummed out teen (who I can assume wore a lot of flannel)
»»» Watch Video

On Leonard Cohen and how you are lazy if you don’t spend 10,000 hours writing lyrics (she says it in a more polite way, I swear) »»» Watch Video

On “The Mistress” and Amelia’s own writing process involving pages and pages of lyrics, and not actually being a mistress »»» Watch Video

These videos are short and awesome, watch ‘em! 운명처럼 널 사랑해 다운로드!


So, Interstellar Rodeo isn’t our only festival, ya know! We also put on a rad 6 string focused festival called Sleepwalk Guitar Festival, which, along with truly amazing performances from some of the world’s finest guitar players, also includes a very strong workshop and interview component free mps. We have just finished uploading a grip of inspiring videos featuring many of these interviews, so get those tube amps warming up, you are going to want to play after clicking on these links below:

James Burton: “I’ve been waiting for this moment for years” – Luke and James talk Teles and Hot Bands while noodling away on Pretty Woman, Susie Q, Mystery Train and more DefCon novel download. »»» Watch Video

Albert Lee talks about his signature Music Man guitar and pinky finger playing: »»» Watch Video

Nels Cline on being a jazz guitarist (or not) and on playing the guitar: »»» “It’s the only thing I have the desire to do all the time, besides breathe and eat.” Watch Video

Colin Linden on rough edges and modern recording: the idea of perfection: »»» “It’s easier to be competent and harder to be excellent.” “Everything we love is based in that sensation that you get when you’re on fire with it.” There is an “on fire sensation” plug-in for Pro Tools, right 공무원 동강 다운로드? »»» Watch Video

Cindy Cashdollar on pedal steel: the importance of instinct and ear Shanghai Electric Download. Pedal steel blows my mind, instinct and ear indeed! »»» Watch Video

Junior Brown: “Where did country music go Hotel Deluna 11? The irony is that the parody has taken over.” »»» Watch Video

Paul Pigat teaches Luke a lesson he won’t soon forget 게임 부스터 다운로드. »»» Watch Video

Kevin Breit on burning the candle: practice, practice, practice, take a break for some Kraft Dinner, practice more seagull sounds. »»» Watch Video


We are beyond excited to announce that Weekend Passes, Friday night tickets, and Sunday day passes for the Interstellar Rodeo are now SOLD OUT Game of Progress Giant! There are still day tickets for Saturday available, but they’re going fast. Like maybe we have about 30 left. Oh man, this is going to be one hell of a party Stone Age Hack Download! Oh, and since tickets are getting pretty scarce pretty fast, and we know some of you might be working yourselves into a bit of a tizzy about making sure you get to see all the great music you want to see, we have set up a cool swap board thingy where you can buy, sell, or trade tickets with all your Interstellar pals 서이추 프로그램 다운로드! If you need tix, or you have only just realized that you booked a non-refundable kite surfing vacation on the same weekend, make your way over to http:// to deal with that situation stat 아프리카 vod 다운로드!

Presented at the Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park, Edmonton, on the weekend of July 26-28, Interstellar Rodeo 2013 welcomes a host of musical mavericks, outlaws and rogues of all stripes (and even a few nice and quiet law-abiding folks), including Alabama Shakes, Steve Earle and the Dukes, M notepad++ 64 bit. Ward, and more. Kicking off the festival is legendary Edmonton band Jr. Gone Wild, who announced their reunion just in time to be added to the bill. Six Shooterers Danny Michel (with the Garifuna Collective), the Deep Dark Woods, the Good Lovelies, and former Six Shooterers Elliott BROOD have joined the party, as well as local heroes and long time friends Shout Out Out Out Out 네이버 스트리밍 동영상 다운로드. Our pals Serena Ryder, Sarah Harmer, the Skydiggers, CR Avery, and Mike Plume, as well as accolade soaked American up-and-comers Kurt Vile and John Fullbright, are all making the glorious pilgrimage to Edmonton, guaranteeing a weekend packed full of stellar tune-age Free music download! We are crazy passionate about our flagship festival, and believe me, we have put a lot of thought and effort into carefully selecting artists who blaze their own trails, defy expectations and make music that transcends genres coc 다운로드. We want the Interstellar Rodeo to be the best, most memorable festival experience for you, our wonderful music loving fans!

Driven by the blissful glee of how awesome last year’s festival was, we are focused on making Interstellar Rodeo even better 나는 가수다 다운로드! To that end, we are adding two new musical features this year! First up, the Interstellar All-Stars (Sunday, July 28), is a one-day-only “songwriter supergroup” (complete with a fully rocking all-star backing band) featuring Jim Cuddy, Danny Michel and Quique Escamilla spss 한글판 다운로드. The All-Stars idea grew out of a recent showcase presented by the Americana Music Festival, where these three distinct artists learned each other’s songs and put on such a wicked awesome show that we had to cop the idea ask them to do it again. The Interstellar All-Stars is Six Shooter’s spin on the classic workshop concept.

The second new feature is motivated by our desire to present as many artists as we can in one weekend, on only one stage. Interstellar Rodeo 2013 introduces the Interludes, short sets spotlighting a collection of incredible singer-songwriters. This year’s Interludes performers are Amelia Curran, Del Barber and Rachel Sermanni. In all, 23 artists will grace the Interstellar stage. Did any of you see that psychological thriller starring Jim Carrey called The Number 23? Yeah, me neither, but I’m sure cramming 23 artists onto our stage will be both psychological and thrilling!

We really have to take a moment here to give our sincerest thanks to our returning patrons, volunteers, and sponsors. It is so tremendously uplifting and exciting to see our festival grow and to have the opportunity to bring more amazing music to more amazing people! Together, along with newcomers to this year’s festivities, we’ll make Interstellar Rodeo 2013 a weekend to remember.

Follow us on Twitter @SixShooterR (#interstellarrodeo).