New Whitehorse!


The classic tale of musical romance continues for Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, the husband and wife duo behind Whitehorse 픽토그램 ai 다운로드. One year after their debut, Whitehorse returns in ambitious fashion with The Fate of the World Depends on this Kiss and a date at Massey Hall in 2013 Download ai suite 3.

The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss is everything the talented pair’s first full length promised. As a whole, the album reveals the range of creative possibility that only expands as Whitehorse develops and focuses their sound Vegas Pro. Song by song, the record takes surprising turns; while each track confidently bears Whitehorse’s signature blistering guitar work and love-knotted vocals, their willingness to take risks and ability to pull them off makes for captivating listening 플러스토큰 다운로드.

Whitehorse’s live show is built on mesmerizing guitar work and smoldering vocal chemistry, but also brings much more to the stage with complex layers of percussion, keyboard and telephone receiver amplification, tangled like an embrace with the help of looping pedals pbvm90.dll 다운로드. Their sold out Winter Garden Theatre show in February, 2012 signaled their unquestionable arrival as a band.

With savage talent and tender hearts, Whitehorse expertly plays both lion and lamb on The Fate of This World Depends on This Kiss Download the Dark Web. Six Shooter Records is proud to release this fine album on August 28, 2012.


08.24.12: Peterborough, ON: Peterborough Folk Fest – Market Hall
08.25.12: Burnstown, ON: Neat Coffee Shop
08.28.12: Toronto, ON: The Dakota Tavern 7pm
09.08.12: Ottawa, ON: Ottawa Folk Festival
09.09.12: Ottawa, ON: Ottawa Folk Festival
09.12.12: Nashville, TN: AMAs – The High Watt
09.15.12: Vancouver, BC: Voices In The Park
09.21.12: Haliburton, ON: Northern Lights Pavilion
10.02.12: Prince Albert, SK: EA Rawlinson Centre for the Arts
10.04.12: St Albert, AB: Arden Theatre
10.06.12: Roseland, VA: Festy
11.10.12: Cobalt, ON: Classic Theatre

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