“Futuristic soul at its best” – Afropunk

Zaki Ibrahim continues to double back on the past with two more mind-expanding albums from her catalogue arriving worldwide today. Eclectica (Episodes in Purple), originally released in 2008,will now be available as a deluxe digital album with new songs, “The New Black” and “My Baby.” Orbit: A Post-Coital Prequel, first recorded as a Red Bull South Africa session and a staple of Ibrahim’s exquisite live performances, will also come to streaming platforms for the first time Don't love download. “The opportunity to release the back catalogue now, in this time, helps me honour that body of work. It’s a way to move through the past, and to come back to the future,” Ibrahim shares Dxsdk. “It’s also a way to have agency over this music, and to lay a foundation for new music to come.”

“The New Black,” available on the new deluxe offering of Eclectica (Episodes in Purple), originated as a CBC Bandwidth commission 윈도우10 .net framework 3.5 다운로드. A poem changed hands from artists Andre Ethier to Jenny Whiteley, then to Ibrahim and DJ L’Oquenz, where it was transformed into a droning, beat-driven call for higher consciousness Game of Thrones Season 8 5. Purple, a color of connection and awareness, unites the songs on Eclectica. The album is a project of understanding the sacral through manifesting positive change, locating agency in technology, and opening up to limitless possibility Download audiere.dll. Along with newly surfaced songs, Eclectica is also the origin of fan favourite grooves of “Computer Girl” and “Grow Again,” as well Philadelphia DJ/composer/curator King Britt’s “Money” mix.

The arrival of Orbit: A Post-Coital Prequel in 2020 highlights Ibrahim’s experiences of time as an overlapping, circuitous and repetitive force. As a ‘spiral body of music that tells a love story of twin stars,’ Orbit’s four-song voyage is a story that writes itself in looping, infinite chapters. A tale of love and togetherness, Orbit: A Post-Coital Prequel is a deep and dizzying journey.

In June 2020, Ibrahim embarked on a project to reconfigure and rerelease her genre and continent-spanning catalogue. As an opportunity to reflect on intention and outcome and as a conversation with past selves, the reissue experience is as much a process of recovery as discovery. As part of this journey, Ibrahim reconnected with Reza + Ty, the hosts of scene-shaping Toronto radio show O.T.A. Live, to revisit these times and places. In this new interview, Ibrahim discusses her journey, which spans the west coast, South Africa and Toronto. Ibrahim also paints a picture of her musical influences, her own creative process, and the community of artists and collaborators that helped shape her sound. WATCH HERE

Explore the Iqra Box, the first in a series of wellness box collections curated by Ibrahim and showcasing Black creators, Black-owned businesses and wellness providers. The Iqra box contains objects, experiences and art that informed and inspired the ‘orange’ era, and includes a Reiki workshop, incense, a copy of bell hooks’ All About Love and more. Learn more and enter to win HERE.

Stream Eclectica (Episodes in Purple) and Orbit: A Post-Coital Prequel on all platforms worldwide on September 25, 2020.

Elliott BROOD share new song “Bird Dog” from their forthcoming album “Keeper.”

아프리카 vod 다운로드
Directed and edited by Stephen Dutcheshen

Elliott BROOD approach the release of Keeper, an album about loyalty and resilience, with a new song out today seagull sounds. As the second song shared from Keeper, “Bird Dog” is a metaphor for companionship. When the lines between those who chase and those who run get blurry, the song reminds us that in partnerships, we are seldom only one or the other Game of Progress Giant.

“Bird Dog” is one of two songs on Keeper mixed by Tool/Johnny Cash producer Sylvia Massy, where metallic glints of steel strings backdrop a gallop across the Great Smoky Mountains Stone Age Hack Download. “Working with Sylvia was the kind of an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. Her track record speaks for itself and her name is on the credits for a ton of albums we listen to,” says the band. “She understood the essence of the song from the first note and then took that version and ran it through a wash of countrified psychedelic haze 서이추 프로그램 다운로드. Sometimes you need a new set of ears on a mix and it don’t hurt to get two of the best ears in the business on the job.” 

