Elliott BROOD Release Country Today

New Album Completes Town and Country Cycle 

Watch “C’Mon Let’s Go” Here

Photo credit: Dustin Seabrook


With the release of Country, out today, Elliott BROOD officially enter their Town and Country era. Country completes an album cycle that travels through familiar haunts and charges down new paths, all in the name of growth, love and family. 


On Country, their second album in 12 months, Elliott BROOD play on both the genre and its signposts. The trio deftly matches sounds with settings, opting for twangy, electric guitars, sad but true humour-tinged lyrics, and obligatory whiskey references to create a cross-border quilt of stories that are both personal and from characters passing.


Country highlight “C’Mon Let’s Go” starts up like a car engine, powered by a rumbling organ and a sense of melancholic mayhem. Alternating between major and minor, sweet, soft verses and grungy, spooky choruses, “C’mon Let’s Go” calls us on a tour of local hamlets with mischief in mind. The distorted backing vocals and guitars playfully add texture to the escapist’s tale.


Watch a live performance of “C’Mon Let’s Go” here


Hitting on southern rock moments with “Postcard Pretty” and the old Memphis waltzes of “They Never Want to Sing Along,” Country winds its way through the boundary lines at a frenzied pace then slows to gentler speeds, bringing us satisfyingly around switchbacks and through long, sparse stretches. Windsor, ON may be their city of origin but the BROOD are clearly country lovers at heart.


Paying homage to a few of their musical heroes with covers of “Out of Time” (The Rolling Stones) and Rodney Crowell’s “Bluebird Wine”, Elliott BROOD share pieces of their personal lives and tell their favourite tales of country and kinfolk alike.


Over their twenty years as a band, Elliott BROOD have earned the familiarity that’s felt on both sides of the Town and Country coin. Home is about who you’re with, wherever you are.




Amen, NL: Cultureel Café de Amer, Apr 12

Antwerp, BE: Djingel Djangel, Apr 13

Edam, NL: A Walk About Music, Apr 14

Krefeld, DE: Kulturrampe, Apr 16

St Gilles Croix de Vie, FR: RockSea, Apr 19 

Paris, FR: La Boule Noire, Apr 20 

Haarlem, NL: Roots of Heaven, Apr 21

Lint, BE: ’t Groot Verzet, Apr 22

Köln, DE: MTC, Apr 23

Wiesbaden, DE: Schlachthof, Apr 24

Berlin, DE: Privatclub, Apr 25

Hamburg, DE: Nochtwache, Apr 26

Deventer, NL: Des Konings Festival, Apr 27

Middelburg, NL: Kaffee ‘t Hof, Apr 28

Lincoln, ON: Redstone Winery, Aug 8

Kingsville, ON: Kingsville Music Festival, Aug 9

Grande Prairie, AB: Bear Creek Music Festival, Aug 16

Kawartha Lakes, ON: The Grove Theatre, Sept 4


Tickets and show details here.





“Doing it the hard way for 20 years,” is a badge Elliott BROOD wear with honour. Two decades on, work, life and love have taken the trio in many directions, away from their hometowns and headfirst into an ongoing musical journey through distance and time. Now, Elliott BROOD is never more at home than in the wash of distorted, evocative strings and stomps that make their signature alt country sound.


Elliott BROOD appeared on the cover of Exclaim Magazine in 2008 as the new ambassadors of a roots, folk rock and alt country wave that flourished in Toronto’s early aughts. The band’s arrival came with a level of buzz that launched them directly into the heart of a vibrant Toronto scene that centered at label Six Shooter Records, where they have returned to release their newest music. Their live show, a maelstrom of frenetic energy and fuzz, has brought them back and forth across continents countless times on bills The Sadies, Wilco, The Black Crowes, and many more. Their albums, meticulously crafted, detail-packed collections, have brought some of Canada’s highest musical honours and awards, including a Polaris Music Prize Short List and a JUNO Award.


In their twenty years, the band has remained fiercely loyal to their mysterious namesake. The stylized, imaginary character has guided the band’s travels over mountains and meadows, and through the more harrowing sides of history. Elliott BROOD has grown into a vessel for the trio’s shared history too, with new songs finding connection and communion in themes that hit much closer to home. With smile lines and guitar fingers long hardened with callouses, Elliott BROOD has been doing it the hard way, but making it sound easy.


Boy Golden’s “Here To Stay” Out Today!

