Drunk dudes from Huntsville or Lethbridge or St. John’s or wherever hang on every word. Everyone sings, mostly louder than the band. The word motherfucker is a compliment Download Credit Biography. Every show is an uprising, a groundswell.

Don’t let the self-deprecation or inebriation imply that NQ Arbuckle isn’t serious about the music 티스토리 영상 다운로드. This band has earned multiple Juno nominations, considerable critical praise (Pitchfork, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star etc.), and a legion of rabid fans Free MovieMaker.

NQ Arbuckle has consistently created impressive, treasured albums for more than a decade. But NQ Arbuckle has never made a record like this before orchestra.

Six Shooter Records is very pleased to finally confirm the release of The Future Happens Anyway, out April 29, 2014. WATCH THIS NOW – Fan video “NQ Rothbuckle”

(If you haven’t seen the lyric video that inspired this one, check it out here – watch)

There are two new songs, “Red Wine” and “Back To Earth” streaming here –

Whitehorse “Éphémère sans repère” (Lyric Video)

dht11 라이브러리

Lose yourself in the stop-motion beauty of a midnight northern flight in this a new lyric video for the title track, made by Martin Tielli, here –

Évadez-vous en regardant -ici- le magnifique vidéo réalisé Martin Tielli, qui utilisant la technique “stop-motion” avec comme trame sonore la pièce -titre, raconte l’histoire d’un magnifique voyage aérien movie Munich.

온리유 다운로드

Whitehorse annonce la sortie du EP Éphémère sans repère, le 1er avril, sous étiquette Six Shooter Records

Le duo Whitehorse prouve sa polyvalence en lançant un EP dans la langue de Molière, Éphémère sans repère latest version of Java.

Éphémère sans repère offre des versions françaises de quelques-unes des pièces qui figuraient sur les deux premiers opus de Whitehorse, dont le second, The Fate of the World Depends on this Kiss, avait été accueilli à sa sortie par un concert d’éloges message pop-up.

En outre, il contient une toute nouvelle pièce, Le cadeau, ainsi qu’une reprise acoustique renversante du classique Un Canadien errant. 안드로이드 flash player 다운로드?
Les pièces qu’on peut entendre sur Éphémère sans repère ont été traduites par nul autre que le réputé auteur et producteur Pierre Marchand 원드라이브 앱 다운로드. À en juger par l’enthousiasme délirant du public québécois qui a pu entendre Whitehorse les interpréter sur scène, les traductions de Marchand sont à la hauteur de toutes les espérances, et l’interprétation de Melissa et de Luke, aussi bien sur disque que sur scène, reste telle qu’on l’a connue : vibrante d’authenticité puttycm.

Pour vous donner un avant-goût de ce que vous réserve le EP, allez écouter les trois performances toutes récentes du duo, une gracieuseté de BRBR et de TFO, aux adresses suivantes:

Éphémère sans repère:
Je suis devenue lionne:
Un Canadien errant:

Ce qu’on trouve sur le EP :

1 social networks. Éphémère sans repère (Devil’s Got A Gun)
2. Je suis devenue lionne (Out Like A Lion)
3. Les oiseaux de nuit (Night Owls)
4. Le cadeau (The Gift)
5 리눅스 ftp 폴더 다운로드. Brisée (Broken)
6. Un Canadien errant

OUT APRIL 1, 2014 ON SIX SHOOTER RECORDS Download the burdle che.

Whitehorse flexes their French-language muscles and displays their versatility with Éphémère sans repère, out April 1, 2014 on Six Shooter Records 윈도우 정품인증 다운로드.

The new EP showcases choice cuts from both their debut album and acclaimed sophomore release, The Fate of the World Depends On This Kiss 무료동요 다운로드. As well, this French-language EP contains a brand new song, “Le cadeau,” and the duo’s show-stopping acoustic version of the traditional Francophone ballad, “Un Canadien errant.”

The songs on Éphémère sans repère were translated by renowned songwriter and producer Pierre Marchand. Whitehorse has performed “Éphémère sans repère” to wild enthusiasm from Francophone audiences, a response that confirms the artistic excellence of Marchand’s translations and Luke and Melissa’s ability to express themselves authentically on stage and on disc.

See three brand new live performances, looping and everything, courtesy of TFO’s BRBR here:

Éphémère sans repère:
Je suis devenue lionne:
Un Canadien errant:

Track Listing:

1. Éphémère sans repère (Devil’s Got A Gun)
2. Je suis devenue lionne (Out Like A Lion)
3. Les oiseaux de nuit (Night Owls)
4. Le cadeau (The Gift)
5. Brisée (Broken)
6. Un Canadien errant

Whitehorse will celebrate the launch of Éphémère sans repère with a limited capacity show at Montreal’s Verre Bouteille on April 9, 2014. Details to follow.