Statement: Six Shooter Company Training and Accountability

Content warning = sexual misconduct

We are addressing the reports of sexual misconduct against Danny Kenyon of The Dead South from women who have been harmed Download the barcode. These reports are of incidents from years before we started working with Danny and the band. They show a pattern of behaviour that is unsafe. Danny has stepped down from the band.  You can read the band’s statement here Love fee mp3 download.

We take this very seriously. We believe victims and survivors of sexual assault and are committed to centering their wellbeing. As a company, we strive to engage in consent-based interactions, to respect personal boundaries, and to provide an environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence for our community clip studio paint ex. The Six Shooter Code of Conduct, included in its entirety below, reflects these values. Individualized artist codes of conduct are in various stages of development 와썹맨 다운로드.

The current situation has made it clear that we need to make training a top priority. Our first session, scheduled for August 25 and 26, will address the subject of consent Fashion City mr. We have invited and encouraged all of our staff, artists, crew, and agents to participate. We have contracted Good Night Out, who delivered training for Interstellar Rodeo on creating a safer space at our festival. This training is essential, and one of the many steps we will take as a company toward creating safer environments for our community.

We recognize that this situation impacts our community in different ways. We have sought professional assistance to help us create and undertake a responsible, thorough, and accountable process. We acknowledge that it may seem slow. Our deliberation comes from a place of thoughtfulness and care. We greatly hope to achieve a restorative conclusion to this important matter.

We are also engaged in an ongoing discussion about The Dead South’s song “Banjo Odyssey” and our responsibility as a record label with respect to both artistic expression and social responsibility. We feel it is important to allow the time for a thoughtful and thorough process before taking action.

Six Shooter Code of Conduct

We recognize that we are in a position of great opportunity and privilege. We also recognize that we have much work to do, and we are dedicated to the process of learning and training to help us understand and adhere to these values as we go forward.

Everyone has a responsibility to build safer, respectful, and positive workplaces. We commit ourselves to observing a Code of Conduct, which includes:
• Working to create a supportive and positive environment.
• Treating each other with respect and kindness, both publicly and privately.
• Welcoming diverse individuals and perspectives.
• Striving to build an environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.
• Setting and respecting personal boundaries and engaging in consent-based interactions.
• Acting ethically and transparently.
• Demonstrating leadership in our industry.
• Actively engaging in on-going learning and training opportunities.
• Holding ourselves accountable when we make mistakes or fall short of these goals.

Six Shooter is committed to working collaboratively with our artists, crews, contractors and service providers to resolve incidents, conflicts and issues under the Code of Conduct. We will do so by engaging in respectful dialogue that prioritizes the wellbeing of our artists and employees; and by sharing resources, training, and materials when it is requested or needed.

We encourage those working within our community to join us in acknowledging and upholding these goals and guidelines.



Elliott BROOD announce their return to Six Shooter Records, home of the trio’s early breakout albums, with their seventh album, Keeper 마메 게임 모음 다운로드. The title, which speaks to loyalty and longevity, sets the tone for an album that explores the strength of conviction, and how that strength is tested over time dokuro apk 다운로드. Thoughts of worthiness and dedication, and their emotional flip sides, inform a collection that sees the history-minded band exploring battlefields much closer to home 페북 앱 다운로드.

For the first taste of Keeper, a bright acoustic intro bursts into the buoyant, carefree chorus of “Stay Out,” a song about when and why we find our ways home 야구게임 다운로드. Mixed by Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers) and engineered by Daryl Neudorf (Neko Case), “Stay Out” is all blue sky and sunshine even while it revels in the night AutoCad 2014 free download. The song weighs the fleeting elation of recklessness against the deeper ties that bind.


