William Prince Announces Stand in the Joy Tour

Coast to Coast Tour Runs Feb-Mar 2024

Tickets on Sale Friday, September 15 @ 10am Local


William Prince announces the largest coast to coast tour of his career in support of his newest album, Stand in the Joy, released April 2023. The Stand in the Joy Tour starts in February 2024 and makes stops at prestigious theatres and concert halls across the country, including a return to Massey Hall on February 7, 2024.

“I’m excited to set out on this ambitious trek and to make the leap to these historic rooms after not having enough space for everyone the last few times I’ve visited,” says Prince. “With new songs to play and with everyone there with me, I know it’s going to be a real celebration.”

Stand in the Joy has further established William Prince’s place among the songwriting greats. The album, which focuses on the experience and expression of joy, builds on his impressive body of work with its messages of self-acceptance and gratitude. Widely celebrated since its release in April, Stand in the Joy has received stellar reviews from all corners.

This fall, William Price will reunite with The War and Treaty for select tour dates in the USA before heading to Nashville to perform at the Ryman Auditorium for the Americana Honors & Awards show, where he is nominated for Emerging Act of the Year. William has a busy AmericanaFest schedule which also includes his official showcase, Recording Academy’s Hank Williams at 100 panel, Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter session and more. He will then travel to the UK and EU for a headline tour in November.

William Prince also returns as one of this year’s co-hosts for A Day To Listen, in recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, September 30, 2023. The full programming, which runs 6am-6pm local time, will be heard on more than 500 stations across the country.

Purchase and stream Stand in the Joy here.

Stand in the Joy Tour Dates:

KITCHENER, ON: Centre in the Square, Feb 6
TORONTO, ON: Massey Hall, Feb 7
KINGSTON, ON: The Grand, Feb 8
VICTORIA, BC: McPherson Playhouse, Feb 23
VANCOUVER, BC: Orpheum, Feb 24
KELOWNA, BC: Kelowna Community Theatre, Feb 25
EDMONTON, AB: Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Feb 26
CALGARY, AB: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Feb 27
REGINA, SK: Conexus Arts Centre, Feb 28
SASKATOON, SK: TCU Place, Feb 29
WINNIPEG, MB: Centennial Concert Hall, Mar 2
HALIFAX, NS: Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Mar 15
SAINT JOHN, NB: Imperial Theatre, Mar 16
MONCTON, NB: Capitol Theatre, Mar 17
CHARLOTTETOWN, PE: Confederation Centre, Mar 18
MONTREAL, QC: TD Studio, Mar 20
QUEBEC, QC: Palais Montcalm, Mar 21

For all upcoming tour dates, tickets and details, please visit williamprince.com

BOY GOLDEN – “The King of Western Swing”

Boy Golden Comes Out Swinging 

No Love For Spade Cooley On New Song “King of Western Swing”

See Boy Golden at AmericanaFest and On Tour This Fall 



Boy Golden dances with the darker side of country music history on “King of Western Swing,” a detail-driven story song about fame, fortune and fiddles, the story of one Spade Cooley. Inspired by Tyler Mahan Coe’s “Cocaine & Rhinestones” research and podcast episode on the subject, Boy Golden presents his “King of Western Swing,” recorded live off the floor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


Listen HERE 


In contrast to the song’s villainous subject matter and inevitably twisted ending, it kicks off gently, warm and steady. Two pleasantly melancholic baritone guitars add to the rumbling, easy beat that fuels the eight minute epic. The tension ramps up when the song switches its riff from major to minor key, as Boy Golden works through the details of what happened, and why.


“King of Western Swing” is a cautionary tale about the consequences of unchecked power, told with twang and sting. There’s no fiddle to be found, an intentional silencing of Spade’s voice so the full story can be heard again.


I heard the story of Spade Cooley on Cocaine and Rhinestones, and was compelled from start to finish. I do not like true crime or murder stories, but I couldn’t help but be pulled in by the rags to riches story of a young Cherokee boy from Okie making it in Hollywood. The dark twists that pervaded his life were absolutely horrifying to me, and reminded me of all the things that come with power and money and fame. I think we underestimate fame as a way that society divides itself. The fact that this man could be pardoned for a crime that he so clearly committed just sent shivers down my spine, especially with what is going on in America today – it’s apparently a tale as old as time. Be wary of fame and what it does to your psyche! Be wary of putting too much stock in your heroes, they are people and they can let you down. I would never have written this song without the poetic justice at the end. Sometimes people get what is coming to them. – BOY GOLDEN


Boy Golden and his Church of Better Daze band will be on tour across North America this fall. Receive the gospel of good times at a music club near you. Tickets here.




“What are you changing?
Who do you think you’re changing?
You can’t change things, we’re all stuck in our ways”
Some things never change: death, taxes. Some things you wish would never change: the curiosity of a four year old; that tenacity of youth; that certain cut of denim. Or maybe it’s the sound of one of your favourite bands.In their cover of Jenny Lewis’ “Rise Up With Fists”, Elliott BROOD bridges genres and decades with their trademark sound while sticking closeby the original’s easy 70’s country vibe, adding their flavour of gritty city folk. Like true pros, they keep that sweet balance of reflective and rock with a classic country backing chorus of oohs and ahhs (as originally sung by The Watson Twins).

