Elliott BROOD share new song “Bird Dog” from their forthcoming album “Keeper.”

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Directed and edited by Stephen Dutcheshen

Elliott BROOD approach the release of Keeper, an album about loyalty and resilience, with a new song out today seagull sounds. As the second song shared from Keeper, “Bird Dog” is a metaphor for companionship. When the lines between those who chase and those who run get blurry, the song reminds us that in partnerships, we are seldom only one or the other Game of Progress Giant.

“Bird Dog” is one of two songs on Keeper mixed by Tool/Johnny Cash producer Sylvia Massy, where metallic glints of steel strings backdrop a gallop across the Great Smoky Mountains Stone Age Hack Download. “Working with Sylvia was the kind of an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. Her track record speaks for itself and her name is on the credits for a ton of albums we listen to,” says the band. “She understood the essence of the song from the first note and then took that version and ran it through a wash of countrified psychedelic haze 서이추 프로그램 다운로드. Sometimes you need a new set of ears on a mix and it don’t hurt to get two of the best ears in the business on the job.”