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TWITCH DESIGNS by Sarah Doucet

November 24 – December 10, 2006
Opening Night: riday November 24, 2006, 7 – 10 pm
1118 Queen St. E. Call 416.465.2459 for info + hours.

If beauty is only skin deep, then it’s time for it to surface. Bring your inner extrovert, and leave your inhibitions at the door. Make an entrance with guns blazing and hot dogs held high; shake your wrists ’til all the boats are in a row, crane your neck ’til the planes are in view and cherries are in full bloom. They’re all part of Toronto designer Sarah Doucet’s winter line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, each different than the last.

Not your average bangles and baubles, Twitch Designs are handcrafted, art pieces-de-resistance. Bright, bold jewels set against chunky chains in silvers and blacks, beads shimmer on dainty gold chains, leopards lurk in between collarbones and blood red hearts are worn on sleeves.

The opening will feature a photo booth where guests may snap up pictures of themselves adorned by Twitch Designs.

For Media Inquiries, please contact
Caitlin Veitch
Six Shooter
98038, 970 Queen St. E
Toronto, ON M4M 1J0
t: 416-465-2459
c: 647-891-5326
e: caitlin@sixshooterrecords.com