The subject of family relationships, the push and pull of gratitude and conflict, reappears in more complicated forms with “Full of Wires,” a song about not leaving things unsaid, and “A Month of Sundays,” the fallout after too much is said. Keeper is especially focused on enduring, complex, long-term relationships, those into which we are born, those in which we grow older.

With dips into 50s slapback throwback in “No Way Out,” the metallic edges of “Bird Dog” – one of two songs mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool/Johnny Cash) – and the splashes of synth on “The Coast,” Elliott BROOD continue to expand their sound beyond their acoustic origins. Keeper, created during mini writing and recording retreats while hopping across the summer festival circuit, marks another satisfying chapter in the ongoing evolution of Elliott BROOD.

Keeper will be released on September 18, 2020 on Six Shooter Records.

1. Bird Dog
2. Stay Out
3. No Way Out
4. A Month of Sundays
5. Full of Wires
6. Oh Me
7. Merciless Wind
8. Out Walkin’
9. Need To Know
10. The Coast


Love Your Self in Seoul Download

Nate Hilts and Co Download baidu app. brought an energy and sparkle with “Diamond Ring,” lifted from their award-winning third album.” – Billboard

The Dead South celebrated their second JUNO Award win for Traditional Roots Album of the Year last night, announced in a virtual awards show that also featured the bluegrass quartet performing at an empty venue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the intended host city Ms edge. As displayed on the marquee at the start of the clip (JUNOS 2020 CANCELLED), this year’s event took a much different form.

Sugar & Joy, the band’s third full-length album, was recorded in Sheffield, Alabama and helmed by Grammy winning producer Jimmy Nutt 나눔고딕코딩 다운로드. To celebrate their JUNO Award win, The Dead South share a video from the vault for “Alabama People,” filmed on location at The Nutthouse and around the Muscle Shoals region Samsung genuine firmware download.

Watch the video below.


“Ibrahim’s eclipsing talent has been tenaciously honed outside of the pressures of a homogenizing industry that would benefit from making her its star.” Anupa Mistry, Pitchfork

“Knotty, futuristic, and genre-shifting R&B.” – Jordan Darville, FADER

“Futuristic soul at its best” – Afropunk

Zaki Ibrahim revisits her candescent, joyous debut EP Shö (Iqra in Orange), originally released in 2006, with a new companion recording Shö Live in Toronto, both available to stream worldwide for the first time on Friday, June 26, 2020 Fifa 2002 World Cup.

“Sunrise,” out now from Shö Live in Toronto, speaks of love, reassurance and renewal. “‘Sunrise’ was originally recorded as a collaboration with South African House Producer DJ Kent. In 2014, a few days after my dad’s passing, I was scheduled to be on tour and in Egypt I first performed an extra-slow arrangement of the song that I could barely finish (my sisters who joined me on tour, Tanika Charles and Pebbles Gqunta, finished the song for me) 무비 메이커 한글판 다운로드. It felt like a prayer for his transition that day and from that moment on, the song, to me, seemed to serve as a bridge between worlds,” says Ibrahim of the song’s transformation Download Alosti.

The tender performance finds Ibrahim’s sublime musicality gathering strength from deep within and all possible worlds beyond. “The performance in Toronto brought that moment back in such an intense way, as I had not seen many of some of my oldest friends in what felt like huge chapters of life,” remembers Ibrahim. “It was a beautifully raw and emotional moment Drastic I could feel the room crying with me, in a way we were all transported back to that marble outdoor theatre in Egypt, 5 months pregnant, singing my dad on his way to the other side.” 

Throughout Ibrahim’s extensive and impressive catalogue, to be rereleased in full by Six Shooter Records in the coming months, Ibrahim’s artistic approach is shaped by vivid, vibrational multitudes of sound. Recent projects have seen Ibrahim expand her creative outlets, from composing an original score to Finding Sally, a documentary by Tamara Dawit about a young woman who joins the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, to guest vocalist appearances on South African house producer/DJ Jullian Gomes tracks and remixes Warm Bodies.

