We haven’t even announced the line up yet, but we’ve been fielding a lot of calls from folks who are already anxious about getting tickets to Interstellar Rodeo 2014 3d max 2011 다운로드. Geez, you guys are chomping at the bit! Don’t worry, if you bought a weekend pass last year through our web-store, you will be invited to participate in a presale Run. Here are the timelines we’re aiming for:

April 1 (or earlier): 2014 Artist Line Up Announcement (this will of course be a fake lineup, because April Fools, duh 쿼리도 다운로드. Unless we release it earlier, then I suppose it might be real.)
April 4-5: Passholder Pre-sale (weekend passes only)
April 7: Public On-sale (weekend passes and single day tickets)

Oh, and could someone please invite this guy to Interstellar Rodeo this year Pobyden Ground Download?


Headbanger meets heartbreaker in Joe Nolan, the rising young songwriter whose new album, Tornado, was just released by Six Shooter Records. On stage, Joe’s intense, intimate performances are at once guttural and ethereal, and of no time or place whatsoever 드빌 버그 다운로드. But when he turns his baseball hat backwards and tells stories of trapping raccoons in cardboard boxes, it’s clear that the other side of this sensitive songwriter is a kid from Fort Saskatchewan who kept his guitar playing a secret from his high school friends Download 4k video downloader. In Joe Nolan, you see a fascinating contrast between the rough edges of small town life and the poetic refinement of his song craft.

In “Hangin’ at the Garagemahal,” Joe Nolan talks about growing up on the “good side” of the river in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, which records he listened to through the floor while his parents played bridge until 2am, and all the money he made busking:

Tornado hit the streets on January 28, 2014, and Six Shooter marked the occasion at The Cameron House with a short and sweet set from Joe, a room packed full of industry, friends & fans, and, in honour of Joe’s prairie roots, all the pierogies we could eat 악령병동 다운로드. Now the reviews are coming in, and Tornado is making a strong impression, with high marks from the Globe & Mail, Exclaim, No Depression and others retro font.

Tornado is a collection of songs about women (older women, mostly) and love (break-ups, mostly). Did Somebody Call The Cops, “one of the album’s showstoppers,” (Edmonton Journal) is a slow-burning song about a ‘relationship hitting the bottom,’ says Nolan Jumper 2. See a new lyric video for Did Somebody Call The Cops, directed by Jeth Weinrich, here:


Like a hurricane, Tornado has hit the streets, and we celebrated in style at The Cameron House on release day (Jan 28) with a short and sweet set from Joe (not that he’s short, but he IS very sweet adobe premiere pro cc 2017. Awwww), a room packed full of industry, friends & fans, and, in honour of Joe’s prairie roots, all the pierogies we could eat (I only ate two, because I am a dainty little bird… JK, I had like two dozen, buuurp) Google Questionnaire Excel. I had originally suggested that we honour his prairie roots by cramming everyone into the back of a giant pickup truck and drinking a buncha Pilsner (aka Alberta Champagne), but hey, you can’t win ‘em all, and I like me some ‘rogies too, so I’ll live (thanks for your concern) 베가스 13 다운로드.

Now the reviews are coming in, and Joe’s album is making the fantastic impression we knew it would. That’s why we signed him, duh. The Calgary Herald likens listening to Tornado to “Viewing the world from a battered heart and through beautifully bloodshot, half-mast eyes,” which actually sounds like a pretty unpleasant experience, but they mean it as a good thing (weirdos) good day 다운로드. No Depression recognizes that “Nolan is raw talent through and through.” And Exclaim Magazine raves on, calling the album “A remarkable collection of slow-burning melancholia.”

For those of you who missed the Toronto debut, or if you want (neeeed) more Joe Nolan, you can catch him at the Cameron House next Monday and the week after that 모험 게임 다운로드. He is pretty much living there, I imagine because he read in multiple previous editions of this newsletter about how hard I vouch for their crantinis 큐베이스 오토튠 다운로드. His Alberta album launch party dates have also been announced — see tour dates below.

Aaaaaalso, check out this interview, “Hangin’ at the Garagemahal,” in which Joe Nolan talks about growing up on the “good side” of the river in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, which records he listened to through the floor while his parents played bridge until 2am, and all the money he made busking:

Oh, and alsooooooo, we also have a lyric video for “Tightrope Dancer”



The Strumbellas made it two for two yesterday, when “We Still Move On Dance Floors” got a Juno Award nomination for Roots & Traditional Group Album of the Year 니세코이 요메이리 다운로드! That’s two Strumbellas’ albums, two Juno nominations, if you’re keeping track. Holy moly. Go for the Threepeat, gang! The Strumbies (as I’ve just decided to call them right now) are rubbing elbows with some damn fine company in the category, and we can’t wait to go to Winnipeg for the annual awards extravaganza so we can also rub lots of elbows… in a sexy way Download custom skins. Our Six Shooter crew usually does it up pretty big at the Junos, rolling around in a fancy limo and stuff, but I think this year we should either a) buy a cheap El Camino and put a hot tub in the back of it, OR b) go a little bit fancier and rent a Mini Cooper so we can go all clown car steez with everyone crammed in there Samsung Odin. Any reader opinions on which option you think we should go for are VERY welcome. Please send us many many many emails on the subject. We have a lot of spare time, and would love to consider your feedback thoroughly 장욱조 다운로드.

