Six Shooter Management is ecstatic to welcome July Talk to the roster Tsubai download. “We have been following July Talk for years as both friends and fans,” says Six Shooter’s Shauna de Cartier. “We love their music, we align with their social and political views, and we adore them as people.  We are over the moon to be working with this band.”

Fresh from a North American tour with Metric, July Talk now readies for their third full-length album via Sleepless Records/Universal Music Canada G6 Sim download. “We’re thrilled to be starting a new management relationship with our longtime friends and allies Shauna, Helen and Emily at Six Shooter,” says the band 쿠키런 게임 다운로드. “We’re grateful to Alex Bonenfant and Nightmare Management for their integral role in our project’s formation and progress, and we look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship with Sleepless Records.”

July Talk released their most recent single “Pay For It” and announce their upcoming album “Pray For It” 윈도우7 순정 다운로드. Black + white and vividly complex, Pray For It is about breaking patterns of action and reaction. Conflict, a major theme throughout, drives the story behind the steel-toed shoegaze swoon of “Pay For It,”  Download atom packages. “I wrote this song after a group of men violently attacked my friends and bandmates in a fast-food restaurant one late summer night. Their rage erupted quickly and violently, like an old habit,” shares July Talk’s Leah Fay  노토산스 다운로드. “This song gave me a chance to reframe the experience with a sense of agency, to tell it like it is, like it always has been. If we can start to question where our ingrained habits came from, recycling states of violence, greed, destruction and hate, maybe we can rewrite our toxic narratives.”

“Pay For It” arrives via award-winning creator Norah Sadava’s video, a swooping emotional survey of consequences and responsibility . Originally inspired by a Roy Scranton quote about living ethically, the video is unavoidably reframed by current events: “Five weeks ago we wrapped a music video shoot . The lyrics, the images, the concept…it contextually lived in that moment and meant something personal and specific. Four weeks ago we were editing the video . The lyrics, the images put in sequence… the context had slightly shifted. The meaning of a face mask had changed. The connotation of two hands touching had changed . Two weeks ago crowds of people, a hospital….all carried new meaning. Today we are releasing this video. The news around the world is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to know what these images will mean today, tomorrow, next week,” Sadava reflects .

Shauna de Cartier

Helen Britton

Emily Smart

North America – Ben Buchanan

UK/EU – Sean Goulding

Julie Booth