Click here to listen to ‘Sunrise’ and watch the video.


Reassuringly familiar, if a little bit flashier, the longsuffering but thankful NQ Arbuckle wins another battle against the urge to cut and run with “Love Songs For The Long Game,” his first new music in six years 알마인드 무료 다운로드. For an artist whose songs have always grappled, at least in part, with the panic that comes with both asking and answering the question “Why am I doing this?” NQ Arbuckle has found his place writing seafarer songs for drinking on dry land, for our labours of love large and small LEGO Harry Potter. These are songs to magic our straw into gold, songs to keep the dread at bay. Songs that keep promises, long after those ships have sailed.

Not fully nostalgic, not simply regretful, “Love Songs For The Long Game” is for those who seek balance between constancy and recklessness, between last call and first light flac sound source. The song, like the rest of NQ Arbuckle’s catalogue, is both a grand gesture and a humble offering, honouring our commitments to family, to love and to keeping that creative spark flickering Wunderlist. This is no bird’s eye view, but a view from the ground, in all its messy wonder.

Listen to “Love Songs For The Long Game” here scx-1360 드라이버 다운로드.




“Ragged and righteous Canadian bluegrass.” – NPR Music


In a newly isolated world, The Dead South offer a little blast of joy in a madcap, two-minute whip through of “This Little Light Of Mine,” an all ages, all walks of life folk classic that endures as a powerful, uplifting unifier 올림포스 가디언 다운로드. Like a roll down a hill, The Dead South’s devil-may-care take is fast, fun and done in a flash.

“This Little Light of Mine” was recorded during the Good Company sessions in Regina, Canada in 2014 and produced and engineered by Orion Paradis — a session which also yielded the bluegrass band’s calling card, “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company,” a single that just received gold certification in the USA psp iso. The official video, which has nearly 200 million YouTube views, is the new focus for a global dance party collaboration, for which The Dead South have asked that fans upload videos of themselves dancing and singing along with the viral hit Download 17 in Nexacro.

As an added bonus, The Dead South share a new live video of “This Little Light of Mine”, recorded separately in isolation from various locations across Canada. Watch the video here.


repel redeem rebirth resist renew radiate


Today, Six Shooter management clients July Talk released the first single, “Pay For It” from their new album, Pray For It, the band’s third album 애니콜 게임 다운로드. Out July 10, 2020 (via Sleepless Records in Canada and BMG worldwide) the long-awaited new studio album emerges into unprecedented circumstances, a strange and startling background for July Talk’s surrender to the sacred unknown 이프 온리 다운로드.

Black + white and vividly complex, Pray For It is about breaking patterns of action and reaction. Conflict, a major theme throughout, drives the story behind the steel-toed shoegaze swoon of “Pay For It,” 생태자연도 다운로드. “I wrote this song after a group of men violently attacked my friends and bandmates in a fast-food restaurant one late summer night. Their rage erupted quickly and violently, like an old habit,” shares July Talk’s Leah Fay movie Yin Yang. “This song gave me a chance to reframe the experience with a sense of agency, to tell it like it is, like it always has been. If we can start to question where our ingrained habits came from, recycling states of violence, greed, destruction and hate, maybe we can rewrite our toxic narratives.”

“Pay For It” arrives via award-winning creator Norah Sadava’s video, a swooping emotional survey of consequences and responsibility polaris office 다운로드. Originally inspired by a Roy Scranton quote about living ethically, the video is unavoidably reframed by current events: “Five weeks ago we wrapped a music video shoot gdfr 다운로드. The lyrics, the images, the concept…it contextually lived in that moment and meant something personal and specific. Four weeks ago we were editing the video Hormonal Wars download. The lyrics, the images put in sequence… the context had slightly shifted. The meaning of a face mask had changed. The connotation of two hands touching had changed 무료 png 다운로드. Two weeks ago crowds of people, a hospital….all carried new meaning. Today we are releasing this video. The news around the world is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to know what these images will mean today, tomorrow, next week,” Sadava reflects Super Bunnyman free download.