Unlimited Smileage: Boy Golden Announces New Album, For Eden, Out July 19, 2024 

“Here To Stay” Out Today 

Boy Golden on Tour in May 

“Boy Golden has charisma for kilometers (we are in Canada)” – Brooklyn Vegan


With “Here To Stay,” Boy Golden introduces his new album, For Eden, out July 19, 2024. Inspired by The Bluebird, a Bukowski poem, “Here To Stay” makes it safe for the smallest, most delicate parts of us to be free. A card-carrying member of Manitoba’s ‘Friends of the Bluebirds’ as a kid, Boy Golden’s new song is both metaphysical and ornithological. The message of “Here To Stay” boils down to something very simple: sing the songs that are inside you. 


Listen to “Here To Stay” here.


In For Eden, Boy Golden searches for the best of all possible worlds. Utopic and wistful, this journey is a continuation of his “follow your art” proselytizing that began with his Church of Better Daze debut. A counterpoint to 2023’s For Jimmy, For Eden is largely a work of solitude; recorded to cassette with an SM57 in a cabin in the woods. 


Recorded entirely to cassette, the album’s origins – analog and off-the-grid – speak to the more personal, self-reflective mood of the collection. While Boy Golden’s favourite mountain road makes a cameo, the album’s country waltzes, banjo and mandolin-laced acoustics glow softly under the light of a pink moon.


From the gentle yet justified bravado of “Burn,” a sweetly boastful tune about his band’s excellence, to the tenor guitar pluck of “Three Scenes,” For Eden is the next chapter in Boy Golden’s journey. With songs like “The Way,” a folk song set in Amsterdam, the muted layers of “Never Have 2 Leave” a la Stranger in the Alps, and the starry-sky stillness of “Your Love (Where It’s At)”, Boy Golden continues his chill roll. 


Six Shooter Records releases For Eden on July 19, 2024. 


Pre-Order/Pre-Save For Eden here


For Eden Tracklist:


  1. Here To Stay
  2. Toyota
  3. Burn
  4. Mesmerized
  5. Boy
  6. Three Scenes
  7. The Way
  8. Never Have 2 Leave
  9. Your Love (Where It’s At)
  10. Untitled 




Hamilton, ON: Bridgeworks, May 9

Kingston, ON: Broom Factory, May 10

Burnstown, ON: Neat Cafe, May 11

Montreal, QC: L’Esco, May 12

Moncton, NB: Xeroz Arcade, May 14

Charlottetown, PE: Trailside Music Hall, May 15

Halifax, NS: Seahorse Tavern, May 17

St. Andrews, NB: Paddlefest, May 18

New York, NY: Mercury Lounge, May 20

Pittsburgh, PA: Club Cafe, May 21

Cleveland, OH: Beachland Ballroom, May 22

Detroit, MI: PJ’s Lager House, May 23

London, ON: Palasad Social Bowl, May 24

St. Catharines, ON: Warehouse, May 25

Driftpile, AB: North Country Fair, June 21-23

Durham, ON: Four Winds Music Festival, July 12

Dawson City, YT: Dawson City Music Festival, July 19-21

Brant, ON: Paris Drinks Fest, Aug 16 




From stoner-boy to country-boy, blue-boy to a golden-voiced-man, Boy Golden has embodied them all. Now, as our guide, Boy Golden leads us through this next experience with kindness and humour, straight down Highway 5 and headlong into For Eden.


Ten stories told from his heart, his dreams and his real life, For Eden is about searching for things — like dreams, love and better versions of himself, all wrapped up in some idea of a perfect place, be it real or imagined. But Paradise isn’t an outer realm; it’s the peace Boy Golden’s found within.


Since his debut, Church of Better Daze (2020), Boy Golden has been immersed in the journey: one where he’s traveled inward towards himself and the other traversing the observable world. Touring for hundreds of days, spending time at home in the studio alone or with friends, Boy Golden has been writing, writing, writing. From the lyrics, to the music, to the accompanying behind the scenes stories and newsletters, Boy Golden’s honesty and clarity are magnificent. At times they magnify small wells of sadness, bringing forth the tears; other times they widen smiles, decimate guilt and fear, and others still, his songwriting eases the boundaries between folk, bluegrass, Americana and pop music.


A compass and a lighthouse, a roadmap and a set of postcards, For Eden forms a neat collection of experiences, remembered with tenderness and beauty. It serves as a travel companion for others on their respective journeys. It’s nice to have someone along for the ride — and someone waiting for you at home.


