Toronto songwriter Skye Wallace today announced that her highly anticipated new album Terribly Good is set for release on October 28th, featuring her new single “Tooth And Nail,” available on all streaming platforms now.

This new album — a love letter to herself, as per Skye — is her label debut with Six Shooter, complemented by a “Tooth And Nail” video directed by Nicholas Marinelli that powerfully showcases Wallace’s steely determination to succeed.

Shaped by an upbringing of constant motion, with collapse and rebuilding at the core, Wallace is at home with the idea that change, especially in oneself, is a constant. This truism has shaped her new songs, finished during lockdown but dealing with a time when staying in one place was wishful thinking. For Wallace, there’s both comfort and conflict in remembering and reconciling the versions of herself formed at the many stops along the way.

Early credentials, including a Globe and Mail “Best 4 Canadian Albums in the World” nod in 2019, a steady stream of shows with powerhouse rockers like Crown Lands and Matt Mays and a deal with Six Shooter Records, have Wallace ready for what’s next — including a German tour kicking off this week and a Canadian tour in the fall.


Through their seven full-length albums, prolific duo Whitehorse — Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet — have left no emotional, personal, fantastical, or political stone unturned, and their upcoming LP, I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying, is no different. Due out on January 13, 2023, the album finds the pair venturing deeper into classic country music touchstones than ever before; a move that is both a homecoming and an evolution of their sound.

Today, Whitehorse shares a couple of tracks from I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying: “Division 5” and “Leave Me As You Found Me.” The two country-tinged songs are out now on all streaming platforms ahead of the album’s January release. Listen to the new songs now or pre-order the album (digitally or physically).




Founded in 2000, Six Shooter Records is a full-service music universe with label, publishing and management companies built on a mandate of working with artists committed to a lifetime career in music. Our primary goal is artistic excellence. With over 20 years of experience, Six Shooter pushes the boundaries of art and innovation with a critically acclaimed roster that defies classification, a growing team that values integrity, expertise and professional advancement, and a steadfast commitment to artist development and longevity. Six Shooter Records is headquartered in Toronto, read our full land acknowledgement here and our Code of Practise here.


Ours is a fast-paced, friendly environment with an enterprising culture. We seek a full time member of our operations team. Responsibilities will be as follows:



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  • Coordinate physical production of all CDs and Vinyl with artist managers, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Maintain inventory management system for all Six Shooter and distributor stock, coordinate represses as required with Director of Operations, order CD stock from distributors for artist tours and webstore needs and act as main point of contact for all physical unit purchase orders and shipments needed from distributors’ warehouses.
  • Research, suggest, and execute new merchandise ideas for both Six Shooter and roster.
  • Proactively suggest and, once approved, execute campaigns (within Shopify), manage the content and deliver proper reporting to the marketing and finance departments.
  • Direct the Fulfillment Manager (and provide support for when needed) on the execution of mail orders, customer service, and promotions, as well as the organization and maintenance of storage spaces and units.
  • Research and apply for artist awards for label roster.
  • Service singles to radio such as CBC, Sirius XM, College Radio, and PlayMpe (as needed).
  • Assist with retrieving information for upcoming grants such as ship and sales history as well as providing assistance to multiple departments during grant completion.



  • Schedule, attend, and take notes at all marketing meetings, be the central communication hub for the department (internally & externally), and follow up with team members to ensure tasks are completed.
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  • Provide support to the marketing department when needed.



  • Experience in the Canadian music industry for 2+ years
  • Self-starter who brings a diverse perspective, with exceptional attention to detail, solid time management skills and the ability to multi-task and prioritize, while staying ahead of deadlines in a fast-moving environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency with top social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.)
  • Proficiency in MS Office, Google Suite, Dropbox and Slack
  • Experience with online newsletter logistics and distribution



  • Education related to the music business or other related field
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Suite of products, Notion, Monday.com, and Shopify (including Shopify supported apps)
  • Proficiency with various funding bodies
  • Optimistic minded with positive energy and outlook
  • Passionate about music with a solid grasp of the Canadian music scene and willingness to keep up with industry events and news
  • Thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment; a team player, willing to pitch in whenever needed




Position: Operations Manager (Full-Time, permanent)

Reporting to: Director of Operations

Start Date: Available Immediately

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00AM – 6:00PM (EST)

Location: Toronto, ON

Compensation: Salary range from $40,000K-$55,000 to be determined commensurate with experience, and health benefits.

