Who’s that writin’: Whitehorse share their take on “John The Revelator,” an ominous reckoning with a modern apocalypse in mind. Listen here.

Hot off holiday album coverage from Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, CBC’s q, The Edge and more, Toronto duo keeps rolling with The Northern South Vol. 2, out next week (1/18/19).

“These are six songs from the past, but Whitehorse revive them through their alternative instrumental contributions and their inventive vocals.” – PopMatters


Whitehorse delve into end of days overtones with a fuzzed out, swampy take on the nearly century-old seven seals song “John The Revelator,” the third track the duo has shared in advance of The Northern South Vol. 2’s upcoming release on Jan 18, 2019.

In keeping with the larger mission of The Northern South project, where Whitehorse transpose 50s and 60s blues cuts into a contemporary framework, the duo’s treatment of “John The Revelator” sees the biblical signs of the apocalypse modified to comment on present realities: political, environmental and beyond. “We wanted to tell a more current, relevant tale,” says Melissa McClelland, one half of the duo. “We pieced together the lyrics from several different versions to form something new, to touch on the end of days issues that feel pressing to us: global warming, Trump presidency, consumerism and religion itself, among other things.” Luke Doucet adds, “There’s a long history of rewriting this classic; many renditions include reworked lyrics since Blind Willie Johnson recorded it. So we’re not taking special liberties here but rather continuing the tradition of reinterpreting the story for the current era, as has repeatedly been the fashion.”

From the depression and disaster of the song’s 1930s origins to the present-day calamities that weigh on Whitehorse’s minds, “John The Revelator” remains an ominous and churning narrative, an unsettling minor key disaster fantasy. “John The Revelator” is much darker in tone than the previous tracks released thus far, the willingly provocative “Baby, Scratch My Back” and the back-and-forth self-blame game of “Who’s Been Talkin’.” Whitehorse’s harmonies and their canny interplay of lead vocals play exceptionally well as a reframing device throughout The Northern South’s two volumes (the first released in 2016) to underline the saucy, shady and slinky nuances of early blues.  


The Northern South Vol. 2 will be released on January 18, 2019.





New position, based out of Six Shooter’s Toronto headquarters, will focus on expansion and market development for label and management companies.


Six Shooter Records is supremely thrilled to announce that music industry trailblazer and all-around impressive entertainment business veteran Allison Outhit has joined the independent label as VP International Business Development, a new position created to command and catalyze international profile, reach and activity.

Talented, driven and substantively experienced, Outhit brings her relentless pursuit of artist development and steadfast commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion to the label. With decades of executive-level experience across public and private entertainment entities alongside her years of working directly with artists to build sustainable, impactful careers, Outhit is an ideal and exciting addition to Six Shooter. With new signings to be announced, 2019 promises to be a compelling and crucial time of roster growth, extensive planning and expansive thinking.

“Six Shooter is poised for significant expansion in the next couple of years (we’ve got BIG PLANS),” says Six Shooter President Shauna de Cartier. “We are beyond excited to welcome a superstar like Allison to our company. She brings with her incredible insight, energy, BIG BRAINS, and a rock solid resume of experience and expertise, which will translate into even more international success for our artists.”

“Six Shooter’s commitment to long-term careers and their ever-burning fire to build, grow and expand internationally is a perfect fit for me,” says Outhit. “As a company and a team, Six Shooter is all about tenacity, loyalty, and generosity. I am so impressed by their artist-forward philosophy and their efforts to effect change in the industry. I want to help this become a diverse global brand.”

Outhit’s first international activity will be participating Canadian Heritage’s upcoming Trade Mission to Latin America, with stops in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.



Born in Halifax, Outhit began her career as a production assistant with UK concert giant Harvey Goldsmith. Over the next 10 years, Allison rounded all the corners at the intersection of Art and Commerce, with stints in community radio, journalism, music and video production, and arts administration in London, Montreal, Halifax and Toronto, while also completing a law degree.

After touring as lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter with several bands, releasing multiple albums and inking a co-publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music, Allison went to work in film and television production, amassing over 70 hours of production credits and one Gemini nomination. In 2006, she left film production to join Toronto-based indie label/manager/distributor Outside Music as Head of Business Affairs.

In February 2011, Outhit joined the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR) as its Vice President of Operations. At FACTOR, Allison was a key imagineer of program and operational changes that redesigned and reinvigorated Canada’s largest and most impactful music funding organization.

Allison is a lifelong fighter for social justice. She is proud to have been mentored in community legal advocacy by the late African-Nova Scotian activist Rocky Jones, and recently completed the Centennial Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion.