If home is where Boy Golden’s heart is, be it in the big city, tiny town, on the road or on a record, For Eden beats solidly, passionately, emphatically for a life and for love in the moments we have.

July Talk’s Remember Never Before (Deluxe) out Today

Plunge Into New “No Safe + Sound” Video 

Listen Here




Today, July Talk welcome Remember Never Before (Deluxe), expanded with two new songs, “No Safe + Sound” and “Rabbit Side.” Recorded in the Remember Never Before sessions at The Bathouse (Kingston, ON), the new songs are at home in the company of the original album, a collection that confronts toxicity with authenticity. 

In a new video for “No Safe + Sound,” July Talk’s Leah Fay Goldstein transforms the song’s tension between uncertainty and commitment into dance. Freely wheeling through space and feeling, total immersion – in movement,  water, and pure love – shows us a path forward through the anxieties of the unknown.

“Rabbit Side,” produced by Nyles Spencer, turns a campfire game into visions that blur the lines between salvation and destruction.”The song is about the myths we’ve been sold, how our passion for idolatry can often drown out the messages that make certain voices worth hearing in the first place,” says Goldstein. “The dream lives we’ve been taught to seek will destroy us if we can’t respect the actual ground we walk on.”    


“No Safe + Sound” Official Video 

“Rabbit Side” Lyric Video 


Also included on the new digital Deluxe edition are live recordings from the band’s last tour, which included two nights at Massey Hall. Watch July Talk’s Live at Massey Hall performance, just released on CBC Gem, here.   


Stream Remember Never Before (Deluxe) here




Fergus, ON: Meadows Music Festival, June 1

Sudbury, ON: Northern Lights Festival, July 5

Gravenhurst, ON: Tall Pines Festival, July 19 

July Talk Share “No Safe + Sound”

Remember Never Before (Deluxe) Out March 8, 2024

Listen Here

“Hope can sound like a wily guitar.” – NEXT Mag

“An equal balance of beguiling tension.” – NPR 

Photo credit: Calm Elliott-Armstrong



Today July Talk share a new song, “No Safe + Sound,” found on the forthcoming Remember Never Before (Deluxe), out March 8, 2024. Produced by Kevin Drew, the song is both churning and frothy, a sea foam feeling equal parts queasy and confident. 


“‘No Safe + Sound’ is a series of promises. It is about greeting uncertain and imperfect futures with a willingness to show up and keep trying,” writes co-lead Leah Fay Goldstein. “The nagging divine and communal pressure that urges us to never lose hope is as mundane and as vital as the blood in our veins. You don’t tell your heart to pump or your lungs to breathe, they just do it. Yes there will be suffering, yes there will be valid reasons for fear, but there will always also be love. Love is the cure, love is the greatest assurance of all. Love is how we got here. Love is why we stay.”


A year after its original release, July Talk will welcome Remember Never Before (Deluxe), expanded with two new songs, “No Safe + Sound” and “Rabbit Side.” Recorded in the Remember Never Before sessions at The Bathouse (Kingston, ON), the songs are at home in the company of the original album, a collection that confronts toxicity with authenticity. 


In title and spirit, Remember Never Before is about intense, ultra-present-ness, a commitment to the moment, each moment, before it passes. While sourced in the album’s ethos and sound, the new songs bring fresh dimension and refraction to the project, that which is visible only with the passage of time.    


The digital deluxe version also includes three songs recorded live on tour in 2023. “After This,” “Human Side,” and the chart-topping eco-existentalist “I Am Water.”  


Pre-Save Remember Never Before (Deluxe) here


Track List: 


  1. After This
  2. Certain Father
  3. Human Side
  4. Hold
  5. G-d Mother Fire
  6. When You Stop
  7. Silent Type
  8. Twenty Four Hours
  9. Repeat
  10. Raw
  11. I Am Water
  12. No Safe + Sound
  13. Rabbit Side
  14. After This (Live)
  15. Human Side (Live)
  16. I Am Water (Live)
  17. When You Stop (Piano Version)




Fergus, ON: Meadows Music Festival, June 1

Sudbury, ON: Northern Lights Festival, July 5

Gravenhurst, ON: Tall Pines Festival, July 19 


Elliott BROOD Announce Country, Out April 12, 2024

Elliott BROOD Detail Town & Country, Two-Album Cycle Out In Full April 12, 2024

Listen to “Wind and Snow


In new song “Wind and Snow,” released today, Elliott BROOD show they’ve got plenty of lyrical tricks – and that signature high-test stomp – up their sleeves. A roadhouse classic in the making complete with its zingy rhyme of Albuquerque with Wild Turkey, “Wind and Snow” is a Diners, Drive-Thrus and Dive Bars travelogue interwoven with country quips and riffs. Sailing through states (and states of mind), “Wind and Snow” only stops long enough to gas up before it barrels down the highway. 