A touring band for the last 22 years, Elliott BROOD are known for their deeply personal lyrics, historical roots rockers and energetic live shows. They share their own stories, and those from people they’ve encountered in life, through their songs.

“Like when you wake up behind the bar
Trying to remember where you are
Having crushed all the pretty things”

As we delve deeper, this cover seems to peel back to a very personal layer for the band. Instead of it sounding like Jenny Lewis observing someone else at this juncture, when Elliott BROOD hit on this lyric, it feels less like an observation and more like a literal story of something that happened to someone in the band.

“I still believe
And I will rise up with fists
And I will take what’s mine (mine, mine)”

With the ending of the song there is a release in Sasso’s lead vocals and he relaxes into the folky folds repeating, almost prayer-like, “There but for the grace of God go I”. It feels hopeful and light, like a self-aware acknowledgement within the song itself. When so many things in life are beyond our control (like aging or even simply existing), “Rise Up With Fists” is the celebratory act of acceptance, of rising up to meet life with gusto, hands and fists at the ready. We get the days that we get, and Elliott BROOD remind us to live every one as best as you can.


(Art by Claire White)


You said, “Love is touching souls”

Surely you touched mine


Spilling out slowly, line by line, the feelings seep in. Powerfully palpable, NYSSA’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” (ft. Michael Peter Olsen) begins with a breath in a misty morning meadow, inhaling an eery, airy fog that swirls on the edge of a dense forest somewhere in Canada. The opening notes of subtle bells drift along with a tonal synth, floating in a cello’s hum. We are in the midst of NYSSA.


Big, airy, spacious, the sound could almost be heavenly if NYSSA’s artform wasn’t so heavily rooted in earth. As she materialises, her voice is strong, robust yet bravely vulnerable — like nature itself — as she delivers the opening line, sounding like a scene from some arthouse Greek tragedy:


Just before our love got lost you said

“I am as constant as a northern star”

And I said, “Constantly in the darkness

Where’s that at?

If you want me I’ll be in the bar”


Love isn’t always easy, but that’s how NYSSA likes to make it. She goes to those places; she comes from those haunts. Her dynamic performance evokes the feeling of dedication, determination. Whatever the course, whatever the cost.


Oh, you’re in my blood like holy wine

You taste so bitter and so sweet

Oh, I could drink a case of you, darling

And I would still be on my feet


As NYSSA belts out the chorus with comedy and heartbreak, it feels as though she’s singing from a place where her feet no longer quite touch the ground. She hovers on a note or two, looking out and into you, the trill of her voice sending chills through your blood, bumping up against your skin as it turns all bodily partitions into that sweet, gentle substance that can sometimes be tasted and always be felt.


I’m frightened by the devil

I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid


NYSSA is certainly not afraid, and it’s not because she’s imbued our national drink, that liquid courage. Some may drown their sorrows with “A Case of You” but NYSSA pushes past the pain and shows us that even when your love is lost, you can still find company at the bar.


Six Shooter is looking to expand the team and welcomes qualified candidates to apply to two new Toronto-based positions: Marketing Associate and Artist Management Associate

Learn more about the Marketing Associate position here.

Learn more about the Artist Management Associate here.

If either of these jobs are of interest, we’d love to meet in person! Interested candidates are welcome to attend to our Hiring Mixer on August 16th and learn more about the roles and Six Shooter. RSVP here before August 14th.


The place you get born ain’t always where you’re coming from
Everything becomes fluid when you can pass through time and space like a ghost, a story, a melody. Boy Golden manifests all three on his new EP, For Jimmy.
I left who I was in the back of your car, but I know that our love was true

Album opener “Mountain Road” prepares us for the journey, Boy Golden’s thoughtful lyrics unfolding like a roadmap, guiding us through parables as landmarks, encouraging words for anybody who has struggled with a sense of self, identity or belonging. Its gentle momentum of swaying acoustic guitars pushes us upward and forward on an introspective journey to find out who we are — and shows us who Boy Golden has found in himself: a masterful storyteller.Jumping right into the action, “Aging Mr. Riley” is a mini-soundtrack in a song, showcasing Boy Golden’s finely tuned skills. Full of 90s roadhouse country twang, it’s the tale of two gamblers who double cross each other. It has a key change, duelling baritone guitars and one hell of a left hook that sends us for a loop into a gentler memory. While “Aging Mr. Riley ‘’ is full of pomp and swagger, Boy Golden strips down to just banjo and voice to open “Whatever Got Lost”, a spotlight soliloquy that’s reminiscent without being too melancholy. It’s hard living sometimes but there is beauty and hope in doing it.