Application Deadline: Sept 9th, 2022


Please click here to apply and please attach a resume and cover letter in one PDF in the Resume upload section.


No phone calls please.


We invite applications from all qualified candidates, especially from people who identify as racialized, Indigenous, differently abled, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Upon request, suitable accommodations are available under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act for applicants invited to an interview.



Don’t worry! You can now listen to Skye Wallace’s gorgeous acoustic live version of “Everything Is Fine” wherever you stream music. Feel good and watch the magic unfold against a starry backdrop in the live video below.



Artistic worlds collide in Tanya Tagaq’s first remix collection, Tongues North Star Remixes, inspired by songs from her recent album Tongues. Remix artists Kronos Quartet, Ash Koosha, Daedelus, The Halluci Nation, Chad Van Gaalen and July Talk are all repeat collaborators from Tagaq’s many stage, studio and video projects, while Backxwash and Dave Parley are both first-time collaborators. Tongues North Star Remixes expands on Tongues, Tagaq’s explicit musical manifesto, to defy gravity and genre alike.


Enter The Horizon Line Giveaway for your chance to win!




When I met Tanya over a decade ago, I could not wait to collaborate. She was working with my husband Jeffrey Zeigler and the Kronos Quartet in Austria. I remember a late night with Howard Zinn; her brilliance captured everyone. Howard and I were smitten.

“In Me” felt like the right time – the perfect collaboration born out of trust and friendship between the three of us (Jeff, me and T) – and this kind of bond cannot be forged. It needs time. And it seems that time is not a luxury that our contemporary world affords. In order to truly collaborate across cultures one needs to ask how they are entering a space and how they are exiting. What they can bring to the table and how to listen, credit, and learn. In light of this, I have been thinking a lot about cultural sovereignty – whose culture is protected? How do we make space for the evolution of contemporary practice while capturing and recalibrating the losses that have been suffered?

I have learned so much about Tanya through her music and activism, and this piece, with its visceral lyrics and the understanding that the land speaks first resonated deeply with me. What does it mean to subsist off the land and then be told that it is not right? Tanya demands one listens and rethink their judgement, and through the urgency of her voice and composition a painting of the land and the rights of its people and their traditions is invoked. In my reimagining, the solo cello “channels” Tanya through rapid alternations of high and low notes, wide glissandos and tremolos, while the string orchestra adds its own evocative sounds, inspired by her multiphonic vocals and the electronic effects on the recording. Protecting cultural value is our task as human beings. It’s a joy to be a small part of Tanya’s story, imagination, and passion.

Written by Paola Prestini



Whitehorse venture deeper into 70’s country classicism in their new release “We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning.” The duo’s reimagining of the Joyce Ann Allsup original invokes iconic Phase 90 guitar frequencies reminiscent of the era’s country legends. “We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning” fans the flames ignited by “Summer Wine” to present a set of smoldering summer covers.


Tanya Tagaq’s “In Me” and “Tongues” from her album Tongues have been reimagined in her first remix collection, Tongues North Star Remixes, out July 22. Paola Prestini’s “In Me,” is a sinuous piece, the result of a long and careful process, and is the two composers’ explicit statement against cultural appropriation in classical and experimental music. Daedelus’ take on “Tongues” is a jittery braindance that channels the original’s fury in a hypnotic, Newton’s Cradle exchange. With avant, classical, electronic and experimental selections, the album expands Tagaq’s fearsome and futuristic musical universe into new dimensions.



A bouquet of psychedelic country pop, Whitehorse’s “Summer Wine” arrives dripping with lush guitar notes and seductive vocals, mixing a moody and mysterious flavour to the Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood original.




BIG RIVER, SK: Jack Pine Music Festival, June 24


CALGARY, AB: Big Four Roadhouse, July 10 w/ Steve Earle, The Mavericks, Matt Mays, Lucette
SQUAMISH, BC: Squamish Constellation Festival, July 22
THOUSAND ISLAND PARK, NY: Thousand Island Park Tabernacle, July 30


CHERRY VALLEY, ON: The Hayloft, Aug 5
KITCHENER, ON: Kitchener Bluesfest, Aug 4
GEORGETOWN, PEI: Cloggeroo The Island Folk Festival, Aug 13

Tickets and details here.