“Wind and Snow” officially ushers in the trio’s Country era, the second part of a two-album cycle that began with Town in late 2023. On its own, the eight-song Country includes songs that rumble and ricochet between emotions and borders along with two covers, the beloved “Bluebird Wine” and deeper cut “Out of Time” (Rolling Stones). 


With the release of Country on April 12, 2024, Elliott BROOD’s Town & Country album cycle will be twinned as one, together a poignant and playful survey of the lay of the land, as they travel it.   


Elliott BROOD are currently on tour across Ontario and will perform at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City, MO this month (showcase details below). 


Elliott BROOD at Folk Alliance International 

Thurs, Feb 22

7:45pm – Official Showcase, Century A

11:30pm – AEArtist Arena Showcase – Room 615

1:30am – British Underground Showcase – Room 539

Fri, Feb 23

12am – Folk Canada Showcase – Room 640 




London, ON: Rum Runners, Feb 14

Toronto, ON: Horseshoe Tavern, Feb 15

Waterloo, ON: Maxwell’s, Feb 16

Bancroft, ON: The Village Playhouse, Feb 17

Kansas City, MO: Folk Alliance, Feb 22

St. Catharines, ON: Warehouse Concert Hall, Feb 28

Stratford, ON: Revival House, Feb 29

Sarnia, ON: Refined Fool Brewing Co., Mar 1

Picton, ON: Base31, Mar 2 

Den Bosch, NL: Willem Twee, Apr 11 

Amen, NL: Cultureel Café de Amer, Apr 12

Antwerp, BE: Djingel Djangel, Apr 13

Edam, NL: A Walk About Music, Apr 14

Krefeld, DE: Kulturrampe, Apr 16

St Gilles Croix de Vie, FR: RockSea, Apr 19 

Paris, FR: La Boule Noire, Apr 20 

Haarlem, NL: Roots of Heaven, Apr 21

Lint, BE: ’t Groot Verzet, Apr 22

Köln, DE: MTC, Apr 23

Wiesbaden, DE: Schlachthof, Apr 24

Berlin, DE: Privatclub, Apr 25

Hamburg, DE: Nochtwache, Apr 26

Deventer, NL: Des Konings Festival, Apr 27


Tickets and show details here.

The Dead South Release Chains & Stakes


Standing Ovation for Grand Ole Opry Debut

Watch “Yours To Keep” Video Here


“Fleet-fingered picking on cello, mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar infuse heavy metal intensity into their unique bluegrass sound.” – Billboard 


“The Dead South Rise Again.” – SPIN 


“With their trademark solemn strums and sharp, hellfire strings, the band breathes life across this arid plain, rattling bones, quaking graves and waking the dead.” – Holler Country


“A heavy metal attitude with a bluegrass ensemble.” – Bluegrass Today


“Chains & Stakes is a hell-fire blaze of six-string majesty.” – The Amp


With a new album out and a standing ovation for their Grand Ole Opry debut in the books, The Dead South now set off on the Chains & Stakes World Tour, which will cover North America, Australia and Europe throughout 2024.


On “Completely, Sweetly,” an instant fan favourite from the new album, The Dead South fold a banjo riff until it transforms into doom metal, like Metallica served up stringband style. The grudge-powered song, an album highlight, reaches deep into the highs and lows that come with moving beyond betrayal.


“Yours To Keep,” the source of the album title, arrives with a video that finds the band in an alternate dimension with mystery potions and dancing demagogues, somewhere between Inglorious Basterds and The Grand Budapest Hotel. “Yours To Keep” was directed by Two Brothers, the team behind “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” (395M views), “You Are My Sunshine” and “Diamond Ring,” from the band’s impressive catalogue. 


From the Bach-inspired cello solo of “Son of Ambrose,” to the countrified doo wop of “A Place I Hardly Know,” Chains & Stakes is a little bit sweet and plenty salty (see “The Cured Contessa”). The album is also woven with a trio of instrumentals that skilfully shift tone and tempo, balancing the blistering, blunderbuss bluegrass that shapes the collection as a whole. 


