Ghostcore Folklore: The Deep Dark Woods release Changing Faces today. 

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The Deep Dark Woods’ latest album, Changing Faces, is fraught with tales from spirits both recent and centuries old. With its melancholy melodies and ethereal lilts, its haunting timbres echoes long after the last note sounds off. Boldt’s sombre yearning and grave tones are a match made in heaven (or hell) with the bleak nature of the album’s narrative themes. Changing Faces paints a sonic landscape steeped with mournful lyrics and lovelorn laments that float somewhere between this world and the next.

“This is indeed a backwoods version of The Deep Dark Woods, with songs such as “How Could I Ever Be Single Again?,” “Yarrow” and “My Love For You Is Gone” sounding like nothing less than old Appalachian folk ballads mined from the essence of sadness and despair.” – American Songwriter