Tanya Tagaq’s stunning new book, Split Tooth, hits the shelves on Tuesday, September 25, but it’s already been added to his year’s Giller Prize long list. The long list was selected by a five-member jury made up of Canadian writer and journalist Kamal Al-Solaylee(Jury Chair); playwright Maxine Bailey, who is vice-president of advancement for the Toronto International Film Festival; American writer John Freeman; English novelist Philip Hensher and Canadian author Heather O’Neill.

“We were looking for books that were written in elevated, idiosyncratic, original prose that exhibited an exquisite command of the art of language, and unparalleled mastery of structure and storytelling,” the jury said in a statement. “We argued viciously over books, expounding on their merits. But when the battle was over, what remained left us in awe.”

Read the full list of nominees via the Toronto Star here.

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