Chains & Stakes measures The Dead South’s growth as songwriters, storytellers and musicians. World-class artists and entertainers,The Dead South carry on the only way they know how: by being themselves. If Sugar & Joy questioned what Bluegrass is and isn’t, then Chains & Stakes takes a step beyond, unbothered by definition and playing by its own rules. Chains & Stakes, The Dead South’s fourth studio album, was recorded in Mexico City and produced by The Dead South and Grammy-winner Jimmy Nutt. 


Buy / Stream Chains & Stakes here.




Cleveland, OH: TempleLive Masonic, Feb 12

Pittsburgh, PA: Stage AE, Feb 13

Silver Spring, MD: The Fillmore, Feb 14

Philadelphia, PA: Franklin Music Hall, Feb 16

Norfolk, VA: The NorVa, Feb 17

Charlotte, NC: The Fillmore, Feb 18

Atlanta, GA: The Eastern, Feb 19

Austin, TX: ACL Live at the Moody Theatre, Feb 21

Dallas, TX: The Factory, Feb 22

San Antonio, TX: Aztec Theatre, Feb 23

Houston, TX: House of Blues Houston, Feb 24

Memphis, TN: Minglewood Hall, Feb 26

Fayetteville, AR: JJ’s Live, Feb 27

Tulsa, OK: Cain’s Ballroom, Feb 28

Steamboat Springs, CO: Winter WonderGrass, Mar 1

Perth, AU: Metropolis Fremantle, Mar 20

Adelaide, AU: Hindley Street Music Hall, Mar 21

Melbourne, AU: Forum Melbourne, Mar 23

Melbourne, AU: Forum Melbourne, Mar 24

Brisbane, AU: Fortitude Music Hall, Mar 26

Tyagarah, AU: Byron Bay Bluesfest, Mar 29

Sydney, AU: Enmore Theatre, Apr 2

Sydney, AU: Enmore Theatre, Apr 3

Auckland, NZ: Powerstation, Apr 5

Wellington, NZ: San Fran, Apr 6

Wellington, NZ: San Fran, Apr 7

Hamburg, DE: Freilichtbühne im Stadtpark, May 30

Berlin, DE: Zitadelle Spandau, June 1

Leipzig, DE: Clara-Zetkin Park, June 2

Prague, CZ: Žluté Lázn?, June 4

Bratislava, SK: Stars Auditorium, June 5

Budapest, HU: Budapest Park, June 6

Linz, AT: Posthof Zeitkultur Am Hafen, June 8 

Stuttgart, DE: Kulturbetrieb Wagenhallen, June 9 

Cologne, DE: Palladium, June 11

Wiesbaden, DE: Schlachthof, June 12

Munich, DE: Zenith, June 13

Saarbrücken, DE: Garage, June 15

Tilburg, NL: 013 Poppodium013, June 16

Brussels, BE: Ancienne Belgique, June 17 

Paris, FR: Salle Pleyel, June 18

Nashville, TN: The Ryman Auditorium, July 12 + 13

Mount Carroll, IL: Rhythm Amphitheatre, July 14 

Bonner, MT: Kettlehouse Amphitheatre, Aug 5

Seattle, WA: Paramount Theatre, Aug 7

Portland, OR: Edgefield, Aug 8

Boise, ID: Revolution, Aug 9

Salt Lake City, UT: Deer Valley, Aug 10

Jacksonville, OR: Britt Pavilion, Aug 12

Reno, NV: Grand Sierra Resort, Aug 13

San Francisco, CA: Warfield, Aug 15

Los Angeles, CA: The Novo, Aug 16

Las Vegas, NV: Brooklyn Bowl, Aug 17

Phoenix, AZ: Van Buren, Aug 18

Del Mar, CA: The Sound, Aug 20 

Regina, SK: Conexus Arts Centre, Oct 11

Saskatoon, SK: TCU Place, Oct 12 

Kansas City, MO: Midland Theatre, Oct 16

Oklahoma City, OK: Criterion, Oct 17

Mexico City, MX: Fronton Mexico, Oct 19 

Columbus, OH: KEMBA Live!, Oct 21

Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Paramount, Oct 23

New Haven, CT: College Street, Oct 24

Portland, ME: State Theatre, Oct 25

Boston, MA: House of Blues, Oct 26

Indianapolis, IN: Egyptian Room at Old National Centre, Oct 28

Winnipeg, MB: Burton Cummings Theatre, Oct 30

Edmonton, AB: Flair Airlines Hangar at Edmonton Expo Centre, Nov 1

Kelowna, BC: Prospera Place, Nov 2

Vancouver, BC: Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, Nov 3 

Moncton, NB: Casino New Brunswick, Dec 2

Halifax, NS: Lighthouse Arts Centre, Dec 3 + 4

Montreal, QC: MTelus, Dec 6

Toronto, ON: Massey Hall, Dec 7 

Grand Rapids, MI: GLC Live at 20 Munroe, Dec 10

Detroit, MI: The Fillmore, Dec 12

Chicago, IL: Riviera, Dec 13

Maplewood, MN: Myth Live, Dec 14

Madison, WI: Sylvee, Dec 15


