Toronto pagan-punk-poet NYSSA has put her hands into the lion’s mouth, gathering her performing and songwriting powers to conjure the unruly energy of rock n’ roll. Out from under fear’s thumb, NYSSA now sings about wild things, old gods, romance-beyond-borders, and the exorcism of trauma. She has quested, and she has returned.

The goal is fevered connection, a ritual-sense of music as communal release. NYSSA keens and wails and brings her audience along with her to a place of deep feeling, movement, and joy. Her lyrics are poetic and clear, lunar, eerie, angry; NYSSA’s voice is the strong container for all of it. As Dionysus would want it, over-abundance is the way. Guided by the incantation and invocation of the three C’s: Collaboration, Choreo, Covenhood!, NYSSA’s sound and stories run deep into ancient mythos, Celtic lore and back through our modern idols. Re-swaggering, re-wilding hyper-masc night moves and magick hips (think Jagger, Mink Deville, Danzig),  NYSSA’s magnetic, elastic ways make satyrs of us all.

NYSSA was once again nominated for the Polaris Music Prize long list with her sophomore album, Shake Me Where I’m Foolish, released on Six Shooter Records on February 1, 2024.

Emily Smart

Shauna de Cartier

Chris Wynters

Cormac O’Brien
Management Associate


Shake Me Where I’m Foolish (2024)

Werewolf (2023)

A Case of You ft. Michael Peter Olsen (2023)

Breakup Party (2023)

Girls Like Me (2020)

Champion of Love (2018)