Whatever got lost I want it back
I really hope he finds it
I really hope he does

Album pick me up “Hard Headed” is a pull-up-your-socks rocker, full of youthful vigour and lyrically familiar scenes you’d recognize from hanging around a small town as an adolescent outsider. The boppy bass and wild mustang guitar riffs cavort with a stubborn organ that always seems to get stuck in your memory cassette deck. It’s a song about being unapologetically yourself, and Boy Golden doesn’t hold back on its production. (It’s fun to dance to.)As the album winds further along away from The Church, “Blue Hills” is a postcard home, harkening back to Boy Golden’s love for roots and folk music. Highlighting his sweet-tea voice and attention to detail, “Blue Hills” is more mature and just wants to get you home safely with a feel-good sway. And he does.

Album closer “Out On the Weekend” breezes quietly in, like a lullaby through an open window. Cozy, warm and comfortable, like a circle of friends, it waltzes us perfectly to the end of For Jimmy. We’re here, right now.



“happy breakups, tragic breakups

magic breakups, everybody’s breaking up”


Full of unfiltered fun, “Breakup Party” is a strange brew of 1970s Bowie meets ‘90s riot grrrl drawn by will and witchcraft to a futuristic dance floor full of colour, character and charisma. Suited up in rubber club wear, neon and glitter, “Breakup Party” explores magical iterations of oneself without the fear of judgement. It calls to us in a way that’s impossible to ignore, like the voice in our head or a full moon. It’s the ultimate all-night dance potion, mixed perfectly together by legendary engineer Syvlia Massy and produced by NYSSA.


Like the sound of a spell being cast, a magical tone opens the track up to let in a slinky disco bass that thumps and crawls amidst swirling, panning guitars and ritualistic claps and tambourines. The altar is set for the idol to appear, while in the background there are hoots and howls heard from the coven calling to their leader. Enter NYSSA and her powerfully charged vocals with the incantation, “Everybody’s breaking up.” 


“what are you gonna do to draw new love to you?”


So go wild. Pull out all the stops. Press play and be done with those parts of your life that no longer serve you. Have your own breakup party. 


“i hear everybody wants to get offline

i hear everybody wants to find some time

for real life”


We all get faced with growing pains in life, whether it’s snuffing out old flames or being ignited by new lessons we learn about ourselves. If you find yourself needing space, light the candles, call in the corners and invoke the spirit of NYSSA’s new single, “Breakup Party.”


“Breakup Party” is the soundtrack for helping us cut loose from unhealthy relationships. It casts aside old lovers as much as it does Big Brother, tech overlords and non-stop-wi-fi in favour of IRL hi-fi connections. It’s about dressing yourself up – not your avatar – and taking yourself out dancing.




Toronto pagan-punk-poet NYSSA has put her hands into the lion’s mouth, gathering her performing and songwriting powers to conjure the unruly energy of rock n’ roll. Out from under fear’s thumb, NYSSA now sings about wild things, old gods, romance-beyond-borders, and the exorcism of trauma. She has quested, and she has returned.The goal is fevered connection, a ritual-sense of music as communal release. NYSSA keens and wails and brings her audience along with her to a place of deep feeling, movement, and joy. Her lyrics are poetic and clear, lunar, eerie, angry; NYSSA’s voice is the strong container for all of it. As Dionysus would want it, over-abundance is the way. Guided by the incantation and invocation of the three C’s: Collaboration, Choreo, Covenhood!, NYSSA’s sound and stories run deep into ancient mythos, Celtic lore and back through our modern idols. Re-swaggering, re-wilding hyper-masc night moves and magick hips (think Jagger, Mink Deville, Danzig),  NYSSA’s magnetic, elastic ways make satyrs of us all.Long-listed for the 2021 Polaris prize for her debut solo album Girls Like Me, NYSSA now plays with a killer 6-piece band, a real rock ’n roll coven, featuring Lukas Cheung (Mother Tongues), Nastia Koza (KOZA), Jay Anderson (Badge Époque Ensemble, Biblical), Brandon Lim (Yamantaka//Sonic Titan), and Jess Burgess (Essie Watts).


Hello! Did you miss us?! It’s been a long time since the last time we sent one of these newsletters out! Soz, we really didn’t intend to leave you clicking refresh on your inboxes for quite that long, we just got super busy! Summer is finally upon us again, and we are turbo chuffed about it. Sure, we went straight out of the COVID-pan and into the wildfire, and the neighbor kid who lives across the street from me has a lemonade stand where he is charging $5.00 + GST for a little cup of lemonade (let me see your GST number, kid), but overall things are great! The chambray ankle pants and sandals have been brought out of hibernation, my garden has been planted, the pet-nat has been cracked, and Six Shooter has (a combined) one billion new releases, artists, and performances to tell you about!


Six Shooter Mini Bullets


  • Congratulations to Six Shooterer Sarah Sleeth on the launch of her very own new label, Twin Fang Records and first release by inaugural signing Fjord Mustang. Twin Fang is a place built on know-how, equipped to develop sharp and savvy release strategies and marketing campaigns for its roster with global distribution via Six Shooter Records. Twin Fang offers years of experience, attention to detail and a boundless respect for music and its makers. Female and queer-owned and operated, Twin Fang is a place built for women, queer, non-binary, trans folk and allies, with a mission to create more representation in the industry. Most of all, Twin Fang is a place built for community, a place where fandom lives and thrives, and a place for sharing newest faves with oldest buds. Sign up for the news and follow Twin Fang so you don’t miss out! The first release is very good!