Trust the Seers: NYSSA Releases Shake Me Where I’m Foolish

Bacchus meets Blondie in NYSSA’s Shake Me Where I’m Foolish, out today on Six Shooter Records. The experience of listening to Shake Me Where I’m Foolish is one of total synthesis, a collapse of boundaries between centuries, a conjuring of wildness from within.


Named for a line in a poem by Chicago free verse poet Carl Sandburg, “Baby Song of the Four Winds,” Shake Me Where I’m Foolish invokes rebirth, freshness and freedom. The north wind, a cold plunge, a grotto of pleasure, going out beyond the breakwater, a night run amok: there are ways to break loose. 


From the first track, “The Initiate,” NYSSA opens the wardrobe to a Punk Rock Narnia, an otherworld of her own design where 70s riffs carry ancient myths. Buckle up for “The Mystery,” a Cars-esque retelling of the secret rites of the cult of Demeter. Stumble over an imagined Jersey shore in “Good Kind of Bad,” a song that makes no apologies for its irresistibly irresponsible advice. Wallow exquisitely in “Creature 2 Creature,” a song that makes a hero of anyone who has refused to feel better, a la Magnetic Fields’ “I Don’t Want To Get Over You.”


Will you catch your breath or lose your grip on reality as the tension builds in the penultimate song “My Gemini,” a voyage through deep subconscious imagery and intuition. A dream both lucid and lurid, this imaginary travelog provides the artistic, thematic, epic heart of the album. The song hurtles headlong into the nightosphere as NYSSA goes where she must, unafraid to leave behind what doesn’t serve the call of her wild. With its fiery finish, “My Gemini” erupts, its chaos volcanic, ancient and cleansing.    


From Montreal to Belfast to Berlin in the fall, and to SXSW and The Great Escape this spring, NYSSA’s travels mirror the geographic, mythological and polytheistic touchstones of her sophomore collection. Transportive and borderless, NYSSA’s songs ride the four winds to distant lands. 


Six Shooter Records releases Shake Me Where I’m Foolish today to mark Imbolc, a traditional Gaelic and pagan festival.


William Prince’s “When You Miss Someone” – Roosevelt Remix | Out Today

William Prince is full of surprises. Following the handcrafted warmth of his Backstreet Boys cover, released last fall as part of his Spotify Singles session, Prince adds the first remix to his discography with “When You Miss Someone” – Roosevelt Remix, out today.

“When I first heard Roosevelt, I was enamoured with his sonic choices and ability to build upon a melody. Roosevelt produces stand-out tracks that reshape your mind,” says Prince of the producer, whose remix credits include Taylor Swift and Chvrches. “My favourite electronic music producer made one of my songs into one of his songs, and the outcome is even more than I imagined. This new version is even more rooted in the joy I want to continue living and sharing.”

With these recent unexpected and adventurous singles, Prince continues to put his album’s thesis into practice: to embrace joy wherever, and however, it may sound. Stand in the Joy, released in April 2023, was just nominated for Folk Alliance International’s Album of the Year. Prince, previous recipient of the organization’s International Artist of the Year, is among excellent company in this year’s nominees, which include Tinariwen, and Molly Tuttle.

Prince brings Stand in the Joy across Canada starting Feb 6, 2024 for the largest Canadian tour of his career, visiting 2500-cap theatres across the country. The Stand in the Joy Tour welcomes Kacy and Clayton as openers with additional guests Fontine and Wyatt C. Louis at select shows, with more guests to be announced. See details below.