Watch the video here and listen to the single, “Pay For It” here 판타스틱4 다운로드.


1. Identical Love
2. Good Enough
3. Life Of The Party
4. Pretender
5. Pay For It
6. Champagne w/ James Baley + Kyla Charter
7. Friend Of Mine
8. The News
9. Governess Shadow
10. See You Thru
11. Still Sacred

July Talk’s path has never been through fitting in. Their music, viscerally, blisteringly hot, sliced right through the alternative and rock charts for multiple number one singles. Their churning and fiercely physical performances make spaces hiss and hum, spit and seethe in glorious, artful abandon.

With Pray For It, July Talk continues to rise with purpose and poise. From the start, the band has fostered a community of creators and collaborators on stage, on film and among those also challenging systemic inequities. July Talk has also grown in their roles as advocates of an urgent and fundamental music industry recalibration, through curatorial partnerships with festivals and by defining their own parameters for safer spaces at rock shows.

Pray For It was produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones, Julia Jacklin), Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, Metz), David Plowman (Brendan Canning, Young Clancy, Michael Rault) and Milan Sarkadi (Mute Choir, Said The Whale). It was mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Cat Power, Andy Shauf).


Some of you might have heard Whitehorse deliver a stunning cover of “Fade Into You” on their #CanadaPerforms live concert last Friday. And a few of you even mentioned in the comments how much you liked it 야구 게임 다운로드. We’re happy to say that today Whitehorse have released an official recording of the Mazzy Star classic. The duo trade verses over a sauntering, honeyed beat with that yearning-for-you guitar tone, now part of Whitehorse’s essential sound 아틀란틱 림 다운로드.

For patrons of the newly formed Patreon Saints of the Lonely Hearts, Whitehorse delivered this new gem a day early. You can find out more, and become a patron, here 놀라운 토요일 다운로드.

Seeing as the first Friday Happy Hour was such a success, Whitehorse are also embarking on a weekly live stream to bring you the best of their music and the songs they love every Friday at 5 pm EST Hi Ann download. You can join the YouTube party via this link here or watch on Facebook + Instagram Live linux vim 다운로드.

Click to listen to “Fade Into You”, available now.


These JUNO nominees will perform on CBC q Live at the JUNOs and the 2020 JUNO Awards broadcast.

There aren’t many bluegrass songs with pierogies and cabbage rolls on the menu, but there aren’t many bluegrass bands like The Dead South 안드로이드 스튜디오 2.0 다운로드. This string band from the Canadian prairies, currently on a world tour that includes sold out stops in over 20 countries, is known for – and is comfortable with – their left field approach to the genre Red Teen to see.

A fan favourite, “Fat Little Killer Boy,” is the lyrical origin for the title of their most recent album Sugar & Joy. A cartoonishly dark cautionary tale peppered with funny and disturbing details, the song taps into a long lineage of ‘bad endings for bad apples’ stories with its own highly original and socially relevant twist MacBook Internet Download. In a new video, animated by Edmonton’s Rantdog Animation Studios, “Fat Little Killer Boy” now gets an even darker backstory in a truly chilling recipe for disaster Enjoy pocket download.

Watch the new video here.

The Dead South were recently announced as the sole performers from Saskatchewan, their home and this year’s host province, on the 2020 JUNO Awards, televised March 15, 2020 across Canada Win7 genuine download. Sugar & Joy is up for Traditional Roots Album of the Year, the band’s second nomination (they also won in 2018).

Today The Dead South also announce that their SERVED COLD TOUR, which will see more than 150,000 tickets sold worldwide, will pick up again in the USA in September 2020, including two nights at The Caverns in Pelham, TN 청소기 다운로드.

