The blues might not be the first place you’d expect to find Whitehorse – noted roots noir slingers – at work, but as told to American Songwriter, the project brings Luke Doucet both back to his formative years in Winnipeg: “‘Nadine’ is a song I played with my father when I was a teenager still trying to understand the basics of rock and roll. This track is the most paradoxical of all the reinterpretations on this record – the drum machine sounds pretty foreign against the lyric and the blues chords. In our minds, these disparate elements go together really well. We hear them in music all around us, if not delivered in songs written in the 50s…Ironically, there’s not much Chuck in the guitars. I leaned on Hendrix to bridge the gaps, as many have done before me. The two vocals, delivering a PJ Harvey-inspired take on the melody, makes the story darker than Chuck’s original lyric intended.”

Whitehorse’s version of “Nadine” is shadowy and ominous, the result of the duo’s orbit around more sinister matter. “Poor Nadine can’t seem to lose this guy. We wonder if maybe there’s a bit of a dark side to this story, so we aim to bring that out in the music,” McClelland notes to American Songwriter.

The release of The Northern South Vol. 1 comes hot on the heels of a big weekend at the Junos in Calgary, where they won Adult Alternative Album of the Year for Leave No Bridge Unburned and put in a thermogenic performance of “Tame as the Wild Ones” on the televised broadcast.

The Northern South Vol. 1 is now available for pre-order on iTunes & Google Play. You can stream Pretty Thing & My Babe on Spotify today.

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