Boy Golden has officially opened the doors to the Church of Better Daze with his debut album, released today. Packed full of lessons on living truly, Boy Golden preaches the good word on how to appreciate what we have while still making time to work towards a better life. With a powerful and positive point of view, Boy Golden teaches that when you dream big and work hard, every moment adds up to something meaningful.

And if that wasn’t enough, on August 6 there will be real life in-person doors you can walk through to experience the good vibes that uphold the spirit of Boy Golden’s Church of Better Daze in The Better Daze Gallery. Curated by the Founder and Minister himself, this Winnipeg art exhibit will feature artists that live both locally and further away, with artwork united by a shared theme. Let The Better Daze Gallery be an inspiration to enriching your life with the things that make you feel good. Stay tuned for details on virtual gallery tours and more. All are welcome.