You love The Strumbellas, right?! And you want to hear them on the radio, right?! Well, guess what? You can make this happen by hounding your your local station and letting them know! Get your fingies tapping on that smart device, and social media the heck out of your local station to tell them that you won’t make it through another hour of non-stop hits without hearing ‘Sailing’! Indie 88 in Toronto is already on it, but it’s time for our western station friends to go in on this stellar jam. Here are some examples of how I would (and will) be hollering:


If I don’t hear Sailing by @thestrumbellas on @sonic1029 soon, I’m gonna EXPLODE!

Hey @X929 many crying puppies request you play Sailing by @thestrumbellas!

Sailing by @thestrumbellas = the tightest jam. @ThePeak should play this!

Facebook posts:

Just listened @theStrumbellas song “Sailing” on repeat a gazillion times. @Sonic1029 when can i hear it pon di radio?

This song is top of my playlist – @TheStrumbellas “Sailing”. @X929 – you should play this

Whoa, biggest beard in Canada might be in @theStrumbellas. @ThePeak you need more beard in your playlist – Play “Sailing”

Stay tuned for an epic arctic (well, Sudbury. That’s pretty arctic, I’d say) expedition music video for this song from The Strumbellas, coming soon.

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