On Remember Never Before, July Talk Asks: Who Are You Now?


New Album Out Today with Lyric Video for “When You Stop”.


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“‘When You Stop’ captures everything about the band that we love.” – NPR World Cafe


“Masterfully inventive.” – KUTX


“July Talk doesn’t just stake a claim to the beginning of 2023 to kick off the year on the right foot, they may have set the standard of expectation for it.” – Nanobot


July Talk marks the release of Remember Never Before with a lyric video for “When You Stop,” hand-drawn and animated by band co-leads Leah and Peter. “When You Stop,” a swirling cyclone of a song, is about courage. A chase scene, a jump cut, a monster in the room: “When You Stop” plunges straight into the pit of your stomach. 


With “When You Stop” and the album as a whole, July Talk asks some tough questions: What did you miss? What did you face? Who are you now? Remember Never Before is an album about not taking for granted the opportunity to bring people together and be with your community. It’s an album of matter over mind. Instincts. Guts. Radical acceptance of who we are; giant hopefulness for who we can be. 


Remember Never Before thrashes against the conditions (conditioning) and goes harder and heavier than ever before, with relentless riffs and driving percussion whipping up a frenzy around Peter and Leah’s ecstatic, elastic voices. This is what happens when you say what you feel. This is also what happens when you add a second drummer. 


Cathartic in its observance of change, Remember Never Before is July Talk, now. 


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