EDMONTON, AB: The Starlite Room, June 1
VANCOUVER, BC: Hollywood Theatre, June 3
VICTORIA, BC: Capital Ballroom, June 4
CREEKSIDE, BC: Creekside Theatre, June 8
OLIVER, BC: Venables Theatre, June 9
NELSON, BC: Spiritbar, June 10
GOLDEN, BC: The Rockwater, June 11
LETHBRIDGE, AB: Owl Acoustic Lounge, June 12
KINGSTON, ON: The Grad Club, June 18
HARROW, ON: Harrow Legion, June 24
HARROW, ON: Harrow Legion, June 25


PAISLEY, ON: FreeWaves Concert Series – Paisley Blues Festival, July 2


KINGSVILLE, ON: The Greenway Jam, Aug 13

Tickets and details here.



Have you ever said everything is fine and actually meant it?

While giving context to her new song, Skye Wallace paralleled many people’s pandemic existence, especially my own: “We often say everything is fine when it’s not. On the other hand, we can tell ourselves ‘everything is fine’ just to keep going.”

Like many, on what felt like March 385th 2020, I decided to get organized during lockdown. After sorting my closet, kitchen and an old file shred-a-thon, it was time to tackle organizing the thousands of photos on my laptop. It was then, while going back to the earliest iPhone photo backups, that I had to come to terms with all the pictures I forgot to delete of… stove tops. My old stove in Vancouver, with the ridiculous word poetry magnets, my friend’s tiny gas stove in Barcelona from when I visited in 2018, the sleek stove of an AirBNB in Silverlake with the kettle taken off the burner, and the same kitchen stove I’ve used in my current apartment over and over again. I was always safeguarding, for reasons I can’t explain, to confirm that the appliances were off. It started out as looking at the knobs or touching the cold burners. Over time that wasn’t enough to confirm what consumed me – that if I’d accidentally left a stove on I could start a fire and hurt someone.

I can’t pinpoint when the obsessions began, nor why I need to confirm a stove won’t magically turn itself on. Even if I haven’t used it for days, every time I leave the house I check. And check. On the good days, weeks or months, just once. The others – it can be a whole song and dance routine of touching burners, counting touchpoints, and, since getting an iPhone, on the very bad days when I am crippled by a turned off stove, I take a photo. Whenever I have a moment of panic, I can check the photo and know that everything is fine. Another checking compulsion, sure, but one that works really well.

God forbid I ever have a fireplace.

Around the same time during the pandemic, and with far fewer photos of stovetops, Skye Wallace was having different conversations with herself about mental health and life as a musician caught in the gray area of a locked down existence. According to Wallace, she wrote “Everything is Fine” with friend Alex Marusyk as a mutual coming together, not just to bare her soul during a time of anxiety and depression, but to try to assess what was going on and attempt to get things under control. To try to find that control without knowing how, and without losing touch with herself in the process. “It cracked me open in a way that I needed, I wanted to connect with people; everyone collectively had been through so much” said Wallace in conversation, “Knowing the honesty in rawness and vulnerability can strike a chord, the goal was also to find comfort in the process, to be softer to yourself and find happiness, joy, or even simply find a way to get out of the cyclical spirals in your head.”

While some may wear a metaphorical mask when doing this work, for the video, Skye decided to don a real one, adding levity to gloom by becoming a sad swamp thing looking for small wins. Keeping vulnerability as the undercurrent was important: “I wanted people to see it and laugh and not be more bogged down…while making sure to acknowledge the pieces of the process people go through. To [connect] with this creature and character, the way they go about life. It’s the melancholy and the lightness after the storm. To go about a day with depression and do everything within your toolkit and in your power to try to be okay.”

For the last 14 months I’ve added to my toolkit. It now includes a therapist specializing in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, working through Exposure and Response Prevention, and slowly learning to sit with uncertainty (stove and all) during a very uncertain time. For many years I hid behind the colloquial use of OCD as an adjective, as it’s unfortunately become common to describe everything from tidiness to having specific quirks or preferences as ‘OCD.’ Though those could be compulsions, compared to casually tossing around a disorder, my reality of living with one is far from just being particular or having an organized calendar. It can be overwhelming, exhausting and at times crippling. But like common responses to “‘How are you?”’ If we told people what we were really feeling, would they want to know? Or do we tell ourselves and others ‘everything is fine,’ put on a metaphorical mask, and keep going? I’m trying to take the mask off now. Maybe it’s not about being fine, it’s about trying to get better.

“Storytelling is everything,” says Wallace, “Our stories are at the core of connecting. Wanting to listen and wanting to be heard, it’s incredible.”

Listen to “Everything Is Fine” along with songs by Begonia, Otis Redding, and Jungle in our playlist, curated by Lana Gay.