The Strumbellas play The Dakota every Wednesday in February, with opening bands and special guests and more more more (did we mention there’s still a Grand Prize of a trip for two to fabulous Lindsay, ON up for grabs 한컴타자연습 2019 다운로드? Buy something, get a scratch card, win a vacation to somewhere even snowier!). They will also hit the road with Corb Lund in April across Ontario. AND, more good news, we now have the vinyl edition of We Still Move On Dance Floors available from or at an esteemed indie retailer near you phonegap file.


In more Toronto residency news, I’m seeing a bit of a trend here, Harlan Pepper’s weekly gig at The Cameron House continues throughout February 윈도우xp 지뢰찾기 다운로드. Every Thursday night @ 10pm the Hamilton boys hit the stage. They’ve been playing songs from the new album, Take Out a Twenty and Live Life to the Fullest, which will be out on March 11, 2014 third generation of the fish market. Hey, btw, can someone lend me a twenty so I can take it out and live life to the fullest please?

“Gimme Love,” the carefree, Faces-esque first single from Harlan Pepper’s new album, Take Out a Twenty and Live Life to the Fullest, made its debut at CBC Radio 2 in the early days of 2014 피날레 2009 다운로드. See the band’s DIY video for the song here:

Given that the song is, as mentioned above, Faces-esque, I’m really hoping that eventually Harlan Pepper go full Rod Stewart, start wearing spandex jumpsuits and have at least one disco hit ElgeyMobile. That would be pretty dope. Or at least hilarious… to me.

Harlan Pepper will also be joining the Corb Lund tour for shows across British Columbia in May, after The Strumbies finish having their way with him in April 써니사이드 다운로드. Tag-teamsies!



Yep, it would seem this issue is all about Toronto residencies SimCity 5 Korean edition. Once our February residencies are all done, we know you’ll be lost in the world, not knowing where you are or where you are going. Thankfully, Danny Michel comes to the rescue, and brings some order to the world with “School Night Mondays” at the Dakota Tavern Download corn pc. Held every Monday night (go figure) in March, doors are at 7 pm, the show at 8 pm and each week features a surprise guest who’ll be sure to knock your socks off, and then you’ll have to go to school with no socks the next day, because Monday is a SCHOOL NIGHT! figma! Ok, I can give you one little hint about who one of the surprise guests might be… it’s your MOM! And she will be performing a song called “Go Home Right Now And Do Your Homework, Cuz It’s A SCHOOL NIGHT!!” 검은사막 다운로드. Her performance will be like viewing the world from a battered heart and through beautifully bloodshot, half-mast eyes, that really want you to do your homework and hopefully get a summer job 디즈 파이널 아워스 다운로드.



Our Edmonton pals, The Wet Secrets, make a triumphant return with their new album, “Free Candy,” and video for the song, “Nightlife”, starring SCTV’s Joe Flaherty 해외음원 다운로드! Whaaaat?! Such awesome, watch must:

It has been approximately one billion years since the last Wet Secrets album,
but damn was it ever worth the wait 이클립스 폰트 다운로드.


We got another Nick Buzz review in for their album, “A Quiet Evening at Home,” this time from The Record. We were struck by the frankness and accuracy of the following statement:

“This group is old, weird, out of the loop, and Canadian — it’s hard to envision a marketing strategy 리그오브레전드 pbe 다운로드. Like any run-of-the-mill, slow-burning, richly rewarding art rock masterpiece, it’s easy for this Nick Buzz album to disappear quickly into the ether 잭 리처 다운로드. Don’t let it happen.”

I guess our marketing strategy is working though, because you can read the whole article here:

Woo 내선규정 2019 다운로드!


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Speaking of cool videos…Our friends at Light Echo Productions launched their new project, Echoes this week Mojave dmg download. They interviewed Tanya Tagaq about her passion for food. And let me tell you (spoiler alert), she is SUPER stoked on food! Warning, this video is not for the squeamish vegetarian 윈도우 me 다운로드. She tells at least one story that’s evocative of the Empire Strikes Back tauntaun scene, but like in a nom nom nom way…


youtube converter

Edmonton, mark your calendars for July 25-27, 2014. We have been working hard on putting together a killer line up for Interstellar Rodeo 2014 and we should be ready to announce it next month! 다음팟플레이어 코덱 다운로드! All we can tell you for now is that it will be the best weekend everrrrrrr. Meanwhile, save the date!

헬라어 성경 다운로드


날개셋 다운로드

While it’s not every day that a songwriter makes it from the shadows of open mic nights to the high wattage, real deal scene, Joe Nolan’s old soul lyrics and striking vocals suggest that the odds of breaking through are in his favour Winnings 2016 download.

With Tornado, Joe Nolan blows in from the frozen prairies a fully formed artistic force worthy of national attention. This sophomore album showcases Joe’s lyrical style, not overly wordy or ornate, but intense, evocative and gripping Shoutcast. The power of Joe’s songwriting lies in the delivery: his ghostly vocals quiver and tumble between agony and ecstasy.