The essence of Sing Me a Song lies in its simplicity and gentleness. Like an old recording from the days of young love’s first encounter. Or the new song of two lovers talking late into the night for the first time; fighting to stay awake for another of love’s encores. Those first revealing words making the connection real. Sing Me a Song is about communicating love between two individuals. The cohesiveness comes from one person being the instrument and the other being the voice. Honest and vulnerable, without rehearsal, the two lovers make music together in harmony.

While the world around us becomes faster and more electric; Sing Me a Song plays out like a candle on the table. Classic and warm. Luminescent but never intrusive. It invites the quiet that happens in between the words of people truly connecting. The place where intimacy grows its garden. The playfulness in Sing Me a Song is reminiscent of good friendship. It captures my friend Serena Ryder and I communicating through our most comfortable language. Singing and playing music. Letting admiration, respect and love for another give life to humanity’s oldest story. A love song about friendship and intimacy. Two of the greatest parts of being able to call someone your own.

About William Prince

Winnipeg songwriter William Prince approaches the big questions with humility and curiosity. Prince’s influences and references, from the gospel of his childhood to the pantheon of classic outlaw country singers, baseball and the great beyond, shape his approach to songcraft, a masterclass in skilful simplicity.

Prince’s JUNO Award winning debut Earthly Days, released in 2015 and subsequently reissued by Glassnote Records and Six Shooter Records (Canada), introduced the songwriter’s poignant philosophy and rich baritone to the world. Prince made his breakout with the song “Breathless,” which found audiences worldwide and reached the B List at BBC’s Radio 2.

Reliever, Prince’s sophomore album (2020), saw Prince reconvene with producers Scott Nolan in Winnipeg and Dave Cobb in Nashville. For his second album, Prince began with a single word, Reliever, which informed a collection of exceptionally rendered explorations of what, who and how peace is found. Relievers come in all forms; for Prince, it is song. Recent accolades include the Polaris Music Prize Long List, SOCAN Songwriting Prize (“The Spark”) and the German Record Critics’ Award for Album of the Year.

Prince’s trajectory from Peguis First Nation in Manitoba, Canada, to opening for Neil Young, has seen the relative newcomer find esteem and career-changing opportunity wherever he performs.

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