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September 29 – October 22, 2006
Opening Night: Friday September 29, 2006, 7 – 10 pm
1118 Queen St. E. Call 416.465.2459 for info + hours.

FATAL: Fairest Among Thousands Altogether Lovely, and so goes the slogan for the Order of the Eastern Star. Based around the five heroines of the order, Heather Goodchild has constructed a show both delicate and dark, feminine and femme fatale in a whimsical world perched precariously in reality. Her usual niche of Richard Gorey-esque fabric figures gives way to an exhibit of beautifully constructed silk screens. The art of silkscreening involves a rhythm and a method and many tedious hours spent toiling away over ink and press. There is a pulse through Goodchild’s work — a thread that weaves through generations, much like the lines and orders of the cascading starscape above. Each work of art is unique, each unlike the other and altogether lovely.

Award-winning artist Heather Goodchild works mainly with fibre, producing felt mosaics, dioramas, silk-screened textiles, and quilts. She is best known for her soft-sculpture creatures: The Mammals. American folk music and artwork, the symbolism of Freemasonry, and principles of sacred geometry inspire her work.

Goodchild’s work has been shown at various Toronto venues including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, the Gladstone Hotel, and sis boom bah gallery. She has also exhibited at the Douglas Udell gallery in Edmonton. She recently spent time on set as costume designer for the new hit CBC show, “What It’s Like Being Alone” – a Burton-esque dark comedy about an orphanage and its misfit children.

Heather Goodchild lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


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