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August 17 – 31, 2006
Opening Night: August 17, 7 10 pm
1118 Queen St. E. Call 416.465.2459 for info + hours.

Featuring hand-painted, one-of-a-kind cowboy boots, bags, & belts by Sarah T.

Summer Boot Camp is a unique collection of individually designed hand painted cowboy boots crafted by local designer, Sarah T. Inspired by poetry and by her love of art + design, Sarah sees these boots as a bold statement: we are not restricted to the confines of today’s fashion or its standards.

These aren’t your ordinary low-down and dirty dust-kickers. These are one of a kind pieces of art with a kick. Sky blues and hot pinks highlight creamy suede and vintage leathers, while hues of gold and gun metal grey set lighting bolts of orange on fire and tame full fledged fronts of electric yellow.

There is beauty in the beast. Summer Boot Camp is art infused fashion; it’s poetry set in form. It’s Johnny Cash meets Andy Warhol. It’s your favorite Bonanza episode and your last chance to Flashdance. One pair makes you scream out for the Pixies while the next makes you yearn for a slowdance to an old Hank Williams song. It’s all stitched in there and painted over, waiting for you to ask about a night two-step dance lessons. Welcome to Summer Boot Camp.

For more info, please visit: www.sarahteitel.com

For Media Inquiries, please contact
Caitlin Veitch
Six Shooter
98038, 970 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON M4M 1J0
t: 416-465-2459
c: 647-891-5326
e: caitlin@sixshooterrecords.com