Access all of their tour dates here.





Welcome to High Priestess Publishing, where expertise meets radical creativity to unlock the hidden potential of music publishing rights and royalties pc games. High Priestess, a new joint venture between Kim Temple and Six Shooter Records, has been created to develop and celebrate an independent roster of songwriting talent Hungry Shark Evolution.

Kim Temple has 20 years of experience in music publishing rights and royalty management. She is Six Shooter’s Director of Licensing & Publishing and is the Senior Manager, Member & Industry Relations at Music Publishers Canada Free make download. Temple was recently appointed to the City of Toronto’s Music Advisory Council. Her background includes managing film score copyrights for film & TV producers and composers, creative sync pitching, and music clearances for film & TV Asmr free download. She is also a JUNO-nominated drummer. She is passionate about advocating for creators’ rights and unlocking music publishing royalties.

By giving voice to a diverse group of creators, the High Priestess catalogue represents authentic songs for every medium 포켓 몬스터 하트 골드 한글판 다운로드. Other services include song catalogue management and royalty administration for composers as well as film & TV producers. High Priestess is home to a vibrant assembly of artists including Witch Prophet, James Baley, SUN SUN and Zaki Ibrahim 미드 24 시 다운로드.

Click here to listen to the High Priestess mixtape.

Read more about the artists below or at


Carving out an alternative and personal voice for himself, James Baley is a multi-disciplinary performer and music creator from Toronto.He performs with the likes of July Talk, Zaki Ibrahim, AZARI and U.S Free download of Apple files. Girls. James’s work with producer Azari on the track “Gotasoul” garnered him a JUNO nomination for Dance Recording of Year (2019). Known as Songbird Miyake-Mugler in the eccentric world of ballroom, he is a prize-winning dancer who fashions and showcases custom looks in the runway category Download the book pdf. James will be releasing new music in 2020.


Witch Prophet is a queer, Ethiopian/Eritrean, singer songwriter 윈도우7 이미지 다운로드. Co-CEO of Heart Lake Records and member of feminist-based electro grunge hop group Above Top Secret, she provides her fans with a soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz and soul-inspired beats. Influences: Erykah Badu meets Lauryn Hill meets Jill Scott.

Her vocals have appeared on Shad’s Flying Colours LP (2013) as well as 2009’s Polaris Prize winner Fucked Up’s newest LP Dose your Dreams (2018). Sync placements include songs off her debut LP ‘The Golden Octave’ on the Netflix’s Trinkets, SHOPIFY, Nordstrom’s HeartBreaker campaign, Travel Canada, VICE and indie film Rest Of Us starring Heather Graham.

She is readying to release DNA Activation via Heart Lake Records on March 24, 2020 (Ethio-Jazz/RnB/Hip Hop fusion sung in English, Amharic, and Tigrinya). Album release show April 1, 2020 @ Drake Underground.


With her solo debut project ALTRO MONDO, SUN SUN delves into the club/rave scenes of the ‘90s with soundscapes that flow, expand and travel into new dimensions throughout each track. ALTRO MONDO is a 32min, 6 track collection of house, jungle, and electronic beats with vocal samples created to make you dance.

Other projects include:

Producer/member of electro grunge hop group Above Top Secret
Producer/DJ for alternative r&b act Witch Prophet
Co-CEO of Heart Lake Records (FKA 88 Days Of Fortune) alongside her partner Witch Prophet


Described as “a retro-Afrofuturist vision sending listeners on a journey through 40 years of electronic music” (Nuvo), Ibrahim’s music brings elements of spoken word, hip hop, soul, house and 70s pop together, filtered through the prismatic and often contradictory lenses of personal, historical and scientific relativities.

Through High Priestess, Ibrahim will continue to expand her varied network of collaborators, creatives and contributors through co-writing and bespoke songwriting.