Like a hurricane, Tornado has hit the streets, and we celebrated in style at The Cameron House on release day (Jan 28) with a short and sweet set from Joe (not that he’s short, but he IS very sweet. Awwww), a room packed full of industry, friends & fans, and, in honour of Joe’s prairie roots, all the pierogies we could eat (I only ate two, because I am a dainty little bird… JK, I had like two dozen, buuurp). I had originally suggested that we honour his prairie roots by cramming everyone into the back of a giant pickup truck and drinking a buncha Pilsner (aka Alberta Champagne), but hey, you can’t win ‘em all, and I like me some ‘rogies too, so I’ll live (thanks for your concern).

Now the reviews are coming in, and Joe’s album is making the fantastic impression we knew it would. That’s why we signed him, duh. The Calgary Herald likens listening to Tornado to “Viewing the world from a battered heart and through beautifully bloodshot, half-mast eyes,” which actually sounds like a pretty unpleasant experience, but they mean it as a good thing (weirdos). No Depression recognizes that “Nolan is raw talent through and through.” And Exclaim Magazine raves on, calling the album “A remarkable collection of slow-burning melancholia.”

For those of you who missed the Toronto debut, or if you want (neeeed) more Joe Nolan, you can catch him at the Cameron House next Monday and the week after that. He is pretty much living there, I imagine because he read in multiple previous editions of this newsletter about how hard I vouch for their crantinis. His Alberta album launch party dates have also been announced — see tour dates below.

Aaaaaalso, check out this interview, “Hangin’ at the Garagemahal,” in which Joe Nolan talks about growing up on the “good side” of the river in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, which records he listened to through the floor while his parents played bridge until 2am, and all the money he made busking:

Oh, and alsooooooo, we also have a lyric video for “Tightrope Dancer”

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