BOY GOLDEN – “The King of Western Swing”

Boy Golden Comes Out Swinging 

No Love For Spade Cooley On New Song “King of Western Swing”

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Boy Golden dances with the darker side of country music history on “King of Western Swing,” a detail-driven story song about fame, fortune and fiddles, the story of one Spade Cooley. Inspired by Tyler Mahan Coe’s “Cocaine & Rhinestones” research and podcast episode on the subject, Boy Golden presents his “King of Western Swing,” recorded live off the floor in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


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In contrast to the song’s villainous subject matter and inevitably twisted ending, it kicks off gently, warm and steady. Two pleasantly melancholic baritone guitars add to the rumbling, easy beat that fuels the eight minute epic. The tension ramps up when the song switches its riff from major to minor key, as Boy Golden works through the details of what happened, and why.


“King of Western Swing” is a cautionary tale about the consequences of unchecked power, told with twang and sting. There’s no fiddle to be found, an intentional silencing of Spade’s voice so the full story can be heard again.


I heard the story of Spade Cooley on Cocaine and Rhinestones, and was compelled from start to finish. I do not like true crime or murder stories, but I couldn’t help but be pulled in by the rags to riches story of a young Cherokee boy from Okie making it in Hollywood. The dark twists that pervaded his life were absolutely horrifying to me, and reminded me of all the things that come with power and money and fame. I think we underestimate fame as a way that society divides itself. The fact that this man could be pardoned for a crime that he so clearly committed just sent shivers down my spine, especially with what is going on in America today – it’s apparently a tale as old as time. Be wary of fame and what it does to your psyche! Be wary of putting too much stock in your heroes, they are people and they can let you down. I would never have written this song without the poetic justice at the end. Sometimes people get what is coming to them. – BOY GOLDEN


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