Season 2 / Episode 1
“Zero-G Dingle Balls” 20:38 – Musical Guest Astronaut Chris Hadfield
~ Dan and Chris cruise around, chat about music, zero gravity & lots more. Chris performs his first ever beat poem and a song written on the international space station

Season 2 / Episode 2
“Staring a whole new life” 14:01 – Musical Guest Alysha Brilla*
~ Dan visits an inspiring young man in British Columbia and goes to buy cookies with Alysha Brilla

Season 2 / Episode 3
“We’re a little bit country & we’re a little bit Star Trek” 19:49 – Musical Guest Hawksley Workman
~ Dan tours the Town of Vulcan, winds up driving the Space Van in a parade and visits Hawksley Workman. WARNING: High Star Trek content.


I’m pretty sure that I’ve already gone on record to say that Chris Hadfield is the coolest astronaut ever (duh). This was reconfirmed for me last Monday, to the quadrahyper-cosmicth degree (that’s a space term I learned from Chris, no big deal), when Chris Hadfield beamed himself in to be the special guest at the first week of Danny Michel’s Dakota Tavern March residency in Toronto!! Dude can not only fly spaceships… turns out he’s pretty good with an acoustic guitar and some self-penned tunes! His music flew a spaceship right into my heart. Did you ever watch Hadfield’s video about what it looks like when you cry in space? That was my reaction. Except for the space part. Danny Michel’s awesome “School Night Mondays” recognizes that not everyone can party until dawn every single night of the week (I can, of course), but that you might rather take in some good live music as opposed to being a slave to your Netflix queue. This is food for your soul (not to be confused with chicken soup) and you’ll still be home in bed by 11!

And for those of you who don’t mind staying up all night, The Beauties are back! Every Sunday night at the Dakota Tavern for the rest of the month, you can party until the wee hours of the morning.



Yep, it would seem this issue is all about Toronto residencies. Once our February residencies are all done, we know you’ll be lost in the world, not knowing where you are or where you are going. Thankfully, Danny Michel comes to the rescue, and brings some order to the world with “School Night Mondays” at the Dakota Tavern. Held every Monday night (go figure) in March, doors are at 7 pm, the show at 8 pm and each week features a surprise guest who’ll be sure to knock your socks off, and then you’ll have to go to school with no socks the next day, because Monday is a SCHOOL NIGHT!! Ok, I can give you one little hint about who one of the surprise guests might be… it’s your MOM! And she will be performing a song called “Go Home Right Now And Do Your Homework, Cuz It’s A SCHOOL NIGHT!!”. Her performance will be like viewing the world from a battered heart and through beautifully bloodshot, half-mast eyes, that really want you to do your homework and hopefully get a summer job.


On top of our SOCAN goodness, we’re also pleased that Six Shooterers Whitehorse and Danny Michel have been named to the 2013 Polaris Long List! Just announced today! Congrats to them, and also to all the other fine artists who were nominated this year, including our pals Daniel Romano, Lee Harvey Osmond, Corb Lund, and tons more. You can check out the full list here:



Danny’s Michel’s already excellent Juno nominated album has been made even more excellent with the addition of three new songs! You can cop these stellar joints for free here:

The other big news here is that ‘Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me’ will soon get worldwide release on Cumbancha Records on July 3. That’s right, THE ENTIRE WORLD! Even the teeny tiny country of Andorra will be jamming Danny in the streets. Aaaand, we have you covered for wax! Six Shooter Records has ordered vinyl editions of the new 10-track record, so look for those this summer when you are mobbing the merch table at your local stop of Danny’s tour with The Garifuna Collective across North America. Their first stop in Canada will be at Toronto’s Luminato Festival on June 23. Danny is currently in Belize rehearsing with The Garifuna Collective, who will also release a new record on July 3. Full tour dates below. Every time I hear the word Belize, I get the theme song for Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego stuck in my head… “sumthin, sumthin, sumthin, from Belize down to Berlin!”. If you are of a particular age, perhaps you share the same affliction.

Juno Nominations for Danny Michel and Amelia Curran

juno-awardsIn more exciting news, we are currently running victory laps around our office in celebration of Six Shooter earning two Juno Award nominations this year: one for Amelia Curran‘s “Spectators” in the category of Roots and Traditional (solo) Album of the Year, and the other for Danny Michel‘s “Black Birds are Dancing Over Me” in the category of World Music Album of the Year. I can already taste the victory, and it tastes like blooooood! The Juno Awards are being held in the city of Regina this year on the weekend of April 19-21.

Watch out for the now annual Outlaws and Gunslingers show during Junofest, held on Friday, April 19 at the Exchange, featuring Danny, Amelia, and at least a million other great artists in town for the festivities. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually clarified this, but just to set your mind at ease, Outlaws and Gunslingers is just a wicked cool name we came up with…in fact, we ripped it off of an NQ Arbuckle song. We are actually friendly Canadians, and none of the artists who are performing are actually outlaws or gunslingers, in fact most of them have never even shoplifted a string cheese from the gas station or anything. For that matter, we think guns are kinda scary, and would probably kinda poop our pants if we ever came in contact with an actual six shooter! The secret is out, we are just big ol’ sweeties with hearts of gold, awwwww!! OR ARE WE?! Pew-pew-pew! (gun noise).

Massey Hall Awesomeness

Six Shooter artists are confirmed for several milestone shows in Toronto, including Whitehorse’s debut as headliners at Massey freakin’ Hall (March 2, 2013). As well, Jenn Grant performs with Cuff The Duke (November 24) and Danny Michel with Quique Escamilla (December 8), both on the dreamscape stage of the Winter Garden Theatre (the coolest garden around… get it?).

All of our artists will be touring heavily in the coming year, which is awesome, ‘cause we are sick of them leaving all of their gear in our office. Check out the tour dates section for details on shows near you.

For tickets:
Jenn Grant/Cuff the Duke:
Danny Michel:

Danny Michel

Danny Michel, multiple Juno Award nominee, treasured songwriter, David Suzuki-approved green strummer and quiet do-gooder, comes to Six Shooter Records as a longtime All Time label favourite.

Danny’s new album, his 10th, Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, dives into the waves of Belize’s musical deep, featuring Maya guitar, turtle shells, donkey jaw-bone, and traditional Garifuna segunda & primero drums. The album cultivates lush rhythms and sounds, the perfect backdrop for Michel’s eloquently buoyant songwriting style. To make the record, Danny relocated from the Golden Horseshoe to the the foot of the Xunantunich mayan ruins in Benque Viejo del Carmen. There, he teamed up with members of the Garifuna Collective, The Benque Players, and pioneering producer Ivan Duran at Stonetree Records, a label/studio that has been instrumental in bringing the Belizean sound to the world.

Spend two minutes with Danny in Belize in this new video here

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Danny founded the DM Ocean Academy Fund to provide scholarship money for students of the Caye Culker Ocean Academy, the very first high school on Caye Caulker, a coral island off the coast of Belize. With the help of fan-sourcing, Danny reached his goal, raising more than $30,000 in the first year. For more details on The Danny Michel Ocean Academy Fund, go to

Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me saturates Danny’s wholehearted imagery in a rich tropical palette, and shows unreserved artistic commitment to the experience. Six Shooter Records is proud to release Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me on September 18, 2012.

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