Interstellar Rodeo is pleased to announce the second wave of its inaugural Winnipeg lineup, the Interstellar Interludes Micro Office free download. In keeping with Interstellar Rodeo’s focus on providing a distinct festival experience, the Interlude slots are noteworthy because they shine the spotlight on local and upcoming talent, positioning exciting new names and bonafide homegrown stars alongside marquee international performers google apps for android 4.3 다운로드.

UPCOMING #iRODEOWPG NEWS: Single day tickets will be available as of Thursday, April 30 @ 8am CT via

Interstellar Rodeo Winnipeg’s 2015 Interludes:

– Greg MacPherson (MB)
– Ridley Bent (MB)
– Scott Nolan (MB)
– Son of Dave (MB/UK)
– Kacy & Clayton (SK)
– Wendy McNeill (AB/SW)
– Colter Wall (SK)
– JD & The Sunshine Band (MB)


Greg MacPherson (MB)

Local songwriting powerhouse Greg MacPherson has spent the better part of the past two decades with his head down, charging hevc codec. Neither worn thin nor rendered a cynic, MacPherson has developed a voice, singular, significant, and strong, sharpened over six full-length albums. MacPherson’s most recent album, Fireball, was included on the Polaris Music Prize Long List Three Kingdoms 10pk Uninstalled Download.

Ridley Bent (MB)

Channeling the high-energy performance ethic of artists like Tom Petty and Little Feat, Ridley and his band can tear a deep strip off any joint with his most recent release Wildcard, which showcases the Winnipeg-based country artist’s keen fascination for characters whose life on the straight and narrow rarely lasts past the nearest exit to a short, crooked road iphone sdk 다운로드.

Scott Nolan (MB)

Winnipeg-based, WCMA nominated songwriter Scott Nolan has earned plenty of respect for his earnest, if slightly weatherworn music 원더보이 다운로드. His are the songs sung for people with a past, sturdily backlit with unswerving musicianship and a disposition rooted in the best of rock n’ roll, roots and Americana Kim Sung-mo Bread Download. His most recent album is called North/South.

Son of Dave (MB/UK)

A Winnipegger by birth and a musician by trade, Son of Dave is known for his unique blend of styles, which include everything from blues to beat-box to R&B, largely featuring his trusty harmonica theatrical script. Before striking out on a successful solo path, Son of Dave was a member of the Grammy-nominated hometown heroes The Crash Test Dummies.

Kacy & Clayton (SK)

Saskatchewan duo Kacy & Clayton interpret and compose their own distinctive sound inspired by forms of traditional music from Southern Appalachia and the British Isles Zero eternity. Educated by Grandfather and Great-Uncle respectively, Kacy & Clayton possess an admiration and respect for days past. Kacy’s vocals, virtuous and pure, weave seamlessly with Clayton’s accomplished finger-style guitar accompaniment Download Dial dos.

Wendy McNeill (AB/SW)

Originally from Alberta and now based in Europe, Wendy McNeill’s music retains a love of wide-open space and big prairie skies. Her dark, idiosyncratic approach to folk music is largely shaped around the accordion, looped vocals and guitar. A compelling blend of the bold and the vulnerable with hints of cabaret and spoken word, Wendy makes music for dark hearted dreamers.

Colter Wall (SK)

Rugged and dark, the talented Saskatchewan-bred newcomer Colter Wall is poised to release his debut album, the evocatively and aptly titled “Imaginary Appalachia” in June 2015. Wall finds his inspiration in the rich tradition of Delta Blues and performs in true DIY, lo-fi fashion, with a tambourine duct-taped to his kick drum.

JD & the Sunshine Band (MB)

JD & the Sunshine Band is a creative collaboration between musicians and street involved people seeking to create the chorus for the streets of Winnipeg. Stories, slang and humour of the people were given a back-beat and a melody, and put back on the street with renewed swagger on a debut album, released in early 2015. The result is unmistakably Winnipeg, like slurpees in January.

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