HARLAN PEPPER launch their new album with a Tuesday Blitz

The day is finally here! After talking about Harlan Pepper for months and years, we are very pleased to unleash their new album, “Take out a twenty and live life to the fullest next Pot Player.” Subsequently, my own album “Take out a twenty and don’t check the remaining balance or it will ruin your day” has been shelved until further notice Gadgetbridge. Oh well, good for you, Harlan Pepper!

To celebrate, we’re sending the band on a “Take Out a Twenty Promo Blitz,” which will see them perform songs from the new album in as many different locations as we can dream up in a day (which realistically amounts to 6 locations 안드로이드 스튜디오 이전 버전 다운로드. Admittedly, we ate a bunch of raw kale right before bed, which meant that most of the spots in our dreams were places like Mars, a kiddie pool full of squid ink, and “the boat where Breaker High was filmed” etc) 그녀는 예뻤다 2회 다운로드. First up, the boys play live on CHCH-TV (Hamilton) for some good ole right-of-passage hometown morning television goodness. They then head over to Hamilton’s sweet Magnolia Cafe to play some tunes and pick up some coffee 링오브엘리시움 다운로드. Then they’ll jump on the 403 and do a guerrilla-style set in the Mothership atrium (yes, the CBC…but shhh, don’t tell them — we don’t actually have permission to do this and are hoping to pull off a full song before getting kicked out) 롤상점 다운로드. We’ll make them brave the cold at Trinity Bellwoods hockey rink before heading over to Exclaim.TV. And don’t miss their in-store performance at Soundscapes at 7 pm latest version of Windows 10. This is all happening tomorrow!

And after this full day of awesomeness / hauling gear all over the damn place, they’re going to rock the night away at the Cameron House for their Tuesday night residency in March (showtime is 10 pm sharp!) 클로버 필드 패러독스 다운로드. Join us at any of these stops along the way. You can pick up a copy of their new album and we’ll give you a free Harlan Pepper lighter! Of course, we don’t endorse the use of lighters for anything other than lighting tea lights around a bathtub, so we urge you to only use said swaggage for relaxing ventures of this nature 점프포스 다운로드.


We are currently putting the finishing touches on the artwork of NQ Arbuckle‘s new album, “The Future Happens Anyway,” a work that was four years in the making 가디언즈 오브 갤럭시 다운로드! I’m guessing that the album title might have something to do with how long this album has taken to come to fruition. I promise you, my friends, it will be well worth the wait acrobat reader dc! NQ is undoubtedly still THE dude. Here’s a sneak peek:

For those of you who NEED your NQ fix NOW, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of shows coming up, including the most awesome Blacksheep Inn (Wakefield), the much-loved Jane Bond (Waterloo), the legendary Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto) and the mysterious “more” Ubuntu ftp download. Please note that, being in my privileged position of having seen the above linked video before most of you, I have already learned every single dance move featured therein, so you better do the same before these shows, or get outta my way on the dance floor 9 of Hotel Deluna. See tour dates for deets.


Reviews for Joe Nolan’s new album, “Tornado,” continue to roll in and he is getting ready to blow your minds at his hometown album launch concerts in Alberta this month samsung phone. I am very much looking forward to this, since I made the mistake of watching the Oscars and I haven’t been able to get that stupid song from the movie Frozen out of my head ever since Please this. I could really stand to have my mind blown by Joe Nolan at this point, so I can finally let it go. In addition to a bunch of other Alberta shows, Joe and his band are playing March 13 at the Ironwood in Calgary and the Roxy Theatre on March 28 in Edmonton korean history textbooks. See tour dates for more dates.


You love The Strumbellas, right?! And you want to hear them on the radio, right?! Well, guess what? You can make this happen by hounding your your local station and letting them know Free the report! Get your fingies tapping on that smart device, and social media the heck out of your local station to tell them that you won’t make it through another hour of non-stop hits without hearing ‘Sailing’ Return! Indie 88 in Toronto is already on it, but it’s time for our western station friends to go in on this stellar jam. Here are some examples of how I would (and will) be hollering:


If I don’t hear Sailing by @thestrumbellas on @sonic1029 soon, I’m gonna EXPLODE 교보문고 이북 다운로드!

Hey @X929 many crying puppies request you play Sailing by @thestrumbellas Solaris top download!

Sailing by @thestrumbellas = the tightest jam 헬릭스 점프 다운로드. @ThePeak should play this!

Facebook posts:

Just listened @theStrumbellas song “Sailing” on repeat a gazillion times Download the dodo file. @Sonic1029 when can i hear it pon di radio?

This song is top of my playlist – @TheStrumbellas “Sailing” movie Yin Yang. @X929 – you should play this

Whoa, biggest beard in Canada might be in @theStrumbellas Cheerleading download. @ThePeak you need more beard in your playlist – Play “Sailing”

Stay tuned for an epic arctic (well, Sudbury Mirror free download. That’s pretty arctic, I’d say) expedition music video for this song from The Strumbellas, coming soon.


