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June 3 through July 9, 2006
1118 Queen St. E. Call 416.465.2459 for info + hours.

Six Shooter Gallery is proud to unveil the work of Martin Tielli. His first showing is a collection of paintings created entirely for a concept album, ‘Thumbelina’s One Night Stand’ by singer/songwriter Melissa McClelland. The show will also feature several pieces from Martin’s extensive personal collection.

The strange, surreal art of the iconic Martin Tielli has long been admired by fans from all over the country. His attention to detail and interest in colour and texture gives his work a sense of realism, while the subject matter focuses on the surreal and fantasy. He ventures from the impure to the innocent, from whimsical faux-scapes to traditional Canadiana scenery. Thumbelina brings a childhood figure to life with creamy, fluid strokes and then twists tradition with images like cigarette packs, empty liquor bottles and harsh neon lighting. Martin’s work on ‘Thumbelina’s One Night Stand’ brings out the beauty in the bowels of a city and shows the dark side of sweet tales from childhood.

Martin Tielli is known for his work as the lead guitarist and singer for the legendary Rheostatics, which has also drawn attention to his beautiful art, attention to fine detail and strange concept art-based works. His art has been made famous through his work creating the covers for the Rheostatics 13 albums, including a 36 page storybook, The Story of Harmelodia, for which he was nominated for a Juno.

June 10th marks the grand opening of the exhibition, however, the art will be up for viewing during the Riverdale Art Walk the week prior (June 3-4).

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