  • Six Shooter Management artist MAUVEY is about to play Glastonbury! We are excited. It gives us so many opportunities to say “Glasto” around the office.  And another Six Shooter Management artist, N’Famady Kouyaté is also playing Glastonbury!  Glasto Glasto Glasto!

  • High fives to our own team for their recent wins as Managers of the Year at the Canadian Live Music Awards and for Best Indie Label Sync Team at the 2023 Canadian Sync Awards.

  • Visit the Six Shooter store, where you’ll be delighted to find classic Six Shooter tees back in stock. You’ll see them on people wherever you go, all over the world, so why not be part of the global “spot the Six Shooter tee” club and show everyone that you have been a supporter of SSR since day one (being a part of our t-shirt wearing community is retroactive, so if you get one now, you have always had one as far as we are concerned!)


Tour Dates:



EDMONTON AB: Soundtrack Music Festival, UK 17, Tickets

LA RONGE, SK: Napatak Ramble 2023, UK 30, Tickets

CALGARY, AB, Calgary Folk Music Festival, Jun 28-30, Tickets

KASLO, BC: Kaslo Jazz Festival 2023, Aug 4-5, Tickets

KELOWNA, BC: Red Bird Brewing, Aug 6

BURNABY, BC: Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival 2023, Aug 12, Tickets

SALMON ARM, BC: Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Fest, Aug 19-20, Tickets

VICTORIA, BC: Harbour Blues n’ Roots Fest, Aug 25-26, Tickets



WINNIPEG, MB: Assiniboia Downs, Jul 1, Tickets

WINDSOR, ON: Meteor, Jul 14, Tickets

WINDSOR, ON: Meteor, Jul 15, Tickets

DURHAM, ON: Four Winds Music Fest 2023, Jul 16, Tickets

BOWEN ISLAND, BC: Snug Cove Music Fest 2023, Jul 22, Tickets

MATTAWA, ON: Mattawa Voyageur Days 2023, Jul 28, Tickets

ALCOVE, QC: Magasin général La Pêche, Aug 5, Tickets

FERNIE, BC: Wapiti Music Festival 2023, Aug 12, Tickets

LETHBRIDGE, AB: Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug 13, Tickets



SARNIA, ON: Block Party 2023, Sep 9, Tickets

ST CATHERINES, ON: Cicada Festival, Sep 30, Tickets


LONDON, UK: Juneteenth Tileyard, Jun 15

ISLE OF WIGHT, UK: Isle of Wight Festival, Jun 17, Tickets

GLASTONBURY, UK: Glastonbury Festival, Jun 25, Tickets

OTTAWA, ON: Canada Day events, Jul 1,

SASKATOON, SK: Saskatoon Jazz Festival, Jul 6, Tickets

SWANSEA, WALES: Love Trails Festival, Jul 8, Tickets

CALGARY, AB: Stampede, Jul 15, Tickets

KELOWNA, BC: Culture Con – Red Bird, Jul 16, Tickets

CHILLIWACK, BC: Chilliwack Mural Festival, Aug 11, Tickets

SOUTHAMPTON, UK: The Hundred, Aug 19,

MONTREAL, QC: Pop Montreal, Sep 28-30, Tickets


LONDON, UK: Exhibition Road Show, Jun 18, Tickets

WINCHESTER, UK: The Arc Winchester, Jun 21, Tickets

SHREWSBURY, UK: The Butter Market, Jun 28, Tickets

SWANSEA, UK: Elysium Gallery & Bar, June 30, Tickets

FEANEDOCK, SWADLINCOTE, UK: Timber Festival, Jul 7,  Tickets

LICHFIELD, UK: Lichfield Festival, Jul 12, Tickets

STORNOWAY, UK: HebCelt Festival, Jul 14, Tickets

BUTETOWN, CARDIFF, UK: Tafwyl, Jul 16, Tickets

HENHAM PARK, SOUTHWOLD, UK: Latitude Festival, Jul 21, Tickets

THE WYLDES, CORNWALL, UK: Leopallooz, Jul 23, Tickets

NEWPORT, UK: Bluestone Brewing Company, Jul 29, Tickets

GWYNEDD, UK: National Eisteddfod of Wales, Aug 8, Tickets

STRODE THEATRE, GLASTONBURY, UK: Strode Theatre, Aug 25, Tickets

SHREWSBURY, UK: Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Aug 26, Tickets

FISHGUARD, UK: Aberjazz, Fishguard Jazz and Blues Festival, Aug 28, Tickets



TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, Jun 14, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, Jun 15, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, Jun 16, Tickets



TORONTO, ON: The Dakota Tavern, Jun 14, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: The Dakota Tavern, Jun 21, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: Go Bitch! Six Shooter Pride Party, Jun 22, Tickets


