Hawksley Workman Debuts New Video for “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)” from Old Cheetah, Coming June 2, 2015 on Six Shooter Records.

Hawksley Workman gets all nineteen hundred and eighties with a new video for “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia),” the first single from the forthcoming album Old Cheetah, coming June 2, 2015 on Six Shooter Records. Directed by Ken Cunningham, the video captures a type of melancholy and brooding gothic angst that is, weirdly, found in both Wuthering Heights AND The Breakfast Club.

The video debuted with Exclaim! this morning.

Old Cheetah is now available for pre-order with instant download of “Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia).”

Both songwriter and showman, Hawksley Workman is an unpredictable musical force prone to crafting wildly catchy songs that explode fully-formed from a swirling nuclear fusion of cabaret theatricality, glam rock and wantonly pop musical elements.

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