Photo Credit: Andrew Lewis/JMP 


Six Shooter Inc. (management company) welcomes N’famady Kouyaté to the artist roster, managed by Chris Wynters. Originally from Guinea, now based in Wales, N’famady’s dazzling balafon playing is the foundation of his exuberant and skilful mix of West African Mandingue with jazz, pop and beyond.  

N’famady recently announced a substantial UK headline tour in Oct-Nov 2022, which adds to a busy spring and summer festival season. The past year, N’famady has been on a whirlwind breakout trajectory, with buzz, opportunity and excitement for the future. 

“I first saw N’famady perform in an online showcase put on by some friends of mine at Focus Wales, a Covid era discovery,” says Wynters. “I was instantly blown away by his skill as a player and his charm as a performer. We met first over Zoom and have now met in person. It was wonderful to finally see him perform live in Glasgow last month, in front of a sold-out crowd at Theatre Royal, part of the excellent programming at Celtic Connections.”

N’famady released his debut EP, Aros I Fi Yna, in June 2021. Recorded in legendary Rockfield Studios, with guest appearances from Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Lisa Jên Brown (9Bach), and Kliph Scurlock (The Flaming Lips), the debut EP features Kouyaté’s compelling and original mix of traditional Guinean songs with new Welsh lyrics.

N’famady has a new album currently in production, being recorded in Wales and Guinea. Look for N’famady to make his North American debut in 2022.



LONDON, UK: Rich Mix, Mar 26

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, UK: Love’s Cafe, Apr 22

SWANSEA, UK: Ty Tawe, May 6

GWYNEDD, UK: Eisteddfod yr Urdd, June 4

PENARTH, UK: St. Augustine’s Parish Hall, June 17

GWYNEDD, UK: Royal Ship Hotel, July 16

GWEHELOG, UK: Big Love Festival, July 17

BARNSLEY, UK: Underneath the Stars, July 29

HOLT, UK: Holt Festival, July 30

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Cambridge Folk Festival, July 31

SIDMOUTH, UK: Sidmouth Folk Festival, Aug 3

DORSET, UK: Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, Aug 19

FAVERSHAM, UK: A New Day Festival, Aug 21

BELFAST, UK: Belfast Mela, Aug 28



WREXHAM, UK: Ty Pawb, Oct 29

GLASGOW, UK: Hug & Pint, Nov 1

NEWCASTLE, UK: The Cluny, Nov 5

SHIPLEY, UK: The Live Room, Nov 6

LONDON, UK: Paper Dress Vintage, Nov 8

GUILDFORD, UK: The Star Inn, Nov 11

BRIGHTON, UK: The Rose Hill, Nov 12

LIVERPOOL, UK: Liverpool Philharmonic, Nov 15

BURY, UK: Bury Met, Nov 16

BRISTOL, UK: The Jam Jar, Nov 17

BRADFORD ON AVON, UK: Wiltshire Music Centre, Nov 18

CARDIFF, UK: Acapela Studio, Nov 20

BANGOR, UK: Pontio, Nov 25



N’famady Kouyaté is an energetic young master musician from Conakry, Guinea, who relocated to Cardiff, Wales in 2019. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Kouyaté wowed audiences across the UK and Ireland during autumn/winter 2019/20 with his modern interpretations of traditional West African Mandingue songs and rhythms supporting Gruff Rhys on the Pang! album tour. N’famady’s primary instrument is the balafon, the traditional wooden xylophone, sacred to West African culture and his family heritage of the griot/djeli. In Guinea he founded ‘Les Héritiers du Mandingue’ a tradi-modern group that toured extensively in West Africa.

In the UK, N’famady has played both as a solo artist and with a full band line up, where his arrangements are a fusion of Mandingue African with jazz, pop, indie, and funk influences provided by an ever-evolving collective of musicians. Instrumentation includes balafon, keyboards, drumkit, djembe, guitar, bass, kora, doundoun, congas, saxophone, trumpet, & callabash. N’famady’s performances create amazing atmospheres and vibrations wherever he goes, and audiences are charmed by his infectious enthusiasm and joy.



Skye Wallace’s latest single, “Everything Is Fine,” emerges from the deep to remind us that saying it doesn’t always make it so (but it sure can help). This repetition of a new mantra, which also serves as hook and outro, offers much needed reassurance. “Everything Is Fine” is accompanied with a beautiful video that follows the day in the life of a creature trying to get by in Toronto. 

Join ‘Swamp’ Wallace as she tenaciously battles her way through a regular day, facing challenges and finding joy in small wins. Watch the new video below.