The proud recipient of the Halifax Pop Explosion’s 2014 Scene Builder Award, Outhit’s life in the musical trenches, along with her depth of entertainment business experience and legal knowledge, give her a skill set uniquely primed to help artists keep on keeping on.



We are thrilled to offer a special vinyl edition of Tanya Tagaq’s bestselling, Giller Prize long-listed debut novel, “Split Tooth.” Our limited edition LP features poems excerpted from the audiobook, read by Tagaq.

You’ll want to see the very saucy, highly NSFW cover art by Love & Rockets’ artist Jaime Hernandez, who illustrated the book. Click the here below to reveal… if you dare.



Toxic lakes, wellness clinics and mud-caked bodies: the cardinal direction of Ensign Broderick’s BloodCrush is a saline fever dream, calibrated to the cultish wraith waste vibes of California’s Imperial Valley. Inspired by pilgrimage, anti-war protests, Decca-era Stones and Smetana, BloodCrush is the first new collection from an artist who announced himself earlier in 2018 with four archival albums of wildly ambitious, hyper-referential art pop, a fraction of his forty years’ of recordings.

Buy or stream BloodCrush here.



Well, it’s only been a few hours since the Great Pumpkin vanished, but you know what that means — the Christmas onslaught is on, and that goes for holiday albums, too. Fortunately, bringing the best of season’s greetings is Whitehorse, the Toronto-based husband-and-wife duo of Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, and you’ll want their music in your home for the holidays.

A Whitehorse Winter Classic, a nine-song collection that included seven stunning originals written by Doucet and McClelland, along with faithful, delightful renditions of “Blue Christmas” and the Pretenders’ “2000 Miles”, will be released on Friday, 2 November via Six Shooter Records. But the Whitehorse power couple are presenting a sneak preview today at PopMatters by premiering the entire album.


Download & Stream “Baby, Scratch My Back” by Whitehorse here.

Make sure you don’t miss Whitehorse when they’re in your town. Subscribe to their tour dates here.



Toxic lakes, wellness clinics and mud-caked bodies: the cardinal direction of Ensign Broderick’s BloodCrush is a saline fever dream, calibrated to the cultish wraith waste vibes of California’s Imperial Valley. Inspired by pilgrimage, anti-war protests, Decca-era Stones and Smetana, BloodCrush is the first new collection from an artist who announced himself earlier in 2018 with four archival albums of wildly ambitious, hyper-referential art pop, a fraction of his forty years’ of recordings.


Pre-order BloodCrush on 180 gram vinyl or CD here. You can also pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music by following this link.


Itches, urges, dirges and scourges: welcome back to The Northern South. Whitehorse makes their return to the early days of electric blues with the second installment of a project that melds original grooves and melodies with the duo’s steamy, swampy, squalling approach. There’s foreplay, foreboding, fever and Fenders, plenty of them, from top to bottom, with cuts from Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and Slim Harpo and more.

Watch Whitehorse’s latest video for their single “Who’s Been Talkin'” via Gretsch Guitars Facebook page below.

Whitehorse is also giving you the chance to win a Gretsch Billy Bo guitar this fall. Click here to enter.


Tanya Tagaq’s stunning new book, Split Tooth, hits the shelves on Tuesday, September 25, but it’s already been added to his year’s Giller Prize long list. The long list was selected by a five-member jury made up of Canadian writer and journalist Kamal Al-Solaylee(Jury Chair); playwright Maxine Bailey, who is vice-president of advancement for the Toronto International Film Festival; American writer John Freeman; English novelist Philip Hensher and Canadian author Heather O’Neill.

“We were looking for books that were written in elevated, idiosyncratic, original prose that exhibited an exquisite command of the art of language, and unparalleled mastery of structure and storytelling,” the jury said in a statement. “We argued viciously over books, expounding on their merits. But when the battle was over, what remained left us in awe.”

Read the full list of nominees via the Toronto Star here.

The Six Shooter Records’ Webstore is offering a limited edition Split Tooth package that includes Split Tooth and seal skin bookmark made by Snowfly. Buy it here.



The Wet Secrets banded together with director Jay Lawrence to create this retro shape-shifting music video for the band’s single “Give It To Me Straight.” Head over to Exclaim.ca to catch the full story and video.

The Wet Secrets will be in Hamburg, Germany next week to perform at the annual Reeperbahn festival. Tickets & info here.

Click here to buy, stream or download “The Tyranny of Objects” by The Wet Secrets.