성주 동영상 다운로드

Speaking of videos…we are supremely hella stoked to be launching Deep Dark Woods video for “Red, Red Rose” directed by Jeremy Regimbal (the same talented dude who directed their deep dark video for “18th of December”, filled with all kinds of bad advice for youngsters) Manual Windows 10 update. Filmed on location in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland during the band’s recent European tour, this video features many beards and a very large set of fries egg is broken 다운로드. This video actually makes touring look pretty fun, maybe I should try it.


There is seemingly no end to the number of accolades and awards that folks love to bestow on our own Amelia Curran, and the East Coast Music Awards do not disappoint windows vista 다운로드. She just racked up another five noms for her beautiful album, “Spectators”:

– Solo Recording of the Year
– Folk Recording of the Year
– Song of the Year – “What Will You Be Building”
– Songwriter of the Year – “Years”
– Video of the Year – “Blackbird on Fire”

The video category is actually a Fan’s Choice situation, meaning that you can be an important part of Amelia’s TOTAL DOMINATION by casting your vote Net 3.0 download. Do it here, every damn day if you want to, from now until March 27:

Oh, and hey, our pal Jenn Grant is in that category too wild cards! You’ll have to alternate your daily votes between them.

Hmmm, y’know, I think I might suggest that Amelia actually names her next album TOTAL DOMINATION gms. It has a nice all-caps kinda ring to it, and it would take the guesswork out of who is gonna win ALL DA REWARDZ next time around. Oh wait, maybe she should call her next album ALL DA REWARDZ… Golf Man.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve already gone on record to say that Chris Hadfield is the coolest astronaut ever (duh) Download the car game. This was reconfirmed for me last Monday, to the quadrahyper-cosmicth degree (that’s a space term I learned from Chris, no big deal), when Chris Hadfield beamed himself in to be the special guest at the first week of Danny Michel’s Dakota Tavern March residency in Toronto! 뉴이스트 여보세요 다운로드! Dude can not only fly spaceships… turns out he’s pretty good with an acoustic guitar and some self-penned tunes! His music flew a spaceship right into my heart 널 사랑하지 않아 mp3 다운로드. Did you ever watch Hadfield’s video about what it looks like when you cry in space? That was my reaction. Except for the space part. Danny Michel’s awesome “School Night Mondays” recognizes that not everyone can party until dawn every single night of the week (I can, of course), but that you might rather take in some good live music as opposed to being a slave to your Netflix queue theme hospital. This is food for your soul (not to be confused with chicken soup) and you’ll still be home in bed by 11!

And for those of you who don’t mind staying up all night, The Beauties are back mac docker! Every Sunday night at the Dakota Tavern for the rest of the month, you can party until the wee hours of the morning.


Six Shooterer Jen Rogers has been toiling some long hours to prepare for the launch of our new company, Born Rebels, the Ultimate Cover Band Agency Latest 2019 May download. From corporate events to bat mitzvahs to festivals, Born Rebels is a full service music company and can do it all! With awesome bands already on board, like Hot Rock, Loving in the Name Of, Sheezer, The Mercenaries, Tommy Youngsteen, The Black Pearls, and Big Sound, this is going to be the most amazing new company ever Sketchup 2016 Korean Edition. EVER. No hyperbole. Like more amazing than Apple, or Google, or the company that makes travel underwear that you can wash in your hotel room sink. For those of you in Toronto, you can join in all the fun as we Party with Reckless Abandon at the Great Hall on March 21 for the official launch, featuring The Black Pearls, The Mercenaries, Tommy Youngsteen and Hot Rock 이모디오 언어팩 다운로드. Tickets available here.

For more info and to stay up to date, check out the spanking new website here: and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 스프링 게시판 다운로드.


Melissa McClelland and her pals would like to invite you to the Ladybird Soiree 2014, on April 23 in Toronto, a fundraiser to raise money for the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, a volunteer-run animal rescue charity they founded sound effects collection. As a massive animal lover myself, I wholeheartedly hope you attend and throw giant buckets of money at them! I actually have a somewhat relevant story for you here Evansed. I just took a little break from writing this newsletter to take my dog for a walk. At the dog park, there was a dude there who was taking his parrot for a walk too, which was pretty sweet 수호지 게임 다운로드. At one point he put the bird (not sure if the bird was a lady, but let’s make that assumption for increased relevance) up on a tree branch, and when he reached up to get her back down, she totally pooped all over his arm 포스터 프린트 다운로드! Ha ha ha!

The Ladybird Soiree will feature intimate performances by Jim Cuddy and Whitehorse, and you can also take part in a killer silent auction which includes items like tickets to Aretha Franklin, guitar lessons by Luke Doucet, and much more EuroTruck2. Info & tix here: