Don’t worry about time. It exists with or without you. Time is nobody you know and everyone you’ve met. With time, you’ll win a heart. You’ll sing a pure and true song and the heart will bloom, making new hearts, like little rosebuds on the bramble, on the tumbleweeds of time. Soon after, the memories will follow along after the heart, and then you’ll have love to take you far off into the beyond.

In the beyond, you’ll be in the right place at just the right time. You are where you’re meant to be. Just follow the beats, move to the measures, your body will remember the movements you learned long ago, that one time you thought nobody was watching but that everyone remembers.

We are all as one there, alive with each push of the jukebox button, animated with each flash of a gawking lens, present at the party where the dancers are the music makers, wearing grooves into the floor, into the very fabric of space and time, watching your feet as the words appear, I CAN LIVE FOREVER.

By Caitlin Veitch