Melissa McClelland and her pals would like to invite you to the Ladybird Soiree 2014, on April 23 in Toronto, a fundraiser to raise money for the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, a volunteer-run animal rescue charity they founded sound effects collection. As a massive animal lover myself, I wholeheartedly hope you attend and throw giant buckets of money at them! I actually have a somewhat relevant story for you here Evansed. I just took a little break from writing this newsletter to take my dog for a walk. At the dog park, there was a dude there who was taking his parrot for a walk too, which was pretty sweet 수호지 게임 다운로드. At one point he put the bird (not sure if the bird was a lady, but let’s make that assumption for increased relevance) up on a tree branch, and when he reached up to get her back down, she totally pooped all over his arm 포스터 프린트 다운로드! Ha ha ha!

The Ladybird Soiree will feature intimate performances by Jim Cuddy and Whitehorse, and you can also take part in a killer silent auction which includes items like tickets to Aretha Franklin, guitar lessons by Luke Doucet, and much more EuroTruck2. Info & tix here:

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