KITCHENER, ON: Centre in the Square, Feb 6*
TORONTO, ON: Massey Hall, Feb 7*
KINGSTON, ON: The Grand, Feb 8*
VICTORIA, BC: McPherson Playhouse, Feb 23* SOLD OUT
VANCOUVER, BC: Orpheum, Feb 24*
KELOWNA, BC: Kelowna Community Theatre, Feb 25*
EDMONTON, AB:Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Feb 26*&

CALGARY, AB: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Feb 27*&
REGINA, SK: Conexus Arts Centre, Feb 28*
SASKATOON, SK: TCU Place, Feb 29*
WINNIPEG, MB: Centennial Concert Hall, Mar 2*+
HALIFAX, NS: Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Mar 15*
SAINT JOHN, NB: Imperial Theatre, Mar 16*
MONCTON, NB: Capitol Theatre, Mar 17*
CHARLOTTETOWN, PE: Confederation Centre, Mar 18*
MONTREAL, QC: Le Studio TD, Mar 20*
QUEBEC, QC: Palais Montcalm, Mar 21*
LONDON, UK: Highways Fest 2024, May 18

*w/ Kacy and Clayton
+w/ Fontine
&w/ Wyatt C. Louis

Come Work At Six Shooter Records

We’re growing x2…looking for two awesome people to join the Six Shooter family! If you love music and “meticulously organized” is your middle name, then click below to apply. Applications close Jan 26th.


Office & Fulfillment Manager:


Operations Manager:

SING IT: July Talk Share Solstice EP

Songs from worlds away gathered for annual Solstice offering

For 2023, a decade-spanning selection of covers is now available to stream for the first time. With songs by James, FKA twigs, Wilco, Mclusky and Floyd

Red Crow Westerman, the Solstice EP observes the longest night of the year.

Listen Here


Solstice EP Track List

To Hell With Good Intentions

Mirrored Heart


Venus Stopped The Train

Custer Died For Our Sins



The basic structural facts of July Talk are this: two front people, Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis, surrounded by whiplashing guitarists Ian Docherty and Josh Warburton, and double drummers Danny Miles and Dani Nash. For this compulsively DIY, rigorously self-realizing group, the essence of July Talk has always been the tension between precision and chaos. 

What goes on between these bodies, in that kinetic, staticky, sticky space, is where the truth of July Talk takes shape. On stage, July Talk unfurls and explodes. The action pings from slo-motion commotion to back-bendy communion, fluid (as in bodily) and liquid (as in the dark goo phase of metamorphosis). Things get weird, occasionally grotesque, always enthralling.

Even in the starkness of black and white, July Talk has always been a work in progress. More accurately, it’s a work of progress, a communal pursuit of limitlessness as a mode of being. For a decade, July Talk has continued its relentless project to know itself, a fundamental baseline from which to access raw ecstasy and agony. With 2023’s Remember Never Before, the most potently yet inventively “July Talk” album yet, the band returns – changed – to where they began.



Don’t Call it a Comeback: Veal Announce 2024 Tour 

Debut Album Hot Loser Now Streaming Worldwide 

Listen Here

“Alternatively atmospheric and adrenalized, moody and menacing, skewed and straightforward.: – Georgia Straight

“Reminiscent of Eric’s Trip, the pop/rock trio writes and records with a loose nonchalance.” – Words of Music 

“So trippy I’m surprised you can’t smoke it” – Drop D Magazine

“A full-course meal of tasty licks, spicy instrumentation and delectable zingers.” – Vancouver Courier


In a move no one had on their 2024 music bingo card, scrappy 90s power trio Veal return to the stage in the new year for club shows across Ontario and western Canada. The tour makes stops in both Vancouver and Toronto, cities the garage band called home at various points in their history. Veal is Luke Doucet’s first band, with original members drummer 

Chang and bass players including Howard Redekopp, Barry Mirochnick and Nik Kozub (Shout Out Out Out Out). Tickets for all shows are on sale today. 

In more Veal news, the rock and roll cacophony of the band’s debut album, Hot Loser, is now available to stream worldwide for the first time since its 1996 release. Pulled in the many misdirections of youth, underwritten by life’s inexperiences, Hot Losers themes of home, love, coming and going and the perpetual state of self-doubt are still as relevant and persistent today as they were 26 years ago. 