CAMPBELL BAY, BC: Campbell Bay Music Fest, Jun 23, Tickets

ROBERTS CREEK, BC: Roberts Creek Legion, Jun 25, Tickets

FERNIE, BC: Fernie Legion, Jun 28

JASPER, AB: Jasper Legion, Jun 29

EDMONTON, AB: Dive Bar, Jun 30, Tickets

GOLDEN, BC: Golden Skybridge, Jul 1, Tickets

VICTORIA, BC: Tilt! Festival, Jul 7, Tickets

VANCOUVER, BC: Khatsahlano Festival, Jul 8, Tickets

CAVENDISH, PEI: Sommo Festival, Jul 14, Tickets

FORT FRANCES, ON: Canadian Bass Championship, Jul 20, Tickets

BENGOUGH, SK: Gateway Festival, Jul 22, Tickets

PORT COLBORNE, ON: Canal Days w/ Sam Roberts Band, Aug 5

ELORA, ON: Riverfest Elora, Aug 20, Tickets

CINCINNATI, OH: Ohio Is For Lovers, Sep 9, Tickets

PELHAM, TN: Tennessee Is For Lovers, Sep 10, Tickets

HAMBURG, GERMANY: Nochtwache, Sep 12, Tickets

KREFELD, GERMANY: Kulturrampe, Sep 13, Tickets

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY: Alte Hackerei, Sep 14

COBURG, GERMANY: Sonderbar, Sep 15


LEIPZIG, GERMANY: Werk 2, Sep 18

STUTTGART, GERMANY: Cafe Galao, Sep 19


BERLIN, GERMANY: Privatclub, Sep 24

LONDON, UK: The Grace, Sep 27


ROSEMARY, BELGIUM: De Mooie Molen, Sep 29


MAINZ, GERMANY: Love Rock Festival, Oct 2


OFFENBURG, GERMANY: Spitalkeller, Oct 6 Tickets



NEW YORK, NY: Carnegie Hall with the Kronos Quartet, Nov 3, Tickets



NASHVILLE, TN: Eastside Bowl, Jul 6, Tickets

NASHVILLE, TN: Ryman Auditorium, Jul 7 – SOLD OUT

LOUISVILLE, KY: Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, Jul 8, Tickets

CHICAGO, IL: The Vic Theatre, Jul 9, Tickets

MILWAUKEE, WI: The Rave / Eagles Club, Jul 10, Tickets

CHESTERFIELD, MO: The Factory, Jul 12, Tickets

DES MOINES, IA: Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park, Jul 13, Tickets

EMIGRANT, MT: Old Saloon, Jul 15, SOLD OUT

WHITEFISH, MT: Under the Big Sky Festival 2023, Jul 16, SOLD OUT, RSVP here: Tickets

SEATTLE, WA: Woodland Park Zoo ZooTunes 2023, Jul 17, SOLD OUT

FOREST GROVE, OR: McMenamins Grand Lodge, Jul 18, SOLD OUT

SALT LAKE CITY, UT: Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre, Jul 20, SOLD OUT

CHEYENNE, WY: The Lincoln Cheyenne, Jul 21, SOLD OUT

DILLON, CO: Dillon Amphitheater, Jul 22, Tickets

TAOS, NM: Taos Mesa Brewing Taos Tap Room, Jul 23, Tickets

TUCSON, AZ: Rialto Theatre, Jul 25, SOLD OUT

DRUMHELLER, AB: Badlands Amphitheatre, Aug 12, Tickets

OTTERY SAINT MARY, UK: Beautiful Days 2023, Aug 18, Tickets

BLOEMENDAAL, NL: Openluchttheater Caprera Bloemendaal, Aug 20, SOLD OUT

BIELEFELD, DE: Lokschuppen Bielefeld, Aug 22, Tickets

TØNDER, DK: Tønder Festival 2023, Aug 24, Tickets

WUPPERTAL, DE: Waldbühne auf der Hardt, Aug 25, Tickets

BRAUNSCHWEIG, DE: Trainside Festival 2023, Aug 26, Tickets

LEIPZIG, DE: Parkbühne (Clara Zetkin Park), Aug 27, Tickets

HEIDELBERG, DE: halle02, Aug 29, Tickets

ZURICH, CH: Komplex, Aug 30, Tickets

CHÂTELAINE, CH: PTR Usine, Sep 1, Tickets

MARTIGNY, CH: PALP FESTIVAL 2023, Sep 2, Tickets

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, DE: Kulturhaus Caserne gGmbH, Sep 5, Tickets

ANTWERPEN, BE: Openluchttheater Rivierenhof, Sep 6, SOLD OUT

LONDON, UK: Roundhouse, Oct 27, Tickets

MANCHESTER, UK: O2 Apollo Manchester, Oct 28, Tickets

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UK: O2 City Hall Newcastle, Oct 29, Tickets

EDINBURGH, UK: Usher Hall, Oct 30, Tickets

BELFAST, UK: Ulster Hall, Nov 1, Tickets

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Vicar Street, Nov 2, SOLD OUT

WOLVERHAMPTON, UK: Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Nov 4, Tickets

NOTTINGHAM, UK: Rock City, Nov 5, Tickets

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Nov 7, Tickets

PORTSMOUTH, UK: Portsmouth Guildhall, Nov 8, Tickets

BRISTOL, UK: Marble Factory, Nov 9, Tickets

PLYMOUTH, UK: Plymouth Pavilions, Nov 10, Tickets



TORONTO, ON: A Late Night GAB With Friends, Jun 15, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: Go Bitch! Six Shooter Pride Party, Jun 22, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: Breaking Sound Canada at El Mocambo, Jun 29, Tickets



TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, Jun 14, Tickets

TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, Jun 15, Sold out, RSVP: Event Page

TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, Jun 16, Tickets

WHITEHORSE, YK: Yukon Arts Centre, Jun 28, Tickets

WINNIPEG, MB: Winnipeg Folk Festival, Jul 6, Tickets

VICTORIA, BC: Tilt, Jul 9, Tickets

EDMONTON, AB: Taste of Edmonton, Jul 21, Tickets

APPLETON, WI: Mile of Music, Aug 3, Free: Event Page

EAR FALLS, ON: Trout Forest Music Festival, Aug 11-13

SASKATOON, SK: Delta Bessborough Gardens, Aug 17, Tickets

CREEMORE, ON: Cooper Kettle Fest, Aug 26, Free: Event Page

JASPER, AB: Jasper Folk Festival, Sep 8, Tickets

FREDERICTON, NB: The Playhouse, Feb 2, Tickets

MONCTON, NB: Capitol Theatre, Feb 4, Tickets



OTTAWA, ON: Ottawa Jazz Festival 2023, Jun 25, Tickets

CALGARY, AB: Fort Calgary, Jul 1

WINNIPEG, MB: Winnipeg Folk Festival 2023, Jul 6, Tickets

VANCOUVER, BC: Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2023, Jul 14, Tickets

OLIVER, BC: District Wine Village, Jul 20, Tickets

CAMBRIDGE, UK: Cambridge Folk Festival 2023, Jul 27, Tickets

DAWSON CITY, YT: Palace Grand Theatre, Aug 5, RSVP

HAINES JUNCTION, YT: St. Elias Convention Centre, Aug 10

NIAGARA ON THE LAKE, ON: Jackson Triggs Estate Winery, Aug 26, Tickets

NEW YORK, NY: The Kennedy Center, Sep 14

LANCASTER, PA: West Art, Sep 15

KNOXVILLE, TN: Bijou Theatre, Sep 25, Tickets

DURHAM, NC: Carolina Theatre, Sep 26, Tickets

CHARLOTTE, NC: Visulite Theatre, Sep 27, Tickets

UTRECHT, NL: Club Nine @ TivoliVredenburg, Nov 2

AMEN, NL: De Amer, Nov 3

GRONINGEN, NL: Take Root Festival, Nov 4

BERLIN, DE: Monarch Club, Nov 6

STUTTGART, DE: Im Wizemann Studio, Nov 7

FRANKFURT, DE: Nachtleben, Nov 8

MUNICH, DE: Strom, Nov 9

HAMBURG, DE: Kent Club, Nov 11

LEVERKUSENER, DE: Leverkusener Jazztage / Erholungshaus, Nov 12

LONDON, UK: Bush Hall, Nov 14

MANCHESTER, UK: Deaf Institute, Nov 15

BATH, UK: Bath Moles, Nov 16, Tickets

DUBLIN, IE: Workman’s Club, Nov 18

GLASGOW, UK: King’s Tut, Nov 19

Six Shooter Records Announces Pride Party

Art by Bree Rawn

Six Shooter Records Announces Pride Party

Thomason, NYSSA, James Baley, & Fjord Mustang

+ Drag Kings Gay Jesus, Clarke Kunt Performing Six Shooter Songs

Thursday, June 22, 8pm.

Tickets HERE

Celebrate Pride and Toronto’s music scene at Six Shooter Records’ Pride Party. Six Shooter joins party forces with High Priestess Publishing and Twin Fang Records for a night of live music, dance, Drag Kings, and more. 1 night, 6 LGBTQ2S+ artists, 200 feather boas. Go B*tch! Tickets are extremely limited, reserve yours today via donation to The 519, a local organization committed to the health, happiness and full participation of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. 


Six Shooter welcomes its newest artist signings, T. Thomason and NYSSA, to the label family in style, with both artists on the bill for the label’s event. Sweet bb T. is rightly on the radar as an important artist to be heard, for his songs and his perspective. The Halifax-based artist, currently a cast member of Sullivan’s Crossing (CTV/CW) will also release a remix of “Lovers In A Dangerous Time” by Australian electro-soul artist St. South on Friday, June 23, 2023. 


NYSSA’s cauldron overfloweth. The Toronto-based songwriter/producer sources her considerable powers from the old gods of myth and magick, a potent convergence of ancient lore and rock and roll. Drawing on the idols, from Bacchus to Iggy Pop, NYSSA gathers force and transforms each stage into her altar. NYSSA is currently performing Wednesday nights at 10:30pm at The Dakota Tavern for her “Gemini Season” residency until June 21. Look for new music from NYSSA at the close of “Gemini Season.” Look for new music from NYSSA later this month.


Singer and ballroom dancer extraordinaire James Baley, brings his radiant energy to the show. Baley is part of the High Priestess roster, a publishing company collaboration between Kim Temple, Six Shooter’s Director of Sync and Licensing, and the label. 


