Interstellar Rodeo makes plenty of space for local and Alberta talent with this year’s Interludes lineup, a collection of super-talented songwriters and exciting performers that run the gamut of experience from seasoned vet to fresh-faced newcomer Splice download. Interstellar Rodeo is proud to shine the light on such a strong and diverse lineup culled exclusively from Canada’s Western provinces, and to position homegrown artists alongside the international stars on the bill ebs 다큐프라임 다운로드. More than half of this year’s Interlude artists hail from Alberta, making 2015 the strongest hometown showing yet on the Interstellar stage.

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Interstellar Rodeo Edmonton’s 2015 Interludes:

Mike McDonald (Edmonton)

Colleen Brown (Edmonton)

Joe Nolan (Edmonton)

Ryan Boldt (Saskatchewan)

Lucette (Edmonton)

Jay Nowicki (Winnipeg)

JJ Shiplett (Calgary)

Clinton St Download 4 Stäublig. John (Calgary)

Colter Wall (Saskatchewan)




Clinton St 이스 이터널 다운로드. John (AB)

Multi-instrumentalist Clinton St. John, is a Calgary-based singer-songwriter originally from Delburne, AB. His songs have strong narrative and dream-like qualities, finding influences in folk, blues, country, rock and psychedelic music 스캐너 어플 다운로드. He released his latest full-length album, The Minor Arkhana, in September 2014.

Colleen Brown (AB)

“The talents of this Edmonton-based musician shine like a beacon,” writes The Globe and Mail Let's mp3. With a focus on themes of love, fate and psychic retooling, the small-town prairie fireball and hometown darling Colleen Brown just released a new album, called Direction, and with it, takes her work down new and exciting paths 베르세르크 다운로드.

Lucette (AB)

It is obvious to all those who listen that Lucette’s raw, mellifluous and mysterious sound is as much old soul as it is ingénue 영화 킹덤 다운로드. Lucette most recently toured the US in the fall 2014 with classic country sensation Sturgill Simpson. Her debut album, Black Is The Color, is out now bts 아이돌 다운로드.

Mike McDonald (AB)

Jr. Gone Wild’s legendary frontman, “cowpunk” pioneer and proud Dirt City music scenester, Mike McDonald is the real deal. In 2014, McDonald released his debut live solo album, Live At The Blue Chair Café. Unadorned by the electric chaos of a band and massive volume, Mike’s solo show is edgy folk, peppered with story and commentary, often hilarious.

JJ Shiplett (AB)

A songwriter in every situation and a dedicated player, JJ Shiplett’s passion for quality and sincerity is only matched by his goal to get everyone dancing. JJ’s approach to songcraft showcases heartfelt moments full of life experience, right alongside bursts of boisterous feel-good rock and roll.

 Joe Nolan (AB)

From theramin tremors to raw howls, Joe Nolan’s range of expression reaches extremes. He delivers bandaged fragility and raw rage with equal impact. His most recent album, the WCMA-nominated Tornado, showcases Joe’s lyrical style – intense, evocative and gripping.

Jay Nowicki (MB)

The Perpetrators front man, founding member and proud Winnipegger Jay Nowicki is rated one of Canada’s tastiest guitar players. Nowicki and The Perpetrators have cornered the market on tight, raw and intense blues, winning WCMA awards and Juno nominations along the way. The Perps’ most recent album, released in 2013, is called “Stick ‘Em Up.”

Colter Wall (SK)

Rugged and dark, the talented Saskatchewan-bred newcomer Colter Wall is poised to release his debut album, the evocatively and aptly titled “Imaginary Appalachia” in June 2015. Wall finds his inspiration in the rich tradition of Delta Blues and performs in true DIY, lo-fi fashion, with a tambourine duct-taped to his kick drum. 

Ryan Boldt (SK)

With “a presence far larger than his towering, scarecrow-like frame suggests,” (Vice) The Deep Dark Woods’ front man Ryan Boldt strikes out into a new wilderness alone. Boldt’s first solo album, Broadside Ballads, wraps traditional songs in Boldt’s signature haunting, folk-rock approach.

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