With a reputation for blistering live shows and lyrics built on life’s weirder moments, the band made its mark on the 90s scene. Veal was also the launchpad for a multitude of musical directions and projects by its members. Luke Doucet went on to launch his solo career and then to form award-winning duo Whitehorse. Hot Loser contains the original version of “Mexico, Texaco,” later recorded for Whitehorse’s The Fate of this World Depends on This Kiss


Listen to Hot Loser here

  1. Sugar Pants
  2. Mexico Texaco
  3. Hot Loser, Part 1
  4. Cauchemar
  5. In Bed with the Pope
  6. Down Again
  7. Cheesecake
  8. Nails & Snails
  9. Two Heads
  10. Almond Joy
  11. Girlfriend
  12. Apple 


Veal Tour

Waterloo, ON: Dive Bar, Mar 6

Ottawa, ON: Club SAW, Mar 7

Hamilton, ON: Mills Hardware, Mar 8

Toronto, ON: Horseshoe Tavern, Mar 9

Winnipeg, MB: Times Changed, Apr 3

Edmonton, AB: Soho, Apr 5

Calgary, AB: Palomino, Apr 6

Vancouver: Biltmore, Apr 9 


About Veal 

Veal is fronted by Luke Doucet, whose abilities on guitar are virtually without peer, anchored by the rock-solid, highly animated drummer simply named Chang, and rounded out by Edmonton bassist Nik Kozub, now of Shout Out Out Out Out. A guitar-driven three piece band who serves up a potent live show of American music, Veal draws from country, surf, blues, and rock and roll, and using twisted lyrical imagery that culls up the likes of Tom Waits, John Lennon, David Lowery, Ween, and Lyle Lovett. Their vividly hook-filled and unpredictable brand of rock’n’roll has been a favourite among industry and fans since its inception.


Elliott BROOD Taste “Bluebird Wine”

2024 Touring Includes Ontario, Folk Alliance and Europe

“Their soaring voices unite in perfectly ragged harmony and the air around them thrums and vibrates as they reach a glorious crescendo.” – Winnipeg Free Press 

“Long may you stomp.” – Grant Lawrence, CBC

Listen Here


Photo by Dustin Seabrook


Hot off the release of Town, the first album of a two-part set that will continue with Country in 2024, Elliott BROOD share a cover of Grammy-winner Rodney Crowell’s “Bluebird Wine,” a staple of the country folk songbook. 


With base notes of Texas country, full bodied Americana and flutters of rim-shot percussion, Elliott BROOD infuse their own experiences into the 1970s hit. Transformed into a true country ripper, “Bluebird Wine” chirps and hops along with a peppy verve. True to form, Elliott BROOD 

layer on their signature stomp and clap sound and their unique blend of vocal tones, creating an elixir of lifestyle, a feeling to imbibe that brings joy and fullness.


Elliott BROOD will begin 2024 with tour dates in Ontario, including a show at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern, before heading to Kansas City, MO for Folk Alliance 2024. The band then heads to Netherlands, Germany and France for a spring run with stops in Antwerp, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg and more.  


Listen to Town here




Oshawa, ON: The Biltmore Theatre, Feb 7

Burnstown, ON: Neat Coffee Shop, Feb 9

Sudbury, ON: Knox Hall, Feb 10

London, ON: Rum Runners, Feb 14

Toronto, ON: Horseshoe Tavern, Feb 15

Waterloo, ON: Maxwell’s, Feb 16

Bancroft, ON: The Village Playhouse, Feb 17

Kansas City, MO: Folk Alliance, Feb 22

St. Catharines, ON: Warehouse Concert Hall, Feb 28

Stratford, ON: Revival House, Feb 29

Sarnia, ON: Refined Fool Brewing Co., Mar 1

Picton, ON: Base31, Mar 2 

Den Bosch, NL: Willem Twee, Apr 11 

Amen, NL: Cultureel Café de Amer, Apr 12

Antwerp, BE: Djingel Djangel, Apr 13

Edam, NL: A Walk About Music, Apr 14

Krefeld, DE: Kulturrampe, Apr 16

St Gilles Croix de Vie, FR: RockSea, Apr 19 

Paris, FR: La Boule Noire, Apr 20 

Haarlem, NL: Roots of Heaven, Apr 21

Lint, BE: ’t Groot Verzet, Apr 22

Köln, DE: MTC, Apr 23

Wiesbaden, DE: Schlachthof, Apr 24

Berlin, DE: Privatclub, Apr 25

Hamburg, DE: Nochtwache, Apr 26

Deventer, NL: Des Konings Festival, Apr 27


Tickets and show details here