Also on the Pride Party bill is Fjord Mustang, a Toronto-based band and inaugural signing to Twin Fang Records, a brand new women and queer owned and operated label launched by Sarah Sleeth, Director of Operations at Six Shooter Records. Listen to Twin Fang’s first release, Solitaire, here.


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About Six Shooter

Six Shooter Records is an independent record label with an award-winning, critically acclaimed roster of artists who defy easy classification. Founded in 2000 and based in Toronto, Six Shooter is driven by a belief in the power of art, exemplified by the company motto “I Can Live Forever.” The label’s current worldwide roster includes multiple JUNO Award winners Whitehorse, William Prince and The Dead South, now certified Platinum in Canada and Gold in the USA. Six Shooter is also home to world disruptor and Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq, breakout chart topper Boy Golden, rocker Skye Wallace and newly signed artists NYSSA and T. Thomason. For more than two decades, Six Shooter has been built on a bedrock of top-notch songwriting with albums by artists such as Rheostatics, Elliott BROOD, Amelia Curran, The Deep Dark Woods, NQ Arbuckle and more in the catalogue.

For all of those who build their own trophies, “Go Bitch!” is an internal slogan that has galvanized Six Shooter’s staff, celebrated each other’s achievements, and energized a community to work for inclusivity and opportunity for all. 


About High Priestess

High Priestess Publishing is a joint venture between female owned and led Six Shooter Records and Canadian music veteran Kim Temple. Created to develop a uniquely independent roster of songwriting talent, HP’s first signings were James Baley, SUN SUN and Witch Prophet, firmly aligning the company’s core values with those of the LGBTQ2S+ & racialized artist communities. 

Since its inception and launch on the cusp of 2020, High Priestess has grown to include a roster of 40 artists, a staff of five and an impressive list of sync placements and songwriting credits. Along with these licensing opportunities, High Priestess’ focus is on admin cleanup and royalty collection, creative artist support, scoring opportunities and the Temple of Song collaborative incubator.



About Twin Fang Records 

Let’s Rip: Twin Fang Records is here. The new independent record label raises its black cat flag as a sign of good things to come. Based in Toronto, Twin Fang Records is ready for a monumental first year of business. 

Twin Fang is a place built on know-how, equipped to develop sharp and savvy release strategies and marketing campaigns for its roster with global distribution via Six Shooter Records. Twin Fang offers years of experience, attention to detail and a boundless respect for music and its makers. Female and queer-owned and operated, Twin Fang is a place built for women, queer, non-binary, trans folk and allies, with a mission to create more representation in the industry. Most of all, Twin Fang is a place built for community, a place where fandom lives and thrives, and a place for sharing newest faves with oldest buds. 



A Mountain Road Less Traveled – Boy Golden Announces For Jimmy


Welcome to Boy Golden’s disco country & western variety hour, beamed straight from either the 1940s or the future. You’ll find his new song, “Mountain Road,” on the map somewhere between Rocky Mountain High and Mount Airy Hill. “Mountain Road” hails from the new EP For Jimmy, coming July 21, 2023 on Six Shooter Records. WATCH HERE


On “Mountain Road,” Winnipeg’s Boy Golden tickles that urge in all of us to seek something new; to change our surroundings in the hopes that it might change us. Here we find the Church of Better Daze minister shedding his proverbial robes in the Blue Hills – a place personal to Boy Golden but existing in many other places and memories elsewhere – in search of the view from above.   


As he sheds one style for another, Boy Golden’s sweet voice lifts us up and reminds us that it’s going to be okay even when things do change — even if you change. As the saying goes, Wherever you go, there you are. At the peak of “Mountain Road” we see it all clearly. 


“I hope you listen to this song when you’re driving and think about all the people and events and stories that have brought you to where you are. There is no going back. Be in the moment. Take a deep breath. This is all yours to hold.” – Boy Golden 


A genuine student of Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson as much as Dwight Yoakam and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Boy Golden surely crafts his own type and style. His philosophy mmight help us all to blur borders and old definitions of genres we thought we knew, like Steve Lacy or Justin Vernon do for Pop music. 


For Jimmy arrives on July 21, 2023 on Six Shooter Records. 




FERGUS, ON: Meadows Music Fest, June 3

EDMONTON, AB: Soundtrack Music Fest, June 17

POTATO LAKE, SK: Napatak Ramble, June 30

CALGARY, AB: Calgary Folk Fest, July 28-30

KASLO, BC: Kaslo Jazz Fest, Aug 4-5

KELOWNA, BC: Red Bird Brewing, Aug 6

BURNABY, BC: Burnaby Roots Fest, Aug 12

VICTORIA, BC: Victoria Roots and Blues, Aug 25-26





Everything becomes fluid when you can pass through time and space like a ghost, a story, a melody. Boy Golden manifests all three on For Jimmy.


When listening to his music, it feels easy to dissolve into the ether. Everything flows. From classic country to psych-folk, Alternative to roadhouse pop to Appalaichan bluegrass, Boy Golden’s music is easy, breezy, warm and gritty. And don’t it just feel good to listen to it.


