Boy Golden’s “Here To Stay” Out Today!

Unlimited Smileage: Boy Golden Announces New Album, For Eden, Out July 19, 2024 

“Here To Stay” Out Today 

Boy Golden on Tour in May 

“Boy Golden has charisma for kilometers (we are in Canada)” – Brooklyn Vegan


With “Here To Stay,” Boy Golden introduces his new album, For Eden, out July 19, 2024. Inspired by The Bluebird, a Bukowski poem, “Here To Stay” makes it safe for the smallest, most delicate parts of us to be free. A card-carrying member of Manitoba’s ‘Friends of the Bluebirds’ as a kid, Boy Golden’s new song is both metaphysical and ornithological. The message of “Here To Stay” boils down to something very simple: sing the songs that are inside you. 


Listen to “Here To Stay” here.


In For Eden, Boy Golden searches for the best of all possible worlds. Utopic and wistful, this journey is a continuation of his “follow your art” proselytizing that began with his Church of Better Daze debut. A counterpoint to 2023’s For Jimmy, For Eden is largely a work of solitude; recorded to cassette with an SM57 in a cabin in the woods. 


Recorded entirely to cassette, the album’s origins – analog and off-the-grid – speak to the more personal, self-reflective mood of the collection. While Boy Golden’s favourite mountain road makes a cameo, the album’s country waltzes, banjo and mandolin-laced acoustics glow softly under the light of a pink moon.


From the gentle yet justified bravado of “Burn,” a sweetly boastful tune about his band’s excellence, to the tenor guitar pluck of “Three Scenes,” For Eden is the next chapter in Boy Golden’s journey. With songs like “The Way,” a folk song set in Amsterdam, the muted layers of “Never Have 2 Leave” a la Stranger in the Alps, and the starry-sky stillness of “Your Love (Where It’s At)”, Boy Golden continues his chill roll. 


Six Shooter Records releases For Eden on July 19, 2024. 


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For Eden Tracklist:


  1. Here To Stay
  2. Toyota
  3. Burn
  4. Mesmerized
  5. Boy
  6. Three Scenes
  7. The Way
  8. Never Have 2 Leave
  9. Your Love (Where It’s At)
  10. Untitled 




Hamilton, ON: Bridgeworks, May 9

Kingston, ON: Broom Factory, May 10

Burnstown, ON: Neat Cafe, May 11

Montreal, QC: L’Esco, May 12

Moncton, NB: Xeroz Arcade, May 14

Charlottetown, PE: Trailside Music Hall, May 15

Halifax, NS: Seahorse Tavern, May 17

St. Andrews, NB: Paddlefest, May 18

New York, NY: Mercury Lounge, May 20

Pittsburgh, PA: Club Cafe, May 21

Cleveland, OH: Beachland Ballroom, May 22

Detroit, MI: PJ’s Lager House, May 23

London, ON: Palasad Social Bowl, May 24

St. Catharines, ON: Warehouse, May 25

Driftpile, AB: North Country Fair, June 21-23

Durham, ON: Four Winds Music Festival, July 12

Dawson City, YT: Dawson City Music Festival, July 19-21

Brant, ON: Paris Drinks Fest, Aug 16 




From stoner-boy to country-boy, blue-boy to a golden-voiced-man, Boy Golden has embodied them all. Now, as our guide, Boy Golden leads us through this next experience with kindness and humour, straight down Highway 5 and headlong into For Eden.


Ten stories told from his heart, his dreams and his real life, For Eden is about searching for things — like dreams, love and better versions of himself, all wrapped up in some idea of a perfect place, be it real or imagined. But Paradise isn’t an outer realm; it’s the peace Boy Golden’s found within.


Since his debut, Church of Better Daze (2020), Boy Golden has been immersed in the journey: one where he’s traveled inward towards himself and the other traversing the observable world. Touring for hundreds of days, spending time at home in the studio alone or with friends, Boy Golden has been writing, writing, writing. From the lyrics, to the music, to the accompanying behind the scenes stories and newsletters, Boy Golden’s honesty and clarity are magnificent. At times they magnify small wells of sadness, bringing forth the tears; other times they widen smiles, decimate guilt and fear, and others still, his songwriting eases the boundaries between folk, bluegrass, Americana and pop music.


A compass and a lighthouse, a roadmap and a set of postcards, For Eden forms a neat collection of experiences, remembered with tenderness and beauty. It serves as a travel companion for others on their respective journeys. It’s nice to have someone along for the ride — and someone waiting for you at home.


If home is where Boy Golden’s heart is, be it in the big city, tiny town, on the road or on a record, For Eden beats solidly, passionately, emphatically for a life and for love in the moments we have.