A Mountain Road Less Traveled – Boy Golden Announces For Jimmy


Welcome to Boy Golden’s disco country & western variety hour, beamed straight from either the 1940s or the future. You’ll find his new song, “Mountain Road,” on the map somewhere between Rocky Mountain High and Mount Airy Hill. “Mountain Road” hails from the new EP For Jimmy, coming July 21, 2023 on Six Shooter Records. WATCH HERE


On “Mountain Road,” Winnipeg’s Boy Golden tickles that urge in all of us to seek something new; to change our surroundings in the hopes that it might change us. Here we find the Church of Better Daze minister shedding his proverbial robes in the Blue Hills – a place personal to Boy Golden but existing in many other places and memories elsewhere – in search of the view from above.   


As he sheds one style for another, Boy Golden’s sweet voice lifts us up and reminds us that it’s going to be okay even when things do change — even if you change. As the saying goes, Wherever you go, there you are. At the peak of “Mountain Road” we see it all clearly. 


“I hope you listen to this song when you’re driving and think about all the people and events and stories that have brought you to where you are. There is no going back. Be in the moment. Take a deep breath. This is all yours to hold.” – Boy Golden 


A genuine student of Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson as much as Dwight Yoakam and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Boy Golden surely crafts his own type and style. His philosophy mmight help us all to blur borders and old definitions of genres we thought we knew, like Steve Lacy or Justin Vernon do for Pop music. 


For Jimmy arrives on July 21, 2023 on Six Shooter Records. 




FERGUS, ON: Meadows Music Fest, June 3

EDMONTON, AB: Soundtrack Music Fest, June 17

POTATO LAKE, SK: Napatak Ramble, June 30

CALGARY, AB: Calgary Folk Fest, July 28-30

KASLO, BC: Kaslo Jazz Fest, Aug 4-5

KELOWNA, BC: Red Bird Brewing, Aug 6

BURNABY, BC: Burnaby Roots Fest, Aug 12

VICTORIA, BC: Victoria Roots and Blues, Aug 25-26





Everything becomes fluid when you can pass through time and space like a ghost, a story, a melody. Boy Golden manifests all three on For Jimmy.


When listening to his music, it feels easy to dissolve into the ether. Everything flows. From classic country to psych-folk, Alternative to roadhouse pop to Appalaichan bluegrass, Boy Golden’s music is easy, breezy, warm and gritty. And don’t it just feel good to listen to it.


Introspective and vulnerable, traditional and queer, hard-headed and sensual, Boy Golden’s everyman-aesthetic can appeal to all of us. This ability lies in his songwriting: the songs your friends tell you about, the stories you hear from your neighbours, your community. He’s comfortable both in the spotlight and just outside it, sharing the moments with other artists, bringing others along with him. 


Since releasing his debut album, Church of Better Daze, in 2021, his Seth-Rogenesque hit single “KD And Lunch Meat” charted #1 on Canadian Alternative Radio, making a real run for the title of Canada’s most famous song about mac and cheese. He’s toured across North America with The Sheepdogs. He’s played every summer festival on your list. He’s produced many albums with friends, released a dozen videos and curated and directed an art show. 


By Caitlin Veitch