Introspective and vulnerable, traditional and queer, hard-headed and sensual, Boy Golden’s everyman-aesthetic can appeal to all of us. This ability lies in his songwriting: the songs your friends tell you about, the stories you hear from your neighbours, your community. He’s comfortable both in the spotlight and just outside it, sharing the moments with other artists, bringing others along with him. 


Since releasing his debut album, Church of Better Daze, in 2021, his Seth-Rogenesque hit single “KD And Lunch Meat” charted #1 on Canadian Alternative Radio, making a real run for the title of Canada’s most famous song about mac and cheese. He’s toured across North America with The Sheepdogs. He’s played every summer festival on your list. He’s produced many albums with friends, released a dozen videos and curated and directed an art show. 


By Caitlin Veitch

July Talk Release “When You Stop” Piano Version 

July Talk: Love Lives Here Documentary In Theatres Across Canada

Prism Prize and INDIES Nominees 


“They may carry the swagger of rockstars on stage, but one gets the sense that fostering a connection and love for all mankind through their art is far more important to them” – POV Magazine 

“‘When You Stop’ captures everything about the band that we love.” – NPR World Cafe



July Talk follow the release of Remember Never Before with a stark and stormy, sublimely minimalist piano version of “When You Stop,” a song about the necessary, if uncomfortable, process of facing who you are. More than just introspective, “When You Stop,” reckons with the relationship between fear and revelation, the workings of fight and flight as paths to self-discovery.


“When You Stop” also parallels a major theme of July Talk’s new documentary, which asks: What is essential in a time of crisis? Following its premiere at Hot Docs earlier this month, July Talk: Love Lives Here, directed by Brittany Farhat, arrives in theatres across Canada this summer, starting with a repeat showing at Toronto’s Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema and making its way to cinemas in Ontario and westward. More screenings to be announced. 


July Talk co-leads Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis are currently nominated for this year’s Prism Prize as video directors for Tanya Tagaq’s “Colonizer.” July Talk is also nominated for Album of the Year (Remember Never Before) and Video of the Year (“After This”) at the INDIES. 


Stream “When You Stop” here.




TORONTO, ON: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, May 27 + Q&A

LONDON, ON: Hyland Cinema, June 2-8

SUDBURY, ON: Sudbury Indie Cinema, June 2

KITCHENER, ON: Apollo, June 4

TORONTO, ON: Fox Theatre, June 6

WINDSOR, ON: Capitol Theatre, June 9

WHITEHORSE: Yukon Film Society, June 9 + 11

OTTAWA, ON: Bytowne Cinema, June 15

VANCOUVER, BC: Rio Theatre, June 16

SASKATOON, SK: Roxy Theatre, June 18

EDMONTON, AB: Metro Cinema, June 24

CATHARINES: First Performing Arts Centre, June 25 + 30

HAMILTON, ON: Westdale Theatre, July 7 

TORONTO, ON: Revue Cinema, July 8


 For tickets and details, visit July Talk’s Website


NQ Arbuckle’s Love Songs for the Long Game Out Now

NQ Arbuckle’s Love Songs for the Long Game Out Now

Listen to the New Record Here.

NQ Arbuckle On Tour with Whitehorse



Opening on what sounds like a heartbeat, NQ Arbuckle’s new album Love Songs For The Long Game is a pulse check, a taking of vital signs, a work of putting into words what makes him tick. 

Love Songs For The Long Game is an album about hope and commitment. Falling somewhere between Ginsberg and Gainsbourg, NQ Arbuckle’s approach remains acutely observational, casually self-critical, fiercely loyal to family and friends, and exasperated by everything else. A soundtrack for a Werner Herzog sitcom, an honest review of dad-hood, Love Songs For The Long Game hits the nail, but sometimes its thumb, on the head. Like a beloved comic strip, admittedly more sporadic.

Six Shooter Records released NQ Arbuckle’s debut in 2002. Since then, NQ has quietly (well, rowdily, on stage) gone about his business, crafting albums that have offered mottos and mantras for his dedicated fans, with two consecutive JUNO Award nominations along the way. On Love Songs For The Long Game, NQ reunites with Luke Doucet (Whitehorse), who produced NQ’s debut. Life as in art; NQ also reunites with Whitehorse for a tour across Ontario that ends with three nights at Toronto’s TD Music Hall, June 14, 15 and 16. 

The long game: NQ Arbuckle is still playing. 



HIGHGATE, ON: Mary Webb Centre, May 19*

ESSEX, ON: Harrow Legion, May 20*

MEAFORD, ON: Meaford Hall, May 24*

LONDON, ON: Aeolian Hall, May 25*

GUELPH, ON: Royal City Church, May 26*

HAMILTON, ON: Bridgeworks, May 27*

PETERBOROUGH, ON: Market Hall, May 28*

RIDGEWAY, ON: The Sanctuary, May 31*

PARIS, ON: DT Concert Series, June 1*

KINGSTON, ON: Blu Martini, June 2*

OTTAWA, ON: NAC, June 3*

PARRY SOUND, ON: Stockey Centre, June 4*

TORONTO, ON: TD Music Hall, June 14* + 15* + 16*

*w/ Whitehorse