Gen Z-meets-JJ Cale in Boy Golden, new artist from Winnipeg, MB

Debut album Church of Better Daze arrives July 16, 2021

Photo credit: BNB Studios

Comfort food for the ears, Boy Golden has an easy recipe for happiness in “KD And Lunch Meat,” a guide to living well in small ways. A song born of Boy Golden’s irresistible optimism and budgetary constraints, “KD And Lunch Meat” is a single serving of joy, a mac n’ cheese motto for making the most of each and every day. However you slice it, with a well-sauced chorus and breezy noodling, Boy Golden’s “KD And Lunch Meat” is a strong contender for Stoner Song of the Summer — were there such a title.

“When I wrote this song, I was feeling good for the first time in a long time,” says Boy Golden. “As the chorus says – you’ve gotta do something for you, put your own happiness first, and the rest should follow.”

“I didn’t know it at the time, but I wrote this song to serve as a reminder. What do I really want? All I need is a few hundred bucks, some KD and freedom – everything else is gravy.”

Boy Golden, recently featured as “A Canadian Cannabis Hero” by Exclaim, is a brand new artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Boy Golden’s debut album, Church of Better Daze, is out July 16, 2021 via Six Shooter Records.


  1. KD and Lunch Meat
  2. Something to Work Towards
  3. Baby Blue
  4. Church of Better Daze
  5. Eggs Benediction
  6. A Little Space
  7. I Wanna Know
  8. Smoke On The Breeze
  9. Any Way It Works
  10. The Year That Clayton Delaney Died
  11. To Be You, Tonight



Boy Golden has a purpose: enjoy each day and make good music. Founder and minister of The Church of Better Daze, he wants to help people seeking to improve on yesterday’s themes. His songs, like hymns, are hopeful, fresh and upbeat. Like its namesake packaged mac n’ cheese, “KD & Lunch Meat,” is fluorescent, fun and easily ingested.

Church of Better Daze is the inspirational, musical manifesto. The harmonies are the collective idea of working together, the mellow melodies keep our hopes alive and the lyrics are golden rules to live by: Follow your heart / Make good art / Call your momma / Work real hard.

Turning dead heads into lively brains, Boy Golden wants to unite us all in a hazy dream under one roof. “We’re all the same at the Church of Better Daze,” he sings.

Find unity in the congregation of these 11 tracks, which redefine the precedent for collaboration, common goals and cannabis. If you’re open to learn, and can speak your truth, you can blaze and still get paid in Boy Golden’s Church of Better Daze.