Itches, urges, dirges and scourges: welcome back to The Northern South. Whitehorse makes their return to the early days of electric blues with the second instalment of a project that melds original grooves and melodies with the duo’s steamy, swampy, squalling approach. There’s foreplay, foreboding, fever and Fenders — plenty of them — with cuts from Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Slim Harpo and more.

“Blues gave rock ‘n’ roll its nerve. It breaks, bends and distorts rules,” offers Melissa McClelland, one half of the duo. “This sense of abandon, emotional and musical urgency trickled into all forms of modern day music. There would be no Cardi B without Lucille Bogan. There would be no Tom Waits without Howlin’ Wolf and there would be no Stones without any of it.”

On opener “Who’s Been Talkin’” (1957), Luke Doucet serves up a hearty White Falcon slice of love and respect for Howlin’ Wolf and his right-hand man, guitar hero Hubert Sumlin, while melodica and Wurlitzer wind around the deft dance of the lyrics. “The nuance of simultaneously accepting responsibility and accusing a lover of doing him wrong was very subtle,” says Doucet. “It’s a rabbit hole of contrition.”

From there, Whitehorse gets loose and languid with a Jimmy Reed via J.J. Cale take on “Baby What You Want Me To Do” (1959). With a few Gretsch squelches for good measure, Whitehorse’s tribute to Reed’s laid-back minimalism and melody mastery moves along no faster than a Sunday morning.

An exercise in subtlety it is not: Whitehorse’s version of Slim Harpo’s “Baby, Scratch My Back” (1965) is a lap dance, an unapologetically erotic, red-hot take. With McClelland on lead vocals upending the original dynamic, Whitehorse’s version is one of female desire and pleasure. Less girls gone wild, more sexual intellectual.

Next up is “I Just Wanna Make Love To You” (1954), a Willie Dixon original given a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-inspired treatment—McClelland’s idea. It would be impossible to top Etta James’ steaming vocal, so I suggested we turn ourselves into a garage rock band, a little scrappier, punchier and live off the floor.”

From a turbulent, direful crackling rapture to a haunting, minor key requiem, The Northern South Vol. 2 goes further back in time with two traditional gospel blues selections, “John The Revelator” and “St. James Infirmary.” The latter features one of the EP’s highlights: a righteous noisescape outro from McClelland, played on Doucet’s Les Paul. “John the Revelator was an interesting song to delve into,” says McClelland. “We liked the intensity of the end of times bible story but we wanted it to tell a more current, relevant tale. With some new words, we touch on the end of days issues that feel pressing to us: global warming, the Trump presidency, consumerism, and religion itself.”

Both snapshot and slingshot,The Northern South Vol. 2 cycles back and careens forward, taking a twelve-bar trip through the chart-toppers of the era.  “These aren’t deep cuts, they are the Top 40, the pop hits of the blues world, what was happening at the time,” explains Doucet of the song selection process. These songs spoke to the basics. They communicated simple truths and realities in ways that transcended boundaries.”

The Northern South Vol. 2 will be released January 18, 2019.


1. Who’s Been Talkin’ (Howlin’ Wolf)
2. Baby, What You Want Me to Do (Jimmy Reed)
3. John the Revelator (Traditional)
4. Baby, Scratch My Back (Slim Harpo)
5. I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Willie Dixon)
6. St. James Infirmary (Traditional)

Listen to the first single Who’s Been Talkin’ on Spotify below or click here to listen on your preferred streaming service.


Six Shooter Signs New Deal With The Orchard.

“If Six Shooter has a reputation, it is that they are straight shooters.” – Globe & Mail

Photo credit to Lyle Bell.


Six Shooter Records, one of Canada’s leading independent labels and a bastion of innovative artists, announces a new direct distribution deal with The Orchard for digital and physical releases in all territories outside of Canada. This new partnership will bring Six Shooter Records’ catalogue, which spans nearly 20 years and over 100 titles, into The Orchard’s international family.

“The Six Shooter team has built an incredible business over the past almost two decades. They continually expand the boundaries of what it means to be a modern music company, while always staying true to their vision,” The Orchard’s COO Colleen Theis said. “They have developed a wide range of talent and we are very proud to work alongside them and expand their reach around the world. As the Six Shooter company motto states: life is too short to listen to shitty music.”


