Six Shooterer Jen Rogers has been toiling some long hours to prepare for the launch of our new company, Born Rebels, the Ultimate Cover Band Agency. From corporate events to bat mitzvahs to festivals, Born Rebels is a full service music company and can do it all! With awesome bands already on board, like Hot Rock, Loving in the Name Of, Sheezer, The Mercenaries, Tommy Youngsteen, The Black Pearls, and Big Sound, this is going to be the most amazing new company ever. EVER. No hyperbole. Like more amazing than Apple, or Google, or the company that makes travel underwear that you can wash in your hotel room sink. For those of you in Toronto, you can join in all the fun as we Party with Reckless Abandon at the Great Hall on March 21 for the official launch, featuring The Black Pearls, The Mercenaries, Tommy Youngsteen and Hot Rock. Tickets available here.

For more info and to stay up to date, check out the spanking new website here: and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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