From Americana noir to orchestral new wave, from soaring stomping roots to angular art rock, from finger-picked folk to blistering experimental metal, Six Shooter Records’ catalogue runs the genre gamut yet is united by a steadfast appreciation for the craft of songwriting. Six Shooter has earned its international reputation for excellence with award-winning, critically acclaimed albums as well as memorable label events at conferences from Reeperbahn to AmericanaFest to SXSW. The label is differentiated by its big picture commitment to artists, best evidenced by its long-term relationships with much of the roster, and by its general philosophy, succinctly expressed by its righteous motto: “Life Is Too Short To Listen To Shitty Music.” LITSTLTSM might not make an obvious hashtag, but it does make for a meaningful lodestar to navigate the music business. Six Shooter Records is also one of the only independent labels in North America owned by women; in fact, throughout its history, women have accounted for the majority of the label staff as well.


“We are ecstatic to be working with The Orchard,” says label president Shauna de Cartier. “We have had a long-standing relationship with The Orchard’s COO Colleen Theis and since the inception of Six Shooter Records, we have been inspired by her enthusiasm and encouragement. We find the culture at The Orchard to be similarly vibrant, positive, and intelligent. The international stature of our artists has been growing steadily, particularly in the markets of America and Europe. The Orchard’s expertise and infrastructure around the world will help our artists achieve their global potential. With the strength and support of The Orchard, we are excited to blaze new trails for Six Shooter Records.”


Six Shooter’s achievements have included double-digit JUNO Award wins and nominations. In 2018, label and management clients were nominated for nine awards, the most in the label’s history. The label also recently received a Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) Marketing Award, detailed by Billboard here. Internationally, Six Shooter Records artists have earned Americana Music Awards’ Emerging Artist of the Year nominations and AmericanaUK Awards. Over and above these awards and recognition, Six Shooter is also proud of the roster’s thoughtful and meaningful contributions beyond music, from Amelia Curran’s poignant advocacy for mental health to Tanya Tagaq’s continued eye-opening discussions about colonialism, Whitehorse’s partnerships with harm reduction organizations and more.


Operationally, the label’s main office is located in Toronto, ON, beside The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, one of the city’s iconic clubs. Six Shooter has maintained offices and personnel in NYC, Nashville, Los Angeles, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Austin and Copenhagen, and continues to expand in numbers and in scope. Six Shooter recently launched an in-house Licensing and Sync department to support its publishing company, Girl On A Horse; artists have landed placements from “Nashville” to “Vikings,” blockbuster studio romances to indie comedy thrillers, major brands (Under Armour, Nike, Apple), major sporting events (MLB, NHL, Olympics) and more.


In addition to the label and management companies, Six Shooter also produces Interstellar Rodeo in Edmonton, AB. The festival, recently awarded Small Festival of the Year at the Live Music Awards, is now in its seventh year in Edmonton. Interstellar Rodeo lineups have included Beck, Wilco, Alabama Shakes, Case/Lang/Veirs, St. Vincent, Steve Earle, Margo Price, Father John Misty, Jason Isbell and more. This year’s headliners include Courtney Barnett, Feist, July Talk and The Mavericks. This year’s lineup has achieved gender parity, and Indigenous artists represent one-third of the bill.  Interstellar Rodeo takes place July 20-22, 2018.


The Six Shooter Records Team:

    Shauna de Cartier, President, Label

   Helen Britton, President, Management

 Emily Smart, VP of Marketing/Publicity

Pierre Bussieres, Director of Administration

 Chris Wynters, Director of Partnerships / Artist Manager

Sarah Sleeth, Marketing Manager

Kim Temple, Licensing & Sync

Victoria Hoare, A&R Coordinator

Caitlin Veitch, Digital Communications

Morgan Coates, Marketing Manager

Tim MacMillar, Artist Bookkeeper

Mike McKeown, Artist Manager

 Vanessa Kuzina, Artist Management Associate

Matt Maw, Artist Management Associate



Six Shooter Records is an independent record label with an award-winning, critically acclaimed roster of unique artists who defy easy classification. Based in Toronto, the roster includes Whitehorse, 2014 Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq and Americana Music Awards’ Emerging Artist nominees Sam Outlaw and The Deep Dark Woods. Shooter also boasts countrypolitan spitfire Whitney Rose, enigmatic new wave rocker Ensign Broderick, disco punk oddballs The Wet Secrets, cult art-rockers The Rheostatics and JUNO Award regulars Amelia Curran and NQ Arbuckle. Over the course of nearly 20 years, Six Shooter Records’ steadfast commitment to artist development and integrity has fostered a reputation for excellence.



The Orchard is a leading music, film and video distribution company operating in over 30 markets worldwide. With a comprehensive artist & label services offering including full-service marketing, sync licensing, video services, transparent data analysis, advertising, rights management, digital and physical distribution and more, The Orchard empowers creators and businesses to grow and adapt in the dynamic global industry. For